Sunday, July 16, 2017


So tired!
Stew is still snoring like a trooper... keeping me awake half the night.

It's tempting to sleep in the lounge!   Maybe I will tonight.  I've not got a decent night's sleep in the past 5 nights or so.

Today we are probably going into Hamilton for something, I can't even remember what, my brain is so frazzled.  Tired.

I think it's something to do with Griffin?  Meh, dunno.

I can post the tablecloth and coasters to my Mum today too.

I'm looking forward to getting in my sewing room sometime today and getting out my polar fleece throw and doing some work on it.  It would be nice to get it finished BEFORE the end of winter!  lol

Well... that's all I have for now... catch ya later.


12.59 pm: And I've been sewing again all day.  The rest of the family slept in till varying times of the day.
Stew has now taken Brylee to her Drama practise at school (crazy they expect the kids to come in during the school holidays, or fail the course!), and then he's taking Griffin into Hamilton for a haircut and whatever else he wants to do.

It usually involves a trip to EB Games, and money spent.  Not always HIS money either.  That grates sometimes.  He still owes me for his last trip to EB Games.

Which makes me laugh cos 'his' pocket money is from us, for jobs he does once in a bloody blue moon.  Makes me crabby sometimes.  Today is one of those times.

So, I decided to work on a UFO this morning...

ABOVE:  I started these two placemats a good couple of years ago, but kinda lost interest in them.  They really didn't require much work to finish them off, so I did them today.
They are also for my Mum, so another thing I can add to her parcel.

Which will now be posted TOMORROW.  Geezzz, I'm an amazing procrastinator.  Now I know where some of my kids get it from I suppose.  *sigh*

I'm now going to head back into the sewing room, which is lovely and WARM with the sun streaming in... and find another project to work on.

***  Kelly is an 'extra' on some local TV programmes. She's been doing it for a couple of months, just the odd job here and there, nothing regular yet.  She's enjoying it, so that's the main thing. ***

10.10 pm:  I didn't sew a thing this afternoon as intended.  I went into the sewing room to choose my next project, and got sidetracked ... 

I ended up going through my entire box of UFO's and sorting them out.  I don't have as many as I thought, but a couple of them are quite big projects.
But at least now I have a good idea of what is there, and they now have their own boxes and shelves, so I can see them better.

I thought the sewing room and sewing wardrobe were tidy! Nah.  I spent a good 4 hours sorting it all out!

Then for some random reason I felt sick as a dog, felt like throwing up really bad.  So I had a lie down for an hour or so.  

I felt a lot better after that.  I even had dinner, that Stew cooked!  Just sausages and veges, but anything is nicer if you don't have to cook it yourself.

Time to sign off for the day.

43.36 kms this week


  1. Just thinking about your heat pump this morning, we have had ours for around eight years. When it was installed they said to us to not turn it off because that's where it costs money because each time it has to go through the whole process again. Instead just use the remote and like you we use the auto control but when it's cold we turn it up and when we don't need it I turn it down to 16 and it switches off but is still on, at night I have it on 20° all night.
    My Power bill for May was $180 and last month $190 and that's running the heat pump 24/7.
    It costs more money to turn it off and on than run it apparently, maybe you could look into it 😃

  2. Hope yu have a nice time in H-Town I'm in Auckland doing another TV shoot today. #3

    1. Anonymous12:47 PM

      What's the shoot for

  3. Let us know when Kelly is on and we can play spot the extra (I do it with the kids friends 😀)

  4. Ok so I've done a few shortland street shoots. I've been on a series called brokenwood mysteries and today I'm on a uni funded film called H&R will be on the screen in Jan 2018.. #3

  5. I love those placemats Chris. The colours you've used are perfect. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Glad Stew is feeling better. I've had 2 good days and coughing again. Might have to get green ginger wine. Be great at work!

  6. How very cool that Kelly is on some shows. Very very cool.

  7. Your Mom will be thrilled opening that package of hand made goodies!

  8. It's good to get UFOs sorted and completed. Your mum is going to love that parcel

  9. Those Tui placemats are lovely, bright and cherry. Hope you'd not getting sick too, oh I'm going to have to look out for Kelly.... Pleased to hear your Mum is better.


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