Tuesday, July 04, 2017


Half the family are heading off to Auckland today.

Stew has a two day meeting in the city, so he's leaving at 6 am, due back tomorrow night.

And Brylee and Griffin have a drama performance to attend in Auckland with their school, and they are leaving home at 6.45 am.  They will be due back around 5 pm. 

So it will just be me and Keera once we get out of bed.

Keera has kindy all day so I'm expecting a quiet day!

I shall probably get some exercise done on my exercycle today as my shins really are hurting me.
At least on the bike they won't bother me.
I'm determined, now that I've started back exercising, to keep it up.

I've not been on my 'real' bike in a little while as the footpaths are really slippery right now with mud and fallen leaves, and I just don't feel safe.  I miss the feeling of freedom riding gave me though... it is fun!  Hopefully things dry up a bit soon...  I'm still not a very confident rider.

What else for today?  Maybe I will get some sewing done, I've got plenty to be getting on with.  

So, that's me for now... catch ya later.


8.30 till 9.50 am:  spent in the garage.  Tidying. Reorganising.  Sweeping. DONE.
Such a shitty job the garage.  But it was doing my head in, so it got the better of me today so I sorted it out.

Half that time was spent trying to work out where to put the treadmill... as it was totally in my way in the 'laundry' area.  I've only moved it 2 feet, but such an improvement.

I would LOVE it in the lounge... but I couldn't get it through the bloody doorway could I?  I tried... and tried, but nope, won't fit.  Grrrrr.  Maybe once Stew gets home again, he can do it for me by taking it through the front door?

I bet he reads this later and shakes his head in dismay.  lol

I'm now taking a break cos I got all hot and sweaty doing that.  Not a good look.
Once I've cooled down... I am going into town to get a few things for Keera's birthday.

Well that was a bloody expensive trip down the road!
I hope she likes her presents.  It took me AGES to find a few things that were NOT dolls!

Home now and about to have lunch and watch Home and Away... my normal midday routine.

It's really cold today, a fog rolled in mid morning, so damp and chilly out there.

Happy to say the fog lifted and it was so nice I went out for a slow walk... did just over 4 kms again today.  The shins still hurt like buggery, but I'm hopeful they will slowly get better.

After that I picked up Keera and we've had a quiet afternoon.  The big kids got home safely, seemed to have a nice time.  

Dinner tonight is going to be spaghetti/bacon/cheese on buns.  Something simple but nice and warming.

Dinner is done, bathing is done, smallest kid is ready for bed and we had a massive WIN tonight with her.

Stew is still in Auckland, off to have his dinner somewhere nice I'm sure.  Jealous.

Time to sign off and relax.


  1. What show are B&G going to see?

  2. They are going to 'When Sun And Moon Collide'.

  3. Nice, I am sure they will love it 😍

  4. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Hi maybe you need to have a few days off walking, to let them heal? I bet all this walking has helped you to lose weight ?


    1. Sadly , not much! It just made me hungrier. But, the walking is all about getting fitter and healthier, not to lose weight. I just want to feel better, not so tired all the time, and that's what getting fitter will do for me.

    2. I have been so lazy of late...and haven't been walking and I can tell you I am noticing the difference...I certainly feel better within myself when I exercise.


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