Tuesday, July 11, 2017


A VERY HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY TO KEERA TODAY.   We hope you have a fantastic day.  Love you darling. ♥♥♥♥♥

It's my first walk for the week today.  I've got two booked, one this morning and one on Thursday night.

Today's walk encompasses our street, so that will be nice.  I'm going to see if my fellow walkers can pick my house... with only one clue:
'I like blue'.

I wonder if anyone will guess which is mine?

This walk has a couple of little hills in it too... so hopefully I can manage them, without getting too out of breath.

Last night at Weight Watchers, I stayed the same.  But, as I was standing waiting for my turn on the scales, several of my friends were yelling at me from the other end of the room!

I turned around and they were waving their hands around in the shape of a figure... I was like "What are you going on about?"

And they said they could tell from looking at my 'back end view' that my shape had changed, and I was smaller!

That made my day.  Really, such a pick up after a shit day.

I'm positive it's down to the walking!  So... bring it on I say.  I'm going to keep on truckin'.

After my walk I will come home and do the housework, get the pesky teenagers out of bed and give them a couple of jobs too.  They are not going to vegetate in their bedrooms or in front of a square screen all day.

I might even 'shout' them lunch out today... as long as they pull their weight and help me in the morning.  

So, that's it for now... catch ya later.


Three things to say so far...

1. IT'S FRIGGIN COLD!  So glad I don't live any further south right now.  Snow of great proportions is expected down south, brrrrr.

2.  I am loving comment moderator.  It will be staying ON from now on.  No more nasty comments will ever get through.  No more people using my blog as a platform for ramming their point across.

3.  I emailed an Animal Surgical Centre in the USA, and asked them if there was a genetic test to determine if a parent dog can 'pass on' 'Collapsing Trachea' to their puppies.  The very short answer was NO.

Re: Collapsing Trachea in Shih Tzu

Today, 2:38 a.m.

Dan Degner

Veterinary Surgeon - Owner of Animal Surgical Center of Michigan, 5045 Miller Road, Flint, MI 48507

I will be ringing around a few vets HERE as well.  I am going to become FULLY INFORMED, and not just believe whatever shit someone else is saying.

I promise that is the end of that 'subject'.

And now... I'm off to warm up for my walk.  It's a perfect day for walking, overcast and cold.

11.29 am:  and what a weird day!  By 8 am a thick fog rolled in, so the first part of our walk this morning was in fog...  we even got WET from it.  Then by the end of our walk, the sun was coming out and the fog was gone.

The walk was good, and a nice pace. We stuffed up at one point and ended up walking a bit further than expected, so today's walk was 7.1 kms.  And it had a couple of little hills in it.  Thankfully, I was not the only person huffing and puffing up them.  *smiles*

I'm looking forward to my next walk, which is on Thursday night.

Now... I am going to think about lunch... cos Griffin is fading away and needs food.

I always knew that there would be someone out there who would eventually have a go at me for having Tallulah put down.
'Someone' did today on her blog... and also a few other things. 
Nasty nasty person.  

BY THE WAY, seeing as it was brought up incorrectly ... I was reading through my blog list a couple of night's ago, trying to whittle down and delete those that were inactive.  That is how I came across a certain blog post that pissed me off.

I don't have 'MINIONS' who read your shit and report back to me!  Seriously!

Though in saying that (lol), a dear friend DID read your post today and told me about it, just like someone told you about my post yesterday eh?

But... I'M moving on... cos I really don't want to waste one more second even thinking about you.

The kids and I went into Hamilton and had a lovely lunch at Chartwell Square.  I had a chicken burger, only I didn't actually eat much of it.  I had the chicken/pineapple and tomato and that was all.  The buns got left on the plate.  Making good choices.  Proud of that.

Griffin's happy, he got a PS4 controller charger. Brylee didn't buy anything today, she's very much a saver not a spender.  She didn't get that from me! 

Our son Russell popped in again this afternoon... so neat that we live so close that he can visit more often.

ABOVE:  dinner tonight is courtesy of Brylee.  Spag Bol.  She's doing a great job, with me trying not to hover too much.
I suppose at some point I better write down the recipe for them.  
Griffin's turn next time.

We just got to video chat with Keera, Steve, Bex and the boys.  Keera got her 2nd birthday cake, and we all sang Happy Birthday to her.  
See, we don't miss out on anything!

ABOVE:  She's a lucky little girl.  She also got to spend time with Lacy today too.

Right, I'm winding down for the day... the temperature is dropping and it's time to get me blankie on!


  1. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Happy Birthday Precious Baby Girl 5 Today xx
    Love you so much xx Love Mummy

  2. Non scale victories are the best!
    Keep those pesky shin splints at bay whilst you enjoy watching nature change the backdrop to Spring, as you walk.

  3. Walking is such good exercise for all parts of your body. Low impact for your joints, heart healthy and definitely figure-trimming! Go you :)

  4. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Grreat delivery. Sound arguments. Keep upp the great effort.

  5. Happy Birthday Kerra! On the subject of dogs.... my beautiful old boy Murphy had a collapsing trachea for the last couple of years of his life, and it was quite distressing to watch him struggle - he was too old for surgery. However, I've bought all three of my dogs ( labradoodles) from the same breeder, who also happens to be a vet ( Kate's family pets) and has been breeding these dogs for over 20 years. She hasn't had any issues with this particular issue with her dogs - check her extensive health studies- it's just one of those things. Some people just feel better if they can blame someone.

  6. Happy Birthday to Keera :-).

    The walking will be helping to change your shape, my scales have not really moved for ages but I have definitely changed shape a bit just by doing yoga twice a week, pilates once a week and a strength circuit once a week - all of which I really really love doing so actually go instead of making excuses. I am sure if I ate less chocolate & drank less wine the scales would show some appreciation too :-).

  7. Glad you are seeing results. Happy birthday to Keera. Moderating is a good idea. No more trolls. Hugs.

  8. We all know your love your dogs and wouldn't do anything to harm them. But i am with you if your beloved dog bites you have no choice but to put them to sleep. You cant have even a beloved pet biting. You have your grandies to think of and what if she had of got out and bit someone on the street. Mrs knowitall would of been the first person to cause shit. You are a lovely woman Chris and you have the best interests of your family and pets.
    My little cross bread doggie has had both back legs done... but she is my baby I am not blaming anyone my baby I pay.....

  9. Happiest birthday miss Keera hope u had an awesome day with your cousins and uncle Steve snd Aunty Bex

  10. How cool is that... the big kids cooking. If you wrote/typed the recipes out and got the ingredients in the weekly shop it's like they are doing their own Food Bag!! I actually go to The Food Bad website and pick up her recipe cards just to spice up my range of meals, I have friends that get The Food Bag delivered and so when they rave about certain dishes I go and download the recipe!

    Ignore the "ignorant". You don't need their negativity. Some people love to make it all about "them" aye... very sad people.

  11. Happy Birthday Miss Keera ... Enjoy your school days :) Well done to Brylee for cooking dinner - sounds very yummy!

  12. Yummy, I love spag bog, great skill for the kids to have 😁

  13. Happy Birthday Keera 5 wow .... 🎉🎁😀 Excellent cooking Brylee and yes holidays great time to start. Awesome result with walking keep it up.

  14. Lol you just have a few bloggers who have nothing going on in their lives and so they have to make themselves look good by rubbishing others!
    Great with your commitment to the walking and yes it sure is getting cold. I've pulled my gloves and scarf out tonight. It's freezing at work in the mornings on top floor so I keep a wrap around shawl on my desk which I wear most days!
    Enjoy your holidays with the big kids. They are beautiful people and growing up so fast.

  15. Happy Birthday Keera. Keep up your walking. Nice to have another chef in the house. Keep warm.

  16. WTG on all the walking!

    Sheesh people are nuts, always trying to blame someone for all their problems. If your kid has something wrong do you blame yourself?

  17. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Happy Birthday Keera!!! Well done to Brylee for her cooking skills!!! Your walking group sounds fab!!!

    Bummer about the haters; try not to let them drag you down. Hugs.


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