Monday, July 31, 2017


Mondays I usually weigh in at Weight Watchers.
Not any more.

Now I am going to the Monday night meeting here in Cambridge for the 'meeting', and weighing in on Thursday night's in Hamilton.

That way the pressure is off to be SUPER GOOD over the weekend.

You know how it is, over the weekend is when you are more likely to have some over indulgent meals, some naughty treats and so on.

Weighing in on a Monday sucks.  So, I'm changing my day to Thursday.  I find it so much easier to follow the programme Monday to Friday... so it's more likely I will have a decent weigh in on Thursday nights!

I am sure this change will help me heaps.

I've got a walk this morning, another repeat, but that's how it's gunna be until our Organiser posts new walks after August 6th.
It's at 10.45, so at least it won't be quite so freezing cold!
So, so cold out there!

So before that, I have time to get some housework done.  Monday is my 'big clean' day after the weekend.


9.22 am:  Eeeek!  I'm now 'leading' today's walk.  I don't know what's happened to the original leader, but now I'm it.  Sheesh, no pressure.  LOL... I'm sure it will go down just fine, I know the route, and how hard is it to say 'Go left here, right there?"  Simple.  Oh and of course, do the role call and report back to the boss lady. *smiles*

12.20 pm:  Home from the walk and I must say... while it was OK, my shins played up again and it was painful for the majority of it.
So frustrating!   I don't know why it keeps happening?  I can't 'warm up' by going for a 5km walk before my walk, and that seems to be how far I have to walk before my shins stop hurting!
Grrrrrr.  Oh well... maybe it's just something I have to get used to.

Leading was fine, it was an uncomplicated 5.6 km walk... and we did it in just over an hour.

LUNCHTIME and I'm starving.  Off to find food...

... and I had a combination salad... potato, beetroot and coleslaw with some bacon and cheese.  Was very yum.

Then I took a walk around the gardens.  Stew did a good job of weeding and mowing the lawn yesterday, they look wonderful.

 ABOVE:  all those bulbs I planted a couple of months ago are coming up.  I think maybe half have already popped up.  And we have a couple of flowers already too!
Freakin' early for spring flowers.

ABOVE:  Our cauliflowers may be a bust, but the broccoli is really coming along well!  I am going to cut the bigger one today so it doesn't start to open up.

Tonight's topic at WW is 'Why?'
Why did you join WW?  What motivated you to join?

Well to me it's simple.  Look in the bloody mirror!  Try to get into all those clothes at the back of your wardrobe/hidden in boxes/stuffed in suitcases and stored... and of course, for some of us... it's our before and after photos from years ago.

I have my 'Before and After' photo boards from back in 2005-6, when I lost 61 kilos.

So, I'm taking them tonight, as my WW leader has asked me to.  

I'm sure they will cause a little stir.  Perhaps I need to keep them out so they motivate me?

Dunno though, sometimes I see them and they just make me depressed.  Like... WTF have I done to myself, after all that hard work and even surgery!  Grrrrr.

6.55 pm:  And the meeting went well.  I showed my WW boards and told my 'story' from way back then... and it went down really well.
Weirdly, I felt a bit nervous about it all!
But, my natural knack at yakking kicked in and I was fine.  lol  *smiles*

Time to relax for the evening and get warm again (it was fairly cold in the meeting hall).  So... I shall sign off for the day.

I walked a total of 
160.27 kms this month


  1. Anonymous7:18 AM

    I couldn't resist commenting. Well written!

  2. Yay...onwards leader...enjoy your walk.

  3. Go to somewhere like Smiths Sports Shoes, they are really good at finding shoes that fit the way you walk. Gary, Siobhan & I have all used them (the one is Albany is also an outlet store so shoes are half price). I haven't had shin issues for ages now (still get sore back, feet & hips but that is because I am overweight not because I walk funny ).

  4. It may sound a bit crazy but stretch your calf muscles. Just do each leg three times a day and hold each stretch for about 30 seconds, just any basic calf stretches and see if that helps at all. Tight calves can cause the pain in your shins. Also getting fitted for shoes if you haven't already may help, your feet may pronate so you may need a shoe to stop that! Good luck I hope the pain settles soon x

  5. Anonymous3:52 PM

    You could still weigh in "unofficially" tonight and if you like the numbers it can be I didn't like weighing in on Mondays or the early part of the week either...but if we are going down constantly it won't make a difference to your weight. I always laugh at the saying "don't pay for the same kilo twice" which I did a


    1. You are only allowed to weight in once a week, so I will do it on Thursday, that way I know it will be the 'best' number it can be. *smiles*

  6. Gosh any colder and the walks could become slight running just to keep warm as you know I have multiple leg issues and my physio says don't walk on pavement or asphalt all the way walk on the earth as it is not as hard. It may help a little. Well done on leading.

  7. Anonymous4:39 AM

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    your blogs really nice, keep it up! I'll go ahead and bookmark
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  8. I used to have horrible shin splints when I used to run and no amount of stretching or different shoes helped. The only thing that helped was time. At first I was like you, it was a good hour before the pain subsided then a few weeks later it was a little less and a few weeks later a little less and in about 6 months, they were gone completely. So persistence and patience!

  9. ugh I've gained back all the weight I've lost too. I know that feeling!


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