Monday, July 17, 2017


After spending quite a bit of time in the sewing room in the past few days, I'm feeling really enthusiastic about getting back in there today and doing some work.

I kinda forgot how much I enjoy sewing, and making stuff.

ABOVE: The main sewing room's wardrobe... looking very organised and tidy. Love it! I know, I'm weird. This sort of thing makes me happy!

ABOVE: I finally got my stitches 'pages' on the wall too. Now I can refer to them when choosing a stitch to sew.

VERY handy. I did this so I could see at a glance the 'default' size and pattern of EVERY stitch my sewing machine does. It was such a good idea.

ABOVE: The revised UFO and Project wall. I've still got one stitch's 'page' to finish! Maybe I shall do that today?

I'm on the ball today, I got this out last night for dinner tonight:

ABOVE: Roast pork. This one has been in the freezer for a couple of months now, so time to cook it.

I'm sure there will be enough there for two night's dinners and some lunch sandwiches during the week too! It's HUGE!

My mouth is watering just looking at it.

Right, time to start the day... I will be ringing Stew a bit later to see how he's feeling today.

He had a very relaxed weekend, so hopefully that helped him recharge his batteries and recover from his cold/sore throat etc.


Now, before I forget, and it does happen!...

HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY to our grandson Bodhi.
He lives with his mum and sisters in Australia.
Sadly, we virtually never hear from them, and the only photos we have are stolen off Russell's Facebook:

ABOVE:  I think this is a fairly recent one.
One day Russell hopes to move back to Australia so he's closer to these kids.  Then maybe we can be too.

I slept on the couch last night.  Talk about COMFORTABLE!  And quiet, let's not forget quiet.

It's still quiet here, the kids are, as per usual, still in bed.  Off to do the washing...

4.16 pm:  been busy today. I went and posted a couple of parcels to Australia, then home and got all the washing done.
Did some work on the polar fleece throw... in fact I finished it.
It is a bit smaller than I first intended, but I just wasn't enjoying doing it, so made it a cot quilt size.

It's now in the washing machine and after that, it's going in the dryer.  The seams are supposed to fluff up ... but we will see.  I'm not holding my breath it will work as I used polar fleece instead of flannel.

I rang Stew, he sounds only so-so... the computer work is straining his eyes, so he has a headache.  Oh well... not much he can do about it except take some panadol and grit his teeth.

I'm off to Weight Watches soon, looks like I will be having a gain of around a kilo... bummer.
All the walking is just making me hungrier!
So I eat.  BUT... I am getting fitter!
Swing and roundabouts on that one.
I'm not too fussed.

WW Result?  UP .800 grams.  Not surprised at all... but a bit annoyed as I haven't even been that 'bad', and have been walking, walking, walking!
Oh well ... another week ahead to do better.

I'm going to bed reasonably early tonight as I have a walk booked at 9 am.  Plowing through them, I'll be caught up soon!


  1. Totally nothing to do with your blog this morning. My middle child has been on a horrible path since she was 15, I tried everything to help her my parents kept taking over as they have too much money so it enabled her to buy her drugs and they even paid for her flatting. So long story short they cut her off last year and she came home to live, she was still doing drugs and because she didn't have as much money anymore she was stealing and then stole from us. It's a game with my parents and I haven't spoken to them in eight years now but they hated the fact she was at home. So after getting in contact with her and offering her a job and a car she left. We haven't seen her for around five months as this is what she does as she has more money for drugs. I hate how she goes between my parents and us, playing us off. So last night she rang me at 10pm, could I go pick her up from hospital as she flipped her car, has concussion and needs to be watched. After a while it came out she had spoken to my parents and they wouldn't pick her up as were angry at her and she'd had the car accident in the morning but it had taken her that long to ring me. She makes me feel like such a failure as a mother as she only contracts me when no one else will help. Then the tears start from her, I have no one and I'd really like to come home for the night after ignoring me for five months. So it broke my heart but I said no to her, first time I ever have. I cried and felt so terrible as she'd had a car accident and could of died but as usual I'm always the last to know because I can't pay for her lifestyle she wants to live. I so know how you feel with your children at times, but should I have picked her up or not. I just can't let her keep playing with my heart strings.
    My son let me know later that she'd gone home with the girl who was in the car at the time of the accident to stay with her and the boyfriend so they could keep an eye on her.

    1. Saying NO must have been so hard! But the right thing to do for YOU, and her at the end of the day. She has to learn that you are not at her beck and call when it suits her. Sure, if she really desperately needed your help, I'm sure you would give it to her, but not in this instance. She has to learn the hard way that life is not going to be handed to her on a plate, and one day the money tree (your parents) will not be there for her. Then what? Hard one. Hang in there, I can't say it gets better, but how YOU cope with it will. Tough love Chick, while looking after yourself and hubby.

    2. Leanne what a horrible position you are in. It is not your fault and it does not make you a bad parent and your parents actions don't make them bad parents or grandparents. Addicts are incredibly manipulative and deceitful, the illness makes them behave awfully and with no respect for anyone else. I really hope all works out and she comes out the other end okay.

    3. Thanks Chris.. Your so right, I've been to see her today and I'm just so glad she is still here... Even though she breaks my heart often, I just hope she grows out of it soon..

  2. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Hay tribe, hope dad is ok tomorrow, it's a bit cold up here but nothing a few extra blankets at night and extra layers during the day won't fix #jailbird

  3. Oh all your UFO projects will be like new projects I have forgotten what's still to do lol. You apparently can buy screen fit over glasses to cut the glare from comp screens...

  4. Stew needs to take a few days off an just rest. I learnt that the hard way a few years ago & got really sick. I did it again this year to an extent because I got a grotty cold right after I had had 2 weeks off so worked through and then 2 weeks later relapsed and ended up in bed for 2 days and most of the weekend.

  5. Tidy and organised makes me happy too. It's not weird!
    Eloise (

  6. Chris :) one thing worries me when I read what you write about these walks you're doing. Are you sure you're doing them for the right reason?
    Seems like they're becoming something you need to grit your teeth and do just to "tick" them off and say that you've done them.

    You used to be so chatty about the social side of the walks, the talking, companionship etc, now, I'm feeling that you're determined to get through the list no matter what even though your shins are hurting and so on.

    Just don't lose sight of the fun aspect of it all, the health benefits, the emotional effects. :) and enjoy the walks, look around you and find new things to see and learn about this new area you're walking, don't just hurry, head down, must get through type attitude just to prove a point that you've completed all the walks on the list.

    I worry about you, the chatty, outspoken, social, tough talking Chris....

    Then again this might all be a figment of my drugged up medication brain and I'm imagining it all, if so, please accept my apology and know, I only say all this out of love and concern for my friend....(delete this post if you'd like Chris, I'd understand hehehe, love ya you tart lol)

    1. Don't worry Anne, I am thoroughly enjoying the walks.. the company is great! The feeling of belonging and being a part of this group is AWESOME. I am trying to catch up on all the walks I missed by joining late... that is all. I want to enjoy the next half without feeling like I am behind the 8 ball. Though, there's quite a few ladies who are just joining the group, so catch up walks are happening more now. It's all good chick.

  7. Hope Stew feels better soon. Looks like you had a busy weekend sorting through your projects. Hopefully the weather warms for you. Keep strong next week will show a better result at WW.

  8. I worked on "destashing" a bit of my fabric yesterday. Took me all day to go through what was in my desk area and measure and such. I keep picking it up at the thrift store to use and resell so it's taking over lol.


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