Saturday, July 15, 2017


Ummmm... We are all still in bed! 
Will do a proper post once I'm outta bed.

And that might be much later... cos it's too bloody cold to get up!

ABOVE: Look at that!  The sunshine is streaming in... it's a glorious, if freezing, day out there!

It's 10 am, I'm up and on the move... and no one else is.
Stew is in bed snoring his head off, has been for the past few nights.
Rather hard to get to sleep with him sounding like a train, but I do eventually.
He has a sore throat and cold, so he is still not that well.  

I really want to get the vacum out but dare not yet!  Griffin spilt a full glass of chocolate milkshake drink all over his floor at 11.30 ish last night, so I soaked it up and put carpet cleaner on it.  Now I need to vacum it... dum dee doooooo.

It's really hard to type with frozen fingers!  Might just put the heat pump on for a while.

Much as I hate the idea, we should go grocery shopping today at some point.  

Right now though, I'm actually going to cut out fabric for Mum's friggin tablecloth.  The sooner I start, the sooner it will be finished eh? 

ABOVE:  I've got this set ready to post off to Mum, will try and get that done today too.

Can you believe.... the kids got up around 1 pm, and Stew got up at 1.15 pm!  I can't remember the last time he stayed in bed that long!!!
He's feeling like shit obviously.

While everyone was sleeping, I got Mum's tablecloth DONE...

ABOVE:  I know she likes red... so I went with that.  I had planned on doing a more 'patchwork' type border, but decided to not detract from the pretty fabric Mum bought, so just made it fairly basic.  The lace is from a stash I inherited from my Mum's Mum (my Maternal Grandmother).  So, it's kinda special.

I'm very relieved it's actually DONE!  Now I can relax and do something of mine.

The grocery shopping... well that might have to wait till tomorrow, there is no way Stew feels like doing it, that's for sure.  I could go on my own... I'll think on that for now.

And I did do the grocery shopping.  Bad time to go I have found out.  The meat selection was dismal, the freezers were half empty.  It was just as busy as in the morning, when I usually do the shopping too.  So, lesson learnt. 

Dinner is cooking in the oven, Chicken steaks and home made garlic bread.  I'm making chicken/cheese/egg garlic bread burgers.  

Sounds yum yes?  *smiles*

After dinner, I am going to shoo Stew into the lounge to watch rugby while I watch some mindless TV in the family room.

And that's all for today!


  1. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Love the sewing you did for your mum. How is she now? I hope she is in good health after her scare when she was on holidays. Looks like a beautiful day there today, have a wonderful weekend. I hate grocery shopping. A necessary evil.

    1. Mum's health is quite good right now, though she tires easily. She is under the care of a cardiologist, so I'm trying not to worry too much. As Mum say's... she's wearing out! Mum is very philosophical about it all. I certainly believe in fate, and my Mum does too. What will be - will be.

    2. Anonymous10:24 PM

      Best attitude to have, worry causes unnecessary stress. I too believe in what will be will be. I love the tablecloth, you are so talented.

  2. Anonymous10:55 AM


    Don't you have heating on in the house at all ? or is the heat pump an extra heater ? Our house would just be too cold without heating turns it self on and off..I just set a temperature...before we moved here we had a lovely slow combustion wood fire...I just loved that heat so even and constant..


    1. I only turn on the heat pump (shown above the fish on the wall) when it's cold. I can leave it on and have it turn itself on and off according to the temperature, but then I really don't need it on all the time. And not overnight. It only heats that room, not the rest of the house. We have a portable gas heater, and once it come back from Auckland I will be using it in the sewing room, and the lounge when necessary. That should help.

  3. Oh I don't envy you having to cope with being so cold. I hate the cold and try to ensure I can escape July ( or at least part of it ) if I can. We are currently enjoying tropical balmy weather in Bali, lots of lazing about in the sun, mixed with shopping, eating and drinking.

  4. Now I know what a heat pump is ! We have one of those but here they are referred to as a reverse cycle air conditioner. That is in the 'family room' but I can open the door to my sewing room to heat that We have a gas heater in the lounge room which I turned on about 10 before going back to bed for a while. We never leave them going overnight.

  5. Very crafty and pretty that tablecloth. I have done heaps today washing all housework sheets firewood lawns weed eating NOW OFF. To work 6.30-6.30am!! Hope Stee feels better tomorrow.

  6. Love the tablecloth....

    Cold and wet here today, sitting by our fire reading here, very lazy day.

  7. Your mother will love her tablecloth and coasters. I love what you did with your grandmothers lace. That makes it even more special. I hope Stew gets better soon. It seems like a few staff got the bugs at Auckland convention. Maree has been off for a week and she's really ill.


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