Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I went for a walk with the FBG's Urban Challenge girls yesterday.
My next one was going to be tomorrow night, but I saw one posted for tonight, and as it's one that I haven't done yet, I've decided to do it.

I hope it's not a mistake and I pay for it with my legs playing up again.   

Because the organiser keeps adding 2 new walks each week, I would like to start doing 3 walks a week, so hopefully I eventually catch up, and am up to date.

I'm really loving this walking group!  I get to walk with some really nice people.  And I feel like I am getting a little fitter too.  That's the whole POINT of this at the end of the day.

It feels so weird getting up in the morning and having NOTHING to do... well, no little kid to have to feed/dress/clean/make lunch for/take to school and so on!
I keep thinking 'something is missing, what have I forgotten to do?' The house is so QUIET.

 I am sure by the time I have gotten used to the 'freedom' and quiet, she will be home again.  lol

So today?  Meh.  Don't know. Probably sit and do some hand sewing, stitch bindings down on Mum's mug rugs while watching some tv.  Housework.  Just the usual stuff.

Today's walk isn't till quite late tonight, so plenty of time to worry about that later.

ABOVE: We walked past this sign outside a girl's house yesterday.  And we got several toots from passing cars, our group is getting known around town!
AND there is going to be an article in the local paper about us next week too.  How cool is that?  (FBG= Fat Bottomed Girls)

We are the first group nationwide that has commenced a challenge to walk every single street and road in our town!  I love being a part of it.


1.25 pm:  It was a slow start today... another 'stay in my pj's till 10 am' day!
Then I got moving and did some sewing.

ABOVE:  Three more mug rugs finished.  It takes so long to stitch down the binding!  Thank goodness it can be done while watching the telly.

ABOVE:  4 more done!  These ones are being donated to the FBG's group, to go on the 'Goodie Table' at our Mid Challenge Lunch in August. 
Coco is so happy right now, she's loving my heated blankie!   Though it's not that cold today!

According to the weather on the news, we have rain.  Ummm... nope!  Beautiful sunshine here today.

I'm going outside in a minute to stretch my legs and check out the vege garden, there might be some stuff ready to pick?

ABOVE:  I can see some rhubarb pie for dessert tonight!  There was some cauliflower in the garden too, but it had gone beyond ready, which was annoying as I only checked on it last weekend!  Oh well... it was not very big, so not too much lost.

The vege garden isn't doing that well this year, no idea why?  Maybe it just needs some fertiliser?

9.03 PM:   Utterly freezing tonight!  I actually wore a thin, long sleeved top!  Tonight's walk was 5.35 kms long and it took us 1 hr 11 minutes.  So a fairly slow pace, but perfect for me and my shins.
They are still hurting for the first half of the walks, then they finally settle down.  I'm hopeful they eventually come right.

Time to relax for the remainder of the evening.


  1. O Chris! I am SO VERY PROUD of you! Thank you so very much for trying so hard. What a blessing to find people you can really walk with.

  2. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Morning tribe, and shot FBG group X #2

  3. Penny9:50 AM

    It is wonderful, not only is it motivating you to get out and explore your town, it also means you are meeting people. So good on so many fronts!

  4. Penny9:51 AM

    Also Happy Birthday Keera!

  5. You Go, Girl! (or You go, Fat Bottomed Girls!)

  6. Well done with the walking....enjoy. it is a great way of getting to know your area. Love the mug rugs.

  7. Chris when the cauliflowers start growing, fold down the leaves to cover them so they don't get sun or wind burnt.

  8. Yes freezing down here too how neat the group FBG has a cult following.... I have had the fire on all day from 7am!!!!

  9. Keep up the good work with the walking. Yum Rhubarb! Enjoy the pie.


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