Thursday, July 20, 2017

@!* SQUEALS *#!

So... did I mention about 3 months ago that we had ordered a new lounge suite?
I can't remember.

ANYWAY....   it's arriving TOMORROW.

I am super excited.  This will be the first lounge suite in many, many years that is NOT leather.  

We ordered 4 Lazy Boy chairs and 1 X two seater... in a mid tan colour.

I got this as I was really struggling to move the big brown, leather furniture.... and it made our family room look so much smaller.  The brown leather suite is very CHUNKY.

Because Steve and Bex's lounge suite is literally falling to bits, they are taking most of the brown suite off our hands.  

I have to laugh... we have 'passed on' over 3-4 lounge suites to our kids now!  Amanda got one, Russell has one, Lacy has had some, and now Steve.  *smiles*

Tonight Stew and Griffin are going to put the brown suite in the garage, until such time we can take it up to Auckland to the kids.

Bex is coming down today, she is 'returning' Keera to us.  She is only staying for lunch, then heading back to Auckland with the boys.

This will give Keera time to settle down again before Monday, when she STARTS SCHOOL as a proper school girl!  How exciting!

FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS URBAN CHALLENGE: There's been 3 new walks added ... Sections Q, R and S.
Tonight I am doing a section that I missed because I started after the group formed...Section K.
Once I have done that section, I will be right up to date with everyone else, with only the 3 new ones to do.

I will be knocking off Q & R by next Tuesday too.  That will only leave S for me.

The group's organiser is not adding any more new walks until after our Mid Challenge Get together on August the 6th.  That's going to be a lunch event... quite looking forward to that.

Well... I had quite a bit to yabber on about this morning!  All good! Time to get moving.  


ok... it's 4.04 pm and I just realised I've not updated ... WHOOPS.
So, I went into town this morning to find a lightweight rain jacket... found ONE that fits, but it's $100.  So I decided to think on it for a while.  I've got to know I will get plenty of wear out of it before spending that much.

Home, had some lunch then Bex and the kids arrived.

Fed the family and sat a yakked for a couple of hours.  Then it was time for Bex to leave with the boys.

SOMEONE wanted to go back with them... 

 ABOVE:  And NO!  It wasn't Keera!
Coco was keen as mustard to go with them... little tart!
Needless to say, she didn't go anywhere.

ABOVE:  Bye bye boys, see you in a couple of weeks when we go up with the old lounge suite for them.

I've spent the last little while making sure I'm ready for tonight's walk... it is supposed to be pissing down with rain... so I'm going to get wet, wet, wet.

Too bad.  I've walked in the rain on many occasions, it just means having a nice hot shower when ya get home eh?  *smiles*

Keera cracked up about 1/4 of an hour after Bex left, started crying and wanting her Aunty Bex.  *sigh*   She's happy again right now, watching the TV in the lounge.  It will take her a few days to adjust to being here again I'm sure, then we will be sweet again.

15 minutes before our walk was to start, our organiser was suggesting we cancel it, as we are in the middle of a storm!  But as we were already on our way to the meeting point, our group of girls decided to go ahead as did another group starting at the same point as us.

It was an awesome walk, albeit WET AND WINDY, but so what?  We got wet, and came home and got dry.  Simple!
Stew found a raincoat of Griffin's that fitted me, so I wore that.

But I got too hot ... so unzipped it and got sopping wet, I also took off the hat, so me head's wet too.  But I loved it!

I love storms.  I love walking in the rain.  LOVE IT!  I'm mad, and I don't care.

I'm certainly cooling down now though, so will be wrapping up in me electric throw now and enjoying the rest of the evening in comfort.

Well... not really comfort.  The lounge suite is now in the garage... so I'm sitting on a dining chair.  Not that comfy.  Stew is on a bean bag!  

And... that is all for today. Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Morning tribe, oh kewl Miss 5 is home today, bet she had an amazing time with family in Aucks x #jailbird

    1. Anonymous9:41 AM

      Lol, lacy you are so funny with your #jailbird hehehe.

    2. Anonymous1:45 PM

      Hehe thanks annon....kinda fits with today's news :) #jailbird

    3. Anonymous5:05 PM

      Lol yes it certainly cracks me up to! Lacy I love that you can laugh and done take things so seriously. Although what happened today? Don't tell me you lived up to the name. Lol

    4. Anonymous6:05 PM

      Haha not quite annon :) but I'm sure Ma will update you all in due course x

  2. Fantastic news re walking so very pleased to see you taking time for you again.... I would love a new couch a couch bed actually might save up for one....

  3. Doing such an amazing job with all the walking. What strange-looking streets you have tho'.

  4. Oh darnit, you have to go through comment moderation again, huh? Better scroll down and see if there is a story behind this... sigh...

  5. If you walk in this weather you are either crazy or deserve a medal. It's like a hurricane over here in Coromandel!!

  6. So inspired by your walking. Chris I got a lovely lightweight rain jacket from millers that folds into a pouch. Pretty patterns and large fitting. Think they do online. Only about $25 I think.

  7. Naw Keera you little cutie aunty mum misses you aswell. It actually feels weird you not being here with us. Will see you all soon xxoo

    1. Anonymous1:50 AM

      Aunty mum, that's so cute. She really is a very lucky girl, loved by lots and getting to come live with your beautiful family will be so good for her with your little boys to grow up with.

  8. Wow, amazing... well done on walking in the storm! I think having others to walk with is the key - I'd never venture out in the dark on my own.

  9. Good on you for doing the walk πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜€

  10. Gosh it's been so looooong since I last checked in. The kids are growing so much! I can't believe Keera is 5 already. And the quilting projects all look great. So good catching up with your days. Things are still pretty much the same on this side of the pond. :D


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