Tuesday, August 01, 2017


First up for the day, some photos of the gardens from yesterday:

 ABOVE:  This garden has taken a battering with the frosts.  Some of the succulents have survived, but some have been decimated, with just tiny bits hanging on.  Hopefully they will revive over summer. 

 ABOVE:  We have quite a lot of moss growing where no sunlight gets to right now.  If I remember right, they go in summer and grass comes back.
The hedge down this side desperately needs trimming right back... which we can do... but we can't do anything about the height as it is the neighbour's hedge.  *sigh*
I think Stew should talk to him about bringing the height down a bit if possible.

 ABOVE: The mosses we planted are doing well...  as I walked past that one by the terracotta fish (above, left), I noticed something...

ABOVE:  See it?  I just had to smile... cos it was too!  lol

ABOVE:  That little yellow flax has gone cray-cray!  Talk about self propagate! I am going to take most of those baby plants and scatter them around the rest of the gardens.

 ABOVE:  Lastly for now... can ya freeze whole lemons?  I'm damned if I'm gunna juice them and freeze juice!  I'm too bloody lazy.  I just want to chuck them in the freezer whole. Can I?

I'm off into Hamilton this morning... starting the patchwork class at Donna's Quilt Studio again.  So, I shall be out for the morning, home for lunch.


3.42 pm:  Sorry... late in the day update.   Got busy.
Firstly, class in Hamilton was awesome.  I love this class because if you have a problem there is a qualified teacher there to help you out.
Donna is amazing, and sure knows her stuff.
Except for crappy little giraffes!  We both agreed that making small, fiddly animals is the pits.
I don't know if I will get that little giraffe finished, it's so bloody complicated.

I had to leave class early to be home in time to meet up with the person from Fresco Shades.  She was nice and we discussed what we wanted and guess what?

They don't require a permit! So, fingers crossed their quote is doable... cos it sure sounds good not having to get a permit or plans drawn up.

After she left, I had a quick, late lunch then it was time to go and pick up the kids.

Now... I've got a few jobs to do before my walk at 7 pm tonight.  Luckily it's posted as a SLOW walk, which will be good for my shins.

8.45 pm:  And YAAAAA!!!!!  My shins were perfectly fine tonight.  It was a fairly long walk too... 5.9 kms.  But perfectly flat terrain, and a nice steady pace, but not fast.
We had a bit of light rain on/off, but not enough to get very wet.

My legs feel a bit sore now, but not bad.  Time to chill out and relax for the remainder of the evening.


  1. I would say freeze one for a week and see what happens, only way to know.

  2. I have frozen whole lemons but they are mushy when defrosted. The juice is just fine though. I love the smiley moss, made me smile too.

  3. Anonymous1:47 PM

    I think the hedge on the boundary is up to you as well to decide what height etc...if it was in from the boundary then it might be different..


  4. Nice garden! Lemons last for ages just in the fridge, at least a month. Or you can make preserved lemons after freezing them if you don't have time to preserve or juice them now. Also if you slice them up and freeze then you can put straight into drinks later.

  5. Could you cover the succulents with frost cover ? Fingers crossed some of the new quotes are doable. Tonight's walk will be great if slow ask some of the others if they have problems? Too

  6. Anonymous6:04 PM

    All this walking must be so good for your health..the diabetes and building bone density and cardio.


  7. You should b very happy with yourself for keeping up with these walks. What a great thing to do for yourself.....kudos!


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