Sunday, July 23, 2017


The Fat Bottomed Girls : Urbane Challenge ... Our esteemed 'leader' Robyn suggested we all get matching T-shirts to wear.
With our Logo on it, and FBG across the bottom and on the arm, so we have all been trudging into the local Image Apparel shop to try on sizes and order them.

On Friday I went in and tried on one.  I ended up ordering TWO.  One to fit me NOW, and one three sizes SMALLER... FOR LATER.

That's called being positive I will be shrinking!
I can already feel and see a bit of a difference, so here's hoping in about 6 months the smaller one will fit me!

That would be so awesome.  

It's so MOTIVATIONAL TOO.  That, and the though of my boobs shrinking.  OMG I want that so much! I'm totally OVER humongous boobs!

They are NOT sexy, OR comfortable.  Who the hell likes having big boobs? Thankfully, from previous experience, I know they will shrink.  Can't.  Wait.

So yesterday we got Griffin's hair cut.  The stylist combed it into a different style to how he usually does it... and we love it!

But OMG, try taking a photo of that bloody kid!  He is IMPOSSIBLE:

ABOVE:  Seriously... so hard to get him to JUST SMILE!

ABOVE:  Eventually... a couple of nice ones.  He looks so grown up with his hair like this!

It's Sunday right?  Meh.  No plans for the day.
So, nothing else to yabber on about right now... catch ya later.

MIGHT move that shit stuff I was gunna move yesterday actually...


Shit... what a quiet day!  Actually, last couple of days have been quiet on here.
Maybe you peeps are sick of listening to me go on about walks?  
Oh well... too bad!

Stew and I have been incredibly lazy today.  Stew put the treadmill and exercycle back in the garage, then one of the big brown leather couches into the lounge, and that's all we've done!

I'm probably going to kill Stew soon though, I don't think I can watch/listen to friggin sport for a second longer!
And would ya look at that... he's changed the channel.  Clever man.

Then he got even cleverer... and went outside and did a couple of jobs.  

I've been plugged into headphones, listening to music on YouTube, while once Stew came back inside, he watched... more sport.

It's wind down time now... expecting a phone call from Lacy shortly ... no doubt to wish Keera a happy School Day tomorrow.

Blob out time... ha ha!  I've been blobbing out all day!

34.08 kms this week


  1. Griffin is a hard case but wow those more serious photos really show what a great looking young man he is. Definitely looks older. Keep that hairstyle Griffin.

  2. Anonymous4:00 PM


    I like hearing about your walks...Griffin looks handsome..


  3. OH my gosh griffin looks so diff with his new hair cut. Sun shine here in Chch today who could have ever thought the weather was so atrocious last 2 days.

  4. Looking forward to seeing the t shirts 😄

    Gary watches a stupid amount of sport & if not that then the flipping car channel. Lucky he has sky downstairs 👍🏼

  5. Hehe Stew! He must be telepathic Chris.

  6. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Thanks Ma xx Good night all, have a good sleep Miss 5 xx xx #jailbird xx

  7. Love hearing about your walks...

  8. There you go motivation alright great! Griffin your new hairstyle suits you makes you look a lot older. Sunday Stew Sport perfect. Here's to a great school day start for Keera tomorrow whatever will you do with yourself.

  9. I enjoy hearing about your walks.... I am exercising vicariously through you! griffin looks great, what a difference a hair cut can make!

  10. Oh.... and humongous boobs.... I'm so with you.... I hate them, am seriously considering a reduction, but think at 54 I might be a bit too old?

    1. If they piss you off that much, and are making you miserable... then I say go for it! You are never too old to fix something that is impacting negatively on your happiness and health. FFS, 54 is not OLD either! You no doubt have at least another 30+ years to put up with big boobs! Want that? I know mine will shrink heaps when I drop some serious weight, so I don't have to contemplate a reduction.

    2. youre right, talked about it with my hubby last night!

  11. Anonymous1:44 AM

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  12. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Thanks for finally talking about >"POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING" <Loved it!

  13. I need to do some positive thinking and moving lol


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