Wednesday, May 03, 2017


So. We are still having 'problems' with the local rubbish collectors.  We have recycling bins for 'paper, plastics, glass and tins'.  Recycling eh?
So.  We put all that shit in the bins, one provided, and one we bought.  And every couple of weeks one bin or other is not emptied.

It does my head in.  So today (edit:  Yesterday) I stood out on the road and talked to the rubbish guys about it.

Asked them WHY they didn't pick up both bins???   Like, our rubbish is in the CORRECT fucking bins right?

YEP... they say they are. So what's the bloody problem?

Seems like the guys who come around first thing in the morning to pick up PAPER won't pick up our bin that has PAPER in it, if it has anything else in it, like a couple of bottles.

WTF?  It's all recycling isn't it?  

Well... nope. Seems the guys who do the 'paper run' only pick up paper and cardboard.  

OH and the guys who come around in the afternoon to pick up EVERYTHING ELSE won't pick up a bin if it has fucking PAPER in it!!!!

NO ONE told us that when we moved here 11 months ago did they?

We have separated out the paper and cardboard before though, but they still didn't pick it up... so now I'm left fuming.

I asked the guys if I needed to have 4 fucking separate bins???  One for glass/plastic/tins and fucking paper???  They said NO, and they said they would talk to the paper run guys about not picking up our paper.

Yep, like that's going to work.  I'm sure they are totally dicking with us.

Worth noting... NO ONE ELSE IN OUR STREET has their bins left full.  Even when they have paper and glass and plastic AND tins in the same damn bin!

So over this issue.  So want to stand out there at 7 in the friggin morning and give them an earful.  Might even do that next week.

Nah.  I'm going to get 2 more bins and give them NO EXCUSE to not pick up our damn rubbish.  Bastards.

Can you tell it is making me really, really angry?

Yeah, thought so.


Steve did something rather lovely for me yesterday:

 ABOVE: He made me some massive knitting needles!  Doesn't he look proud of himself!  I love the knobby end bits ... *smiles*.  (They are not as large in diameter as the ones on the website I mentioned the other day, I didn't want ones THAT big!)

ABOVE:  Making them... and then they were done.

So, it's kinda a 'free' day today. I have no plans, no appointments.  Nothing.

So I shall sew.  Cos I still have to make my Mum's birthday present.  It won't take me long, that's why it's not done yet.  But really, I should get it done.  


T.H.U.M.P.I.N.G.  HEADACHE.  All morning.  Done NOTHING.  Took a pill.  Slowly starting to work, but still got the damn headache.
Might have to take myself off for a nap, and hope I wake up without the headache?

That usually works.  But first, I have to get Keera her lunch, then she can have a nap the same time as me.

5.44 pm:  The nap didn't help that much.  But it's a lot better than this morning.
I can't believe I've done literally nothing all day!  I have done dinner, there's a roast of pork in the oven, and roast potatoes.  I'm going to have steamed veges with it.  And Gravy.

One of Keera's kindy teachers made some of the children these hats:

ABOVE:  rather cute!  Keera calls it her 'summer hat'... and that's on Thursday apparently.  Summer.  On Thursday.
She has no idea about days/weeks/seasons.

Back to rubbish.

Stew and I have had a good discussion about our arsehole rubbish collectors.
Now, we are only going to recycle plastic and glass.
Everything else is going to be put in our big green bin, that we pay to have picked up every week.  So all paper and tins will go in there, along with other household rubbish.

Too bad that we are not 'recycling' stuff that should be recycled.  We are over this shit.  We are sure the collectors are paying us back for complaining about them twice already! 

Sorted.  Fingers crossed they continue to pick up our plastic and glass!

Time to sign off, it's been a shitty day.  At least the headache is now gone.


  1. Thise knitting needles are so cool, well done, Steve! Can't wait to see how your knitting goes, please get some action shots (I am seriously interested, wondering how you would best hold them with the weight of the knitting - sit in the middle of the sofa and rest ends left & right of you?). Fun fact: In Europe we learnt to knit differently to how it's done here, you wrap wool around index finger on your left hand and so your movement for knits & purls is different, too.

  2. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Do the garbos go through your bin to check theres no bottles in the paper bin? All our recycling goes in one wheelie bin and they sort it at the dump

    1. There is no 'designated' paper only bin! WE should be able to put everything in the one/or two bins. Yes, they go through it at the roadside, not at the dump. Which is dumb in my opinion. Doing my head in.

  3. What a thoughtful man he is! His mama must have dine something right ;)

    Our recycling us the same. God forbid if a bit of paper ends up in the wring bin! But!! Its the same truck that takes both bins- just opposite sides of the truck.

    1. Nuts eh? Yes, Steve has turned out rather well *smiles*... though I think how your kids turn out is down to their personality really... cos I've raised 8 kids, and they have all turned out rather differently. If parents had to take the 'credit' for how their kids turned out, well I'd be in the sin bin or sitting in a corner, sucking my thumb rocking and humming to myself! ha ha ha

    2. Obviously I'm not talking about ALL my children, just the odd one or two....*smiles*. I believe NATURE over NURTURE for sure.

  4. I do hate recycling I e been stickered a few times for contraband shame on me

  5. Those needles are huge, knitting with them will be an upper body workout😀

  6. Out recycling had to be separate paper bundled and tied black bin glass only green bin plastics and tin . Keera looks like Griffin in that hat, nice hat too.

  7. I know for a fact theat over half the stuff people recycle is dumped from recycling station to land fill as it isn't clean or tops taken of bottles or even that if bottles are squashed they are rejected! I know this because my man audits the recycling! Don't feel bad about it ! It's a huge mess out there at the recycling stations!

    1. Oh and with duck shooting season the recycling gets contaminated cos dick heads put their ammo and some times dead ducks in the recycling bins ! Along with dead batteries etc! It would amaze you some of the stuff that ends up in the recycling bins lol

    2. Shit we squash all our plastic bottles to make more room in the recycling bin! What a waste of time recycling them if they just get dumped! I'm totally over recycling!

  8. I would be over it, too. Just throw everything out and have done with it! Ridiculous. You know out in the country, there IS no recycling. Nope. Not worth it to run the trucks out, I guess. I think it's a shame they can't pop a dumpster for paper and one for plastics in a parking lot somewhere and collect every couple of weeks but I suppose no one wants to spend the money on keeping our earth as clean as possible/ using resources well...

  9. It's interesting how different countries do their recycling. We have 3 bins. Green for compostables, including meats, that goes to a brand new, state of the art (read mega $s) composting facility. Blue bins for all recyclables-paper, tins, glass etc. They have machines that sort and separate, don't ask me how, stuff Everything else goes in a black bin and goes to the landfill. We have electronics recycling-just take it to any big electronics store. We pay a deposit when we buy any beverage, from milk to booze and everything inbetween. We take them to the bottle depot and get our deposit refunded, or people leave them for the bottle pickers or give them to charity. I'm sure that was way more information than you ever want to now, but that's how it works here!

  10. Our recycling goes all together in one bin which they SOMETIMES pick up every other week and sometimes not at all.

  11. omg those needles how awesome is your son love it love it xx


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