Monday, May 22, 2017


Here's more photos from yesterday's room moving... and Amanda and Andrew and kids visiting:

 ABOVE:  Griffin's new room.  He is very happy... so it was worth the effort.

 ABOVE:  Amanda and Andrew.  

 ABOVE:  Joel, he's 12 now.

 ABOVE:  Emily, who's 6.  Having such fun outside, even though it was freakin' freezing!

 ABOVE:  I was trying to get a photo of Joel with his fringe (bangs) in a pig tail... but his MOTHER photobombed it!  Nice one.

 ABOVE:  A cute moment with Huston (he's 13) and his little brother, Liam.

 ABOVE:  Emily and Keera doing 'gymnastics' in the family room.  They got nice and tired I'm sure.

ABOVE:  Little Liam (4 years old)... he's got sore lips from the wind and cold.
He and Emily ran into each other in the hallway and both got bumps on their heads.  Liam's was a REALLY big bump, but he wouldn't let Amanda hold ice on it for long, so he will no doubt have a good bruise tomorrow.

Today I plan on doing some 'normal' housework, then I am going down town to get some more warm trousers for Keera.  Most of her long tights are not warm enough for the frosty Waikato!  
And I might get some shelving wood for the two wardrobes too.


Well now, ain't the trolls out in force lately?

Keera is perfectly happy and emotionally stable.  She is well aware of her situation and where she will be living next year, and she is being well prepared for her eventual move.

It was NEVER our intention to raise Keera for the next 12+ years.  I have been raising kids FULL TIME for over 38 years, and there was no way in HELL I was prepared to raise another child.  

AND to point out a very valid fact:  Keera deserves to be raised by young parents, with siblings her own age, and that is going to be her situation next year. End of story.

You trolls deserve to be bitch slapped, you know NOTHING and obviously just love stirring shit.  Nothing better to do, you poor bitches.

Me on the other hand, I do productive stuff with all the time on my hands.  Jealous?  Clearly.

We got a double whammy today:

 ABOVE:  Frost and Fog!  It's rather cold out there.

ABOVE:  Keera in a wooly jumper her Great Grandma gave her last winter... she insisted I put it on the blog!  The lovely flowers are from Amanda.  
Just as well I noticed Keera's tights had a hole in the knee before she left the house this morning!  See?  I need to go get her more warm ones.

WHOOPS!  I got carried away and bought Keera trousers, skivvies AND sweatshirts.  But, she did need warm stuff!

I also go several (OK 10) plastic boxes with lids for the wardrobes in my new sewing rooms.  I was going to get shelving wood etc, but the boxes seemed like cheaper, easier options.

Now I can make a start of sorting it all out.

My Mum and Ron are on their way back here from Auckland.  Sadly, my Mum is sick with a bad cold and an upset tummy, so NO VISITORS for a while I'm afraid.

They need a few quiet days to just relax. 

10.55 pm:  A very quiet evening here.  Mum and Ron went to bed very early after both of them managing to eat a little soup and toast.
I've still got my cold and cough, so does Brylee, and now Griffin has it too.

Hopefully everyone starts to feel better soon.


  1. Anonymous8:49 AM

    So another child of Lacy's that won't be raised by her? If I had not read your blog and can see what good parents you both are I would think that Lacy was raised by terrible parents and had a shitty upbringing.There is one in every family eh? A lot of us struggle to understand not only giving up one but two babies BUT now a third in exchange for a party lifestyle? Doesn't make sense.Lacy is much older (early 40's?) she should know better.

      Anonymous11:18 PM
      Hello anon, so yet another child I won't be raising, yes you are correct, and no I have had a very good and fair upbringing so no I am not going to do the woowas me on in every family....not to sure what planet you are from but not completely correct.
      As for giving up a child or children, I am so glad I am finally speaking to an expert on this matter as then you would have a fairly good idea what it's like in EVERY ASPECT AND SITUATION, Brylee and Griffin are a slightly different not to sure of the correct word to use here but 'case' to my baby Keera, but that is actually not your business sorry, but because you are an expert you will know all this and not need me to explain this as I do with my mum and dad on a regular basis not that I need to cos they already no lol, it's coz I'm so fu*ked up on everything under the sun.....gesh I'm so wonky I'm surprised I can even see the keyboard on my phone to type this...oh and that's after iv been with all the male kind in the wider North Island area...only just finished with one, hope your husband is locked up coz I'm eyeing him up next......
      As for my age and knowing better, I am no where near 40 and as for knowing better.....Oh but I do, but why when I can get such awesome comments from people like you :)
      So I appreciate you giving me the chance to sit down and read what you think of me and my life, now I hope you take the same time to sit down and read this.....NO ME PROPERLY BEFORE YOU JUDGE ME.
      Yours Truly
      Jail Bird.

    2. Anonymous8:29 AM

      Lacy would you honestly let stranger's raise Keera's? Please be kind when you answer otherwise judgement will be made.
      Helen Davis, Manchester, UK

  2. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Lovely happy family photos. I would love to have a noisy busy house like yours but my kids are all overseas. Enjoy!!! Ignore the comment above.

  3. Keera is such a cutie, love her jumper!

  4. Jeez trolls are shockers lately arent they ? Maybe they need to get a life and do some thing constructive with theirs instead of butting in to yours.
    Griffins room looks ample big enough for him

  5. Well done! Time to not let people post anonymously.

  6. Kendra is so adorable and angelic looking.

  7. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Keera is such a pretty little girl. My kids used to go through the knees in their jeans and leggings like no one's business. Griffin's room looks great too. I think it's fine to let people post anonymously but, if you don't wish to give these losers a platform, perhaps it's a good idea to moderate comments so that you can just delete the crap comments and never ever need to mention that you did so. The trolls will then bugger off.

  8. Your family is precious.

  9. Glad you liked the flowers mum :-) Hi to Grandma and Ron XO

  10. Thank goodness you saw the hole in Keera's tights Chris!! The 'Internet Troll' would have had a field day with that!! ����

  11. Wow Griffin new digs perfect you do know the comfortable they become the less likely they are to move out lol. Keera is getting so tall she is sprouting up that's for sure. What lovely photos of everyone. VERY COLD. Down my way.

  12. Griffin looks very happy in his new room. He's right at home. What a handsome young man he's growing into.


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