Sunday, May 28, 2017


Today Mum has a couple of visitors lined up.  I've tried to space them out so she doesn't get over tired.

First up we have a very dear couple from Tokoroa visiting Mum.
We have known them forever and ever.  
Mum will really enjoy seeing them.

Then this afternoon we have Amanda, Andrew and their kids coming.  They have not seen their Grandma at all during this visit, so it's nice they will get to see her at least once before she goes home again.

Kelly and Rena are coming too.  They all have a two hour 'block' of time!  I'm being very strict with visits as I am not going to let my Mum get stressed out.  Noise gets to her, just like it does to me funnily enough!

Stew is going to work on the shelves in my sewing rooms today, so I can get everything back in the wardrobes... then once Brylee can move out of the 2nd sewing room, I can really start to get both rooms functioning again.

I can't wait to get in there and start doing my sewing again!  I'm rather excited to think I'm going to have so much more room!

When Keera went to bed last night, she was coughing and crying with an ear ache.  She's now got the cold we have all got/getting over.
Seriously, this past week has been a right bitch.

NOt only with my Mum ending up in hospital, but with EVERYONE having a dreadful cold, cough and sore throat.  

OK... time to get a move on... there is some washing to get done, then I need to get breakfast for Mum, Ron and Keera.


Domino effect.  

Mum is doing well today.  I didn't mention it the other day ... but one of her sisters had a stroke the day after Mum had her heart attack.  So, they say things go in threes...  

3.03 pm:  And it's been a busy day so far.  We had the visitors we were expecting, plus some. Amanda, Andrew and their kids are coming for dinner, 5 - 7 pm is their allocated time!  lol

Mum went for a slow walk after all the visitors left, and she did really well.  I'm starting to think she will be OK. 

Dinner went well.. I made Spaghetti Bologniese.  A family favourite.
The kids only stayed till 7 pm... which was good as I was feeling incredibly tired... never mind my MUM!

It will be an early night for me tonight.  


  1. Your Mum will be fine I am sure, she just needs to take time to recover properly 😀

  2. Glad it's all going to plan rest and recovery is vital and nice for some family time.

  3. Spag Bol. my total favourite! Good to see Grandma still has her sense of humor, Love you Mum XO


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