Tuesday, May 02, 2017


Late start today...

Have you ever bought stuff, put it in the freezer then completely forgotten about it?

Yeah?  Well that's what I did.  

I bought some of these:

ABOVE:  Weight Watcher's meals.  I had planned on using them for my meals for a while, to see how good they were.
Kinda like Jenny Craig, eat only 'their food' for a while and hopefully get the weight coming off a bit faster?

I've got two dear friends who have done JC and lost their weight... but I can't really afford JC, so thought some WW meals would be just as good?

I remembered about having them in the freezer last night, so am going to have them over the next week or so.  I've got a few, but will get some more today.

Today, I'm going into Hamilton.  I've got a few odds 'n' ends to get, I also want to get cash for a school trip, bla bla bla.  As it's a long day for Keera at kindy, I can take my time.  

And I shall ENJOY my day.  No stress.  Well... not yet anyway!  Ya just never know what can be around the friggin corner in my world.

Lacy had a sore tooth, pulled it out HERSELF last night.  Bet she ends up with an infection and has to go to A & E!  *shaking my head*
Some people are just nuts, she's one of them.  She has even done her own piercings ... ears mostly.  Makes me shudder just thinking about it. Actually ...  I remember her piercing one or both of Kelly's ears one summer too!  😱

Steve, bless him... is making me something.  Any guesses what?

Winter is starting to kick in.   It was certainly getting COLD last night!  I LOVE IT... I'd rather put clothes on to keep warm, than be roasting in summer.
Bex has crocheted me an amazing scarf for winter... I can't wait to get it and show you.
It's utterly lovely, and different.

We had a light frost this morning, but it's virtually all gone now.  Both big kids were moaning about it being cold!  Just wait till it really is WINTER!

Right, I'm looking forward to a nice day out. Have a good one people... catch ya later.  


2.23 pm:  And I've had a very successful outing.  I got everything on my list, and a couple of things that were not on the list, but I needed anyway.

It was lovely to meet up with Kelly and share morning tea, then go shopping together.  Nice to have company... and no kids!

Now... quiet time till it's time to go and pick up the kids.  Might watch the last couple of days Home and Away...

I had an 'altercation' with the rubbish men this afternoon.  More on that tomorrow.

I've got sore boobs. Ever since my mammogram on Friday, they have been sore as.  Not happy about that.  I can't even wear me bra!  Not good for the 'headlight' situation I must say.  It's getting cold!  Full beam would be a lovely look, not double dip.  *sigh*

Midnight, and I just finished another online book.  Wasn't bad either... Stay Close by Harlan Coben... a murder/mystery.
But, time to hit the sack... another day tomorrow.


  1. Have a super duper day.

  2. I find all those frozen meals look better in the picture than they actually taste - hopefully these ones are tasty for you.

    Enjoy your day :-)

  3. I'm having a blonde moment, what is A and E? Krissy

    1. Hospital Accident & Emergency.

  4. No Chris to wake up to this morning, I wondered what was going on!
    Those WW meals are OK...I used to add more veggies

  5. I'm guessing that Steve is making you giant wooden knitting needles :)

    1. BANG ON! Trust you to guess straight away. *smiles*

    2. That was going to be my guess as well. Saw his comment saying he could make them the other day. Haha

  6. I had a mammogram yesterday. I have had 4 in total.... I started at 43 years old. (50 this year waaaaaaah). Bloody painful, no question about that!!!!! xxxxx

  7. Ohhhh giant needles you be knitting in no time. AFTER your UFOs lol! We had a nice frost here too.

  8. I've read a few of his books they are pretty good. I used to like to buy the WW Pizzas, yummy!


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