Friday, May 12, 2017


SO, unbeknownst to us, Keera had her first baby tooth ready to fall out.  She showed Kelly yesterday.
I got a cute little video of her telling me about it... and what she wanted from the Tooth Fairy:

ABOVE:  A PHONE!  Ha ha ha!  Like... NOPE.  Kids nowdays!  
She will wake up to $5, which she can spend at the toy shop... I'm sure we can find a toy phone. (which I'm sure will be more than $5, but that's what Grandparents are for, right?).

Stew had taken today off work, primarily so he can go up to Auckland to pick up my Mum and Ron this afternoon.

This morning we are doing the grocery shopping.  Kill me now.

After the shopping I shall quickly pop into Weight Watchers to weigh in for the week.  I didn't get there last night, I was too rushed and crabby.

Stew will be leaving for Auckland at around 2 pm, so I will have all afternoon to prepare a lovely dinner for when they get back.

ABOVE:  Granddad trying to get the tooth out, but his fingers were too big.  Keera was freaking out, poor kid.  Fear of the unknown.

 ABOVE:  2nd attempt, this time by Brylee, cos she had the smallest fingers... and she did it in two seconds flat.  
Keera bawled for all of 10 seconds, then realised that it didn't hurt and was happy again.

ABOVE:  First gap.  First of many of course.  


1.45 pm:  And Stew and I are home from Hamilton.  We got a hire car booked for my Mum, pick up tomorrow.  HAD planned on doing the grocery shopping, but it was raining cats 'n' dogs so we gave that idea miss.

I went to Weight Watchers, where I recorded a loss of 1.1 kilos... and I bought this:

ABOVE:   A lovely BIG mug for winter soups/stews etc.  I can go in the microwave, and has a travel safe lid with steam vent.  I think it's lovely and will be perfect for my winter lunch time soups.

We spent a good amount of time looking for something a bit NON-BLACK for me to wear on Sunday... as Stew felt I shouldn't be in black.
But, after looking at The Base and Chartwell Square, we came home with nothing.

My problem is, while the clothes are lovely, the body is not... and everything just looked like a bloody tent on me, or too 'matronly'.

I will do 'matronly' when I'm 85 thanks!

I'm going to have another really good look in my wardrobe and see what I can rustle up that I feel comfortable in.  

Stew is heading off to Auckland in just a few minutes, so I will bugger off and see him on his way.

4.30 pm:  Stew is safely at Auckland Airport.  Mum and Ron should have landed by now... hopefully they don't take long to clear customs.

I just hauled half my wardrobe into my bedroom and started trying combo's on.
First set... BOOM!  Loved it.  Sorted.  I didn't even bother to try anything else on.

You just know when it's right eh?

Black tights. Black long sleeved T and a gorgeous blue/white sheer overtop.  Yes, there's black in there...but the overtop just makes a statement all on it's own and you don't notice the black under it.  

If I get a chance tomorrow I will take a photo and show you.

Dinner is in the oven, a lovely rich chicken/bacon and mushroom casserole, with added onions and whole baby potatoes.
Served with some steamed veges on the side.

That should go down OK I think.  *smiles*

Well the oldies arrived safe and sound... and are now fed and watered and about to head off to bed. They are exhausted.


  1. Brûlée is such a lovely sister for Keera.

  2. Sorry Brylee spelling

  3. Naw well done keera for being such a brave girl..

  4. Good team work girls xx wow her first tooth out already.

  5. Brave miss muffet

  6. Aww she melts my heart. So cute. You have given her a wonderful life full of love.

  7. Wow $5. Tooth fairy only had gold coins at our place (when she actually remembered).

    1. Yes... our Tooth Fairy was in bed and suddenly remembered that bloody tooth... had to fly down the hallway and do the fairy thing! $5 for her first tooth... won't be that much next time for sure.

    2. Our tooth fairy had been known to do exactly that - and one night when no change was to be found had to advise that the toot fairy no longer works weekend :-)

      Also, helpful hint - one of Siobhan friends gave her a special container to put the tooth in and leave it by the bed because nothing works than the poor TF having to feel around under the pillow - especially if she has had a wine or two.

    3. Oh yes... we have had special tooth fairy boxes for the teeth for many, many years 😉

    4. Haha I thought after I put my comment that considering your vast experience in child raising I am pretty sure you have most of the tricks down pat by now :-)

    5. Our tooth fairy only had a $20 for the first tooth....she wrote a very good letter explaining it was a one off!

  8. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Oh My Precious Mini Me xxx your first tooth, so glad grandma and grandad were there for it, and I love you with all my heart too xx xx Mummy xx xx

  9. Aww how cute is Keera....lucky the tooth fairy remembered!!! Lol!! Hope all goes well for the special birthday gathering.

  10. I'm glad you have found an outfit you like - you MUST feel good, otherwise you will be miserable. That outfit sounds perfect.

    Can I ask how you make your casserole? I struggle to make a tasty chicken casserole and yours sounds yum. No hurry, I know your Mum is there :)

  11. Ha his nibs got $20 for his first tooth some from me aka TF, then nana grandad ladies at the shops friends spoilt. I'm sure you will look lovely, have a lovely time too.

  12. How could you NOT buy that cutie a phone! She melted my heart and I could never tell her no! She's old enough for a phone anyway! I love all of your voices!
    I didn't read anything past the video.
    Have a good weekend!!


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