Thursday, May 11, 2017


Well... I'm finally getting my hair coloured today.
I can't believe it... but I have NOT heard from the Cambridge salon at all.  I was assured they would ring me to arrange a time suitable for me, so my hair would be done before the weekend!
No phone call. I'm actually gobsmacked... and will be going in to talk to the manager next week.

It's just not on.

So, I'm heading into Hamilton to a hair salon I used to go to way back in the day, when we lived in Hamilton 16 years ago.  I liked how professional they sounded over the phone, and so nice too.  They fitted me in no problem.  It's a large salon, so I doubt they would ever not be able to do someone's hair due to one stylist being sick.  

Kelly is coming out to babysit Keera for me, as I won't be home in time to pick her up from Kindy.  Such a relief.  She would have been bored silly in the salon for 3 hours... or driven us all nuts!  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  Two little boys with lovely new haircuts... all ready for Great Grandma's party.  As Steve said, one looks like he's about to wreck havoc and mayhem, while the other looks annoyed at having his photo taken!
So true!

Right, I better get moving... once again I have to get out of here at a decent time today.


Home!  My hair colour took almost 3 hours, which is 'normal' for my hair.  I had a lovely quiet time.
Funny... I got a phone call from the Cambridge Salon while at the Hamilton salon!  She said S**** could do my hair either tomorrow or Saturday... but I said NO THANKS. 
After the abysmal treatment I got on Tuesday I wasn't prepared to go there again.
She said sorry again, and that I should talk to her manager and let her know, because it was the Manager's fault.

Right, today's colour:

ABOVE:  I kinda like it.   She put some sort of iridescent stuff in it... so it sorta shines.  But... I don't think it's quite as good as my last colour... so next time I go, I shall take a picture of THAT colour and see if she can replicate it.

ABOVE:  THIS was the colour job S**** did back in January. I loved it.

While I was at the salon, Kelly rang me and asked me if I knew Keera has a super wiggly tooth?  Ah NO!
So I get home, thinking it would have fallen out by the time I got home.  Luckily no, it's still there... but only just.
I will get someone to pull it out tonight, otherwise it will fall out and possibly be lost.

ABOVE:  So close.... amazing she hadn't told us sooner.

All is quiet here now... Keera is playing quietly and I'm watching Home and Away.  What a life!  
I really appreciate being able to stay home and be a lady of 'leisure'.  I know I don't tell Stew often enough how much I appreciate all he does and has done, for his family and me.

LOVE YOU DARLING.  You are one in a million.

Crabby.  I ask a kid to do a job for me... like I would like it done NOW.  But no.  EVERY TIME A CRACKER, I get "oh can I just finish this first?", or "Can I do it after my programme finishes?".  I'm so sick of it!

Oh and there is no point INSISTING they do it right now, cos they will then do a shit job, or bitch and moan the whole time.  So I can't win.

Next time they want me to do anything, I'm going to do the exact same thing to them.
They can see how it feels.

Let's start with tomorrow morning, when they want a lift to school... and want to get there on time.  Maybe I will do the friggin 'go slow'  then?

OK... moving on.  Been doing a few more little things towards Mum's party tonight.  Almost finished!
Time to sign off for the day.
Coronation Street will be on soon... *smiles*


  1. Dont they look handsome with their new little boy hair cuts!

  2. Looking forward to seeing the new "do".

    Those boys are impossibly cute and look so grown up :-)

  3. There growing up way to fast 😭😭

  4. Your hair is very pretty Chris. I love the length and the colours. I'm sure all will go well on Saturday. When does your mum arrive?

    1. Mum arrives tomorrow night, and the party is on Sunday, which is her actual birthday.

  5. Funny snapped at the salon by the salon lol. Their loss eh. Really like the new colour too. Tooth fairy be busy tonight.

  6. Oh yes. That "I'll do it in a minute, I'm busy right now" has lead to lots of meals being late because meat wasn't taken out of the freezer when I asked, visitors coming and the floors not being vacuumed, and many, many other things. And it still happens (and she's 20!!)

  7. Your hair looks lovely. Hope the party goes well.

  8. Love the hair, they did a good job.

    Typical teenage reaction - drives me nuts.

  9. Your hair looks good but the first chick did a better job...I would go back to her and try and get a discount or a freebie!
    The owner of the Salon should have showed up at 8.30am to do your hair.

  10. loving your hair looks great :) ohhhhhh tooth fairy duties hehehe we have had two teeth in two weeks and now have a toothless lil terror

  11. I like Keera's glasses. Probably, we could have spotted the loose tooth without the big, blue arrow!
    Your hair looks nice. Both colors. I think longer is always better with womens hair.

  12. It looks nice! I'm glad I don't have to worry about getting my hair dyed still, seems like so much time and money. I've been really lucky with the silver streaks so far lol

  13. I think your hair looks great! Hope the party goes well on the weekend!!!!


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