Thursday, May 04, 2017


The only thing I have on today is picking up me repeat prescriptions.

I had hoped to see the Doctor, to find out how my blood results were... but she's booked out till next week.

I probably won't even hear from her.  This Medical Clinic does not operate like our one in Auckland.  We don't see the Doctor quarterly for a diabetes check up even.  Just once a year with the clinic nurse.  Bit shocking really.  

What if our blood test results are bad?  *shrugging my shoulders*... doesn't matter maybe?  I wonder if anyone even reviews them?

Because I felt so bad yesterday, I got nothing done in the sewing room.  TODAY I hope to get in there and make Mum's birthday present.

Lately, mornings have been 'bad' for me.  I don't know why... I wake up feeling like I've not even had a sleep, my back is killing me and all I really want to do is crawl back into bed.  I wish I knew why?

I've been like this before, and spoken to our new Doctor about it, but lovely as she is, she didn't have any answers.

I usually just put it down to my weight and crap diet.  But it can't be that simple surely?  Or is it?

Damned if I know.  Grrrrr.

So, another sluggish start to the day... feel like crap.  But have to move.  Got to get kids to school and kindy eh? 

Oh ya.  Bring on the afternoon... by then I feel human again.


Question:   Is it inevitable, when you have a large family, for kids to get jealous of each other's relationships with the parents?
Cos bugger me, do we have that in spades in this family!
I reckon that is the root cause of all our family drama.  JEALOUSY.

And OMG I am so over it.

Three kids live in Hamilton.  And only ONE of them bothers to pop in now and then.  The other two?  Nah.  Won't come out for whatever reason unless invited, and even then sometimes they choose not to visit.

What is wrong with them?  We may have some weekends when ONE FAMILY actually can't come out due to conflict between the parties, but hey!  That is NOT every weekend!

I am here on my own most days, and would LOVE visitors.  But no.  

I'm not going to apologise for when Steve and Bex are here, or how much Steve does for us.  He chooses to be here, YOU don't.
He chooses to help us with stuff around our home, YOU don't.
He chooses to do random acts of kindness, YOU don't.

I had written a whole shit load more, but deleted it.  Just no point.  NO matter what I say... everything is my fault of course.  *sigh*

Moving on.

CHOOSING HAPPINESS... as much as possible.

I shall now go and do something constructive...  instead of venting!

Oh before I forget... NO... Lacy is not in jail!  Someone suggested that in a comment the other day, because I'd not mentioned her lately!
She's up north helping a friend put a new kitchen in a house. Then she's moving to Tauranga I think.  Certainly NOT in jail.




THAT WOULD JUST PLEASE SOME PEOPLE NO END, and I'm not going to give anyone the satisfaction ... SO I WILL STAY, even though I know I have hateful stalkers, who only read to find fault and snoop on my life and what we are up to.  


I have to pick up Keera shortly... better go.

Lunchtime.  I'm having some chicken nibbles.  Protein. No carbs.

One victory for the day.  The Kindgergarten  sent me an invoice for the past couple of weeks attendance.  They charged me for 6 extra days over the school holidays, when Keera was not there.

So I talked to the office lady about it just now.

She was really annoyed with me for questioning it?  So I left it in her hands to have a look at it and get back to me.

She just got back to me on the phone.  I am no longer having to pay for 6 days Keera wasn't there.  BOOM.  Sorted.

RESULT!  .......

ABOVE:  Kelly came out to visit this morning.  BOOM.  Having a bitch works sometimes.

Though, it was weird she felt the need to yak to me while I had a shower!  I felt rather... EXPOSED.  lol
It was fine, she's my daughter after all.  *smiles*

Grrrr. Don't you just hate it when the font size won't do what ya want?  I can't be arsed trying to fix it.  Deal. 

I got Mum's birthday present done!  It's 9.29 pm and it took me about 4.5 hours cutting out/sewing to do it.  I will show you tomorrow.
I'm happy with it.

Time to sign off.  Hoping for a better day tomorrow.  I need to switch off more and not let stuff build up in my head till I explode!


  1. I always phone the surgery and pick up a print out of my results so that I can compare them to old ones and also to understand better what's happening. That's how I found out I was pre-diabetic, the doctor didn't tell me! By changing my diet I am no longer pre-diabetic as my HbA1c sits in the normal range. I know you are very resistant to hearing about low carb eating but if you ever get time and would like to know more I can absolutely recommend - It has every thing you could ever want to know on there about losing weight and managing/curing diabetes. There are many case studies of people who have become healthy after being very sick with diabetes. It's not a fad website, it's written and run by Doctors.

    You know I don't say this to you often but I read your blog and it's hard watching you struggle with your health. I'll leave it there but please go and really read and absorb the information on Diet Doctor, it could be life changing for you.

    1. Anonymous1:54 PM

      Excellent advice - Diet Doctor is excellent for Diabetics.

  2. Anonymous8:40 AM

    In Rotorua we ring and get all results of tests from the clinic nurses - the doctor only rings if something is bad so maybe that is how all practices outside Auckland operate. I agree it takes some getting used to if things have been done differently but different strokes for different folk! Audrey

  3. Have you considered going for a sleep study test ? After 30+ years Hubby finally went for one, I knew that he stopped breathing often but had been doing that since he was 18. He was the second worse that had been seen at the clinic, stopping breathing 148 times an hour ! Every time he stopped breathing he changed position in bed so it was no wonder he woke up tired. Cpap machines aren't cheap but better than the alternative

  4. My Dr has 'Manage My Health' is an app on your phone or website and you login to your accounts to see all your results and ordr presciptions etc. Ask if your dr has, if not suggest they get it.

  5. YES - a lot of families suffer jealousy. The other day apparently Stu's niece was going on about how his parents always come and stay with us and not the other brother in Auckland. Um, no they don't.. haven't for over a year. And there's a reason they wouldn't stay with the other brother anyway as their house is a tip!! My family (siblings) have fallen out dreadfully over the years and now only a few of us keep in contact with each other. Families huh? It's definitely not your problem if they are jealous.

  6. Anonymous11:06 AM really, sometimes I would actually prefer my life not be mentioned so much on my mum's blog lol but I will not stop her putting up what she wants about me lol
    Xxx love from the Jail Bird lol

    1. Seen yourself mentioned on the blog lately? Nope, bugger all. I'm not going there as much, cos of the drama it causes. Hell, there is drama and shit without mentioning anyone half the friggin time. So why not vent sometimes... others do on FACEBOOK all. the. time. I see it. I read it. I get to see just what is being said all the time. And if I don't see it, it gets forwarded to me! So, people really should watch what they say. At least I put it out there. I'm honest. I don't say one thing to ya face and another thing behind ya back. If you are a crazy bitch, I'm gunna tell you! Lacy. YOU. ARE. A. CRAZY. BITCH. But ya know that right?

    2. Anonymous11:44 AM

      No incorrect Ma I'm a Fucken Crazy Head Case.....geeeesh woman get it right lol xx
      Love from the Head Case Jail Bird

  7. Yes, I think there is jealousy in families. I'm in the middle between two brothers--both financially better off than my husband and I; one brother has children and we do not; one brother lives close to my parents, which I would dearly love to do. So, yes, I get jealous. But I try my best not to let my parents see it--my role is to help make their lives better and easier; it's not their job to make me feel better!

  8. I admire you for not letting your parents see it, and caring about their feelings. Shame mine don't do that.

  9. Anonymous2:46 PM

    What happened to pretty Kelly's face? Did she have a reaction to something?

    1. No makeup covering hormonal marks from pregnancy. They will go eventually. She's still beautiful.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Anonymous4:04 PM

      Me (jail bird) and Kelly both have them but mine not so visible anymore, and makeup or not Kelly is still beautiful, her eyes her smile.

    4. Wow... I haven't worn make up for 3 days now and I'm Breaking out as well... haven't had so many people comment on my face though....

  10. Anonymous3:31 PM

    She is very pretty!

  11. Oh gosh. If someone REALLY thought Lacy was in that much trouble, they should have emailed you privately to let you know they are thinking of you and hoping all is well. Nosy britches.

    Get your TSH tested if it hasn't been already - does the cold bother you? You may have hypothyroidism like me. Hugs to you and your gorgeous family - all of them. :)

    1. Anonymous4:06 PM

      Hay happy elffy person, thanks for that :) from the Jail Bird :)

    2. So funny Lacy, you have a good sense of humour.

    3. Anonymous9:14 PM

      Hehe got to these days Magpie :) a wise person once told me nothing but gave me a beer and then told me don't have to many lol.....they lied lol.. But yea love jail bird

  12. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Is Kelly having a baby? If so congrats to her and her family and yourself Chris and Stew another wonderful grandchild to be blessed with.

  13. I think you can safely say that whatever you say or do re the time you spend with family, someone's nose will get out of joint or knickers will get in a knot so ignore the drama & do your own thing.


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