Friday, May 05, 2017


Bex sends me this photo of Steve over the phone, and I'm thinking... what's wrong with it? 
It looks a bit weird...

ABOVE:   Yeah... once you up size it ... it's fairly obvious what's 'wrong' with it!   He was mid-shave.  Silly boy.  Bex will be happy, she doesn't like the hairy face look on him.

As I said last night, I got my Mum's birthday present finished, and I'm so happy with it.
Brylee is modelling it for me:

 ABOVE:  My mum loves aprons, wears them at home all the time.  So I decided to make her one that was reversible.

 ABOVE:  I love both sides!  
Cows.  Mum is the eldest of 10 kids who grew up on a dairy farm, and the girls used to get called 'Brown's Cows'.... their surname was Brown.
So I went with that 'theme' for the apron.

What do you think of it?  Nice... or no?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ARCHER.  He is 2 today.  All the best darling, see you on Sunday.

Now.  Today.  Pick up my prescriptions!  I totally forgot yesterday.  Whoops, that meant no pills last night.  I'm sure one day won't matter.

I also need to post a present off to Australia for Russell's little girl Sienna.  She is turning 6 on the 7th of May.  The present no doubt won't get there in time.. but I didn't have an address to send it to till very recently.

Man there's so many birthdays to remember and 'get' for.  Serve me right for breeding so prolifically! 

Time to go.... catch ya later.


11 am:  I've had a successful morning in town.  Got all my things done, picked up my prescription and just got home.
I was going to ask for the 'results' of my blood test while at the Doctors, but they were so busy with clients I decided not to bother.
As someone said, if there was a problem they would call me in surely.

Now... I am going to take a chill pill and just relax for a little while.

Then I have to re-attach some of the photos on the photo boards. They ain't stuck down enough and keep coming off.  Annoying.

Remember those lovely water beads on my dining table?  Yeah.  Just tipped them in the rubbish.  They were growing mould...  GROSS!

Pretty or not... out they went.

Question:  If ya go pee, then right away ya feel like ya need to go again... ALL. THE. TIME.  Do ya have a problem?  Doing my head in, just a little bit.

Am about to have lunch... Weight Watchers Chicken and Mushroom Fettuccine... hope it's nice.   

ABOVE:  Doesn't look like much... didn't taste like much either.  Not a huge let down, but close.
And I'm still hungry.

ABOVE:  The neighbour's little dog.  Isn't friendly, never wags it's tail at me.  Looks at me with disdain I reckon.
Howls and barks and yaps all morning when they are out at school/work.
I don't like this dog at all.  The feeling is mutual by the look of it!

11.45 pm:   end of the day.  It's been a good day, I got heaps of washing done, but not much else really.  OH... I did get the photos stuck down better on the boards too.  Hopefully they stay stuck now.
Off to bed shortly.


  1. Gorgeous , I love the apron, probably my favourite thing you have made, it's just fantastic,

  2. The apron is gorgeous Chris. Did you have a pattern? Your mum will love it.

    1. Yes I did have a pattern, but really it's so easy to make you really don't need one. I made the whole thing reversible, which wasn't part of the pattern. But a nice touch I felt.

    2. OH I should add, the little pocket on the bib (one side) and the cow applique on the bib (other side) were my additions.

  3. Love the apron, you Mum will be so thrilled 😀

  4. The apron is great and it seem like the perfect gift for your mum.

  5. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Love the apron!

  6. That's very groovy. You clever sausage.

  7. Happy birthday my baby boy xx

  8. Bladder or yeast infection drink heaps of water.

    1. And then she laughed and laughed and laughed.... WATER!!!!!!

    2. Love the apron. Can I just back up the suggestion that it could be a UTI or bladder infection? That is a common symptom, even if it doesn't hurt!

    3. It probably IS a bladder infection actually (or your diabetes playing up). If it continues get it checked.

      And, although you already know it, the worst thing for it is Diet Coke (runs and hides!). It actually dehydrates, so you may be doing more damage. Maybe some lemon water? I know the struggle, though. I am supposed to be drinking 15 - 2 litres of water each day and I struggle to get a litre in! Horrible!! makes my belly burbly and can act as a laxative for me :P Who needs that??? Good luck!! xxx

  9. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the apron!!!! Gorgeous <3

  10. Love the apron! Gorgeous and very special.

  11. Love the apron! Happy Birthday Archer!

  12. Maybe that dog is just jealous of how loved your dog is and it has company all they time whereas the neighbours dog is lonely :-)

  13. I've had the "need to pee" thing a few times and it's never been an infection. Sometimes you can get an overactive bladder - it gets irritated and keeps sending the message to pee. Always get it checked out though and if it's not an infection, there are other drugs they can give you.

    The lunch looks awful and no wonder you were hungry after! While I don't agree with Jenny Craig (I did it twice in my life and the weight came back faster than a speeding bullet) their meals taste a heck of a lot better than that WW crap!!

  14. If it not chooks it's bloody yappin dogs

  15. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Hi when you are sticking to a diet you pee a lot more as the fat is converted to water, also if you have uncontrolled diabetes you pee a lot also..


    1. My diabetes is under control. My diet is too actually! So I'm thinking a mild urinary tract infection perhaps. If it gets any worse I shall go to the dr. *smiles*

  16. Lovely Apron. Happy 2 Birthday Archer, have a great time celebrating the occasion. Take care.


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