Sunday, May 07, 2017


Today we are off to Auckland, to spend the day with Steve, Bex and the boys.

To have a birthday lunch for Archer, who turned 2 on Friday.  It was lovely to be invited to visit!

We shall be heading off shortly. I'm excited.
I've missed Sylvia Park and The Ribbon Rose!
Time for a good wander around them shops!

ABOVE:  New sneakers.  The Warehouse has a fairly limited number of sneakers for kids, but we did manage to find two pair for Keera yesterday.  So cheap too, which is great considering how quickly kids outgrow shoes.

She professed to dislike these ones at the shop, but now?  Loves them.  Typical girl.

ABOVE: Proud Grandma moment.  Keera can write her own name.  The 'K' needs work lol.

On our way home after a lovely visit up in Auckland. I will update after dinner.

 ABOVE:  The first indication we were nearly there... the Bombay garden fields, where so much of Auckland's vegetables are grown.

 ABOVE:  Then the motorway... shit we haven't missed the motorways!  Crazy drivers, ducking and diving, taking crazy risks to get one car ahead!

ABOVE:  Fellow travellers, only their trip is one way sadly.  But then, we quite like lamb chops!

 ABOVE:  Planning ahead, I got each kid a colouring in book... so they were kept happily occupied.
I had an alterior motive... we left Keera with them after lunch and went shopping without her tagging along.
She had a lovely time playing with her cousins.

 ABOVE:  Archer having fun stamping his mum's leg.. then his Dad's.  

 ABOVE:  Archer playing with his Birthday present... remote control cars are a dime a dozen now days!  So it hardly matters if it dies after a few weeks... and that's likely considering how rough a two year old boy can be.

 ABOVE:  Poser.  Very cute kid, love him to bits.
After lunch, and our shopping trip, out came a whole bunch of Nerf Guns!  And did we have some fun!

 ABOVE:  After an hour of shooting each other, the house was littered with nerf bullets! 

ABOVE:  Before we arrived, a blogger friend of mine (Mel) dropped a bunch of WW and recipe books off for me!  How kind was that?  Thanks Mel, I shall enjoy having a good read, and getting ideas for healthy meals.

We left Auckland fairly late, and didn't get home till 6 pm. 
It was nice to get away from home and just enjoy our day.

Now winding down... signing off for the day.
I have a couple of photos 'saved' for tomorrow... Bex made me something AMAZING for winter, and I will show you ... tomorrow.  *smiles*


  1. Wow well done keera.

  2. Go Keera!!!! Marty is on route to Auckland to help look after his Dad for a few days whilst his Mum is in hospital.

  3. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Ok those sneakers well um yea a bit strange but yea lol, and yea shit my little Mini Me so proud of you right now xx

  4. Well done Keera on writing your own name ... and I love your new shoes! I hope you all had a lovely time in Auckland today celebrating Archer's birthday.

  5. Hope u have had a fantastic day in Auckland well done keera writing your own name

  6. Oh I love those sneakers Keera, and well done on writing your name. happy Birthday to Archer. Hope you all had a fantastic day.

  7. Glad you had a great day and happy birthday to the gorgeous Archer

  8. Funky sneakers and well done on the writing Keera. I have my sons first ever written shopping list laminated in my wallet. Looks like a lovely day had by all.

  9. The boys are so cute!! Great sneakers for Keera and well done on her name writing!! Our boys bought nerf guns at Xmas and had a wonderful time, I think the 60 yr old had more fun that the 27 and the 25 year olds!! great book collection.

  10. Ahh that's a patient mom letting him stamp her like that lol

  11. Every once in a while, you post a picture of blue eyes that makes my jaw drop. That photo of Dante is one of them. Does Deon have them, too? I can not believe a human can have eyes as blue as your family!


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