Wednesday, May 31, 2017


I'm going to be on tender hooks today, until I hear from my Mum early this evening.  They should arrive back in Coffs Harbour, Australia around 7.30 pm (our time).    I hope the trip goes well for them, and Mum doesn't allow herself to get too wound up... as per usual.

Once the kids are at school/kindy, I shall decide what to do.
Last night Brylee moved totally into the 'spare bedroom'... which shall now no longer be called that.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Brylee's new room.  She has slightly less room as her new bed is much bigger than the one she was in.

But, she likes her new room.

ABOVE:  The soon to be 'working room'... where I will have my sewing table, cutting out table and ironing area set up.  The bed has to be dismantled and stored somewhere.  We have no idea where yet!  This house is full!

If I have the energy, I will do some sorting in here today.

Cute story:

Yesterday, we noticed Keera's other front, bottom tooth was wriggly at lunchtime.  
On our way home from Auckland, nature called, so I stopped at the bathrooms in Huntly.

Keera and I were in there doing out thing, and I noticed her tooth was gone!
I asked her where it was, did she eat it with her lunch?
She said no.
So next (of course) ... I asked her where it was?
And she did this:

ABOVE:  She pointed downwards and said "It's in my shoe Grandma!"
And it was ... she took off her shoe and fished around and found it. 
I was gobsmacked.  Fancy thinking of putting it in her shoe for safe keeping!  
She's a bloody clever wee girl.

Needless to say, the Tooth Fairy visited over night, much to her delight.  

ABOVE:  She's gorgeous!  And amazingly, her first adult tooth has already popped up.  Don't kids grow up fast!


When I woke up this morning, I was about to jump out of bed and make Mum and Ron their breakfast... till I remembered they were no longer here!
So I fell asleep again.  And the same bloody thing happened when I woke again... I immediately thought I had to get up and tend to them.

Clearly they have been foremost on my mind for a while now.  I wonder how long it will take for that feeling to go?

Since taking the kids to school/kindy, I've been pottering in the sewing rooms.  Sorting them out so they are finally done... and they are now.

 ABOVE: So, this is now the sewing 'storage' room.  And Keera's room.  And once she leaves, it will be a room where we can put air beds down on the floor for visitors if necessary.
So, a multi-purpose room.

ABOVE:  My new work room... where all the sewing will get done.
It's looking very stark right now as I've not put anything on the walls yet. 
I do have a shit load of 'stuff' to put on the walls, but I need to get something on the walls first, to pin things on.

We saw some hessian? covered panels at Mitre 10 the other day that might just be perfect for that job.

 ABOVE:  Now that I have two wardrobes to store my stuff in, they are not cluttered and jammed to the gunnels.  I love it!  So much room... room to spare in fact.

It's so quiet here !  I'm listening to some of my favourite music on my laptop... Skin by Rag'n'Bone Man, Heavy by Linkin Park, I'm The One by Justin Bieber and a few others, Good Life by G-Easy & Kehlani to mention a few.  There's some neat music out right now.

After picking up Keera, we both had lunch then I totally ran out of power... and faded in front of the TV.  Not surprising really, I feel like I've been on the go for weeks!

Well, not really... but certainly working on a high stress level before and after Mum's 80th Birthday.

So relieved I can relax and unwind now.

I took on board what Dee said about protecting my fabrics from the sun, AND Lynda's comment about Keera's space.  More on that tomorrow.

I'm now spending a quiet evening doing NOTHING I hope!  *smiles*

Well... I have done nothing!  Trouble is it's actually tiring doing nothing.  Time for bed.


  1. Aww Keera, so cute - and very clever 😍

  2. Beautiful little girl. Brylee's new room looks great, too.

  3. The rooms look great but the fabric in the cube units that are next to Keeras bed are at risk of fading. I had cupboards that had doors on them that I thought I kept closed but obviously not enough as there faded patches on when I pulled them out to use

    1. OOOOh thanks for that Dee... I will move them asap! No way do I want faded patches!

  4. Bunnings in Australia have acoustic panels that Hubby wants to use when I get my design wall up. They are like thick rigid felt boards and come in various sizes. They could be an option for you.

    1. Acoustic panels... hmmmm ... I will investigate and see if we can get them here. Thanks!

  5. I know that Keera's room is temporary but I really feel like she is literally sleeping in a store room! Is there any way you could (while Keera uses the room) give her half the room? Make half all for her? Perhaps put the cabinets like a room divider or something? Just a thought - maybe put more in the other room for now while Keera is using that room?

    Other than that I love that the kids are happy with their rooms. Hopefully our Mum gets back home safe and sound - she will love being home again I'm sure :)

    1. Anonymous3:34 PM

      WOW - opinionated/rude much

    2. Anonymous4:30 PM

      Didn't read any rudeness in that comment from Lynda ... was merely a suggestion.
      Jump to conclusions/guilty much...Anon @ 3.34pm?

    3. Lynda wasn't trying to be rude Anon, she was stating her opinion. Lynda and I have known each other for 10+ years, I know she always means well.

    4. Lynda is a good kind person who always has Chris's best interest at heart, I don't know Lynda but if you read her blog you will see what a caring person she is .

    5. I certainly wasn't trying to be rude, it was just an observation - I know how clever Chris is at arranging furniture and I just wondered if there was another way? Perhaps turn the units that have the fabric away from the sun and made a division in the room? I don't know, it's hard when I'm not there but I just think it would be cute if Keera could have her own little area. No offence Chris :)

    6. I know what Lynda means and she comments everyday with thoughtful and caring comments! xxx
      What about a folding screen to go over the exposed material?

    7. Anonymous6:41 AM

      Listen she was rude, on her soap box again, as usual. Anon 3.34 was also giving her opinion. Anon 3.34 wasn't rude.

    8. Anonymous2:11 PM

      Anon 3.34 and 6.41am you both need to stop. There is no need for nasty comments Chris and Lynda are friends and if you've been reading for a while you'll know that they accept each other's opinions even if they differ from their own. Lynda was only trying to be helpful with her suggestion and as it turns out Chris loved it. Your life must be really sad if all you've got to do is troll and be nasty. I pray you'll get the help you need. I know you love the attention that's why you're so mean and I didn't want to feed you however really want you to see what you are doing is unnecessary.

  6. You are so motivated chic. I'm still shifting crap from one place to another have been for 2 yrs and here u r moving half the house in a few days. I wish I had u closer so u could rub some of the declutter inspiration onto me. Love Wat you have done to your work rooms

  7. Keera is so bloody cute!!!! Hope your Mum & Ron make it home safely. New work space is looking Fab!!!

  8. Keera cuteness as her space will be fine and colourful..... All that fabric I'm not surprised your beat your blog at times makes me tired just reading it!!! Tomorrow TRY AND REST....


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