Tuesday, May 09, 2017


Oh yaaaa.... I'm off to get my hair done today.
It's been FOUR MONTHS since I had it coloured last.
I kept putting it off. But now with the party coming up in a few days, I want it to look nice.

I hope the hairdresser gets it as nice as my last colour!  I really loved it.

I have a very early appointment too... 8.30!  So it will be a bit of a rush to get the kids to school and then get to my appointment on time.

But as it's a very small town, we don't have traffic jams, and I don't have far to go either.

I love this little town!

After my hair appointment, I shall come home and print off the last of the photos I need for the photo boards.  Just a couple of our newest family member, young Joyce.  *smiles*

Then I do believe I shall relax for a little while before thinking of what to do next.
There is always something to do next... sewing or fluffing around the house. 

ABOVE:  I had to laugh last night when getting out all the drink options for the patchwork ladies!  All that stuff, and Stew and I don't drink any of it!  And I see we need more teabags!  Wonder where they all went?  Someone must have drunk them while we weren't looking.  lol

Right... I better go!  Have to get out of here on time today.


WHY WHY WHY?  I run around like a mad thing getting out the door so I'm in time for my hair appointment... and I am.  I get there at 8.25 am.  I sit outside the door in the freezing cold... and wait.  And wait.  Get so cold I go and sit in the car, keeping a watch on the salon door.  At 8.55 a woman turns up and opens the door, so I go in... and say "Hello, I had an appointment with S**** at 8.30, where is she?"

To which the woman replies "Oh, she's away sick, we can't do your hair today.  She might be back by Friday, perhaps she can do your hair then.  I will get her to give you a call to arrange something."

WHAT THE FUCK?  I am at a loss for words (doesn't happen often),  I tell her I'm really not happy and leave.  

I'm livid... fuming inside.   I get home and start ringing around salons.  I now have an appointment in Hamilton on Thursday morning.

It means I have to get a sitter for Keera, and luckily Kelly can come out and look after her for me.  What a relief.  I just HAVE to get my hair done before Sunday's party!

Right, off to do some housework, fluffing around...

2.00 pm:  I went to do some printing out of photos and captions for the photo boards... and bugger it!  Ran out of ink.
So I went into Hamilton, got ink cartridges, more paper, and a few other bits 'n' bobs.
Also got a pair of 'jeans' to wear on Sunday from K & K, and an incredibly plain black top to wear with the new scarf.

Now that I'm home, I've had lunch and am watching some mindless TV for a little while, before getting dinner sorted.

Tonight we are having lamb chops and veges.

9.30 pm:  The last couple of hours I've been printing off captions for the photo boards.  NOT something I'd planned on doing, but me Mum mentioned captions... so now I'd doing bloody captions!
I have almost got ONE board done.  OMG these photo boards have been a mission and a half!!!

Time to stop and watch 'The Missing'.
Signing off.  


  1. Wow Thats really bad business with the hairdresser !

    We drink tea and coffee and dont have that much variety in our house.

    1. Yep, incredibly poor business. I shan't be going there again, which is a shame as I really liked how S**** did my hair too. I just can't get over how inconsiderate they were, apparently S**** had been sick yesterday too... so it's not like they didn't know she wouldn't be in to work today. So pissed off!

  2. That is shocking service can understand u being livered I would have been too

  3. That is terribly unprofessional of the hairdresser. Don't they care about customer service? Would it have killed them to pick up the phone and let you know? Don't go back and let them know why. You won't be the only client they lose, with that slack attitude. I'm glad you were able to get another appointment somewhere else in time for the party.

  4. That is totally unacceptable, they should have at the very least texted you and I fail to see how they could not fit you in, they could have started it at your 8.30 appointment time instead of rocking up almost 30 minutes later. Assuming it was not the salon owner who was there this morning I suggest you write or call & complain to her about the service and lack of communication - it is alway more frustrating when you were wanting it done for an occasion too.

  5. Maria2:00 PM

    Hair dresser thing is really bad. But I'm wondering if they had your contact details to let you know?

    1. They certainly did have my contact details, the woman in the salon read out my phone numbers to check they were right.

  6. Tardy service really irks me too. Glad you getting last minute things checked off no stress even if it's not your usual colour it hairdresser just having your hair always feels great fingers crossed.

    1. And* (inserted appropriately) *done

  7. That is certainly annoying. Hope you get your hair done soon.

  8. The scarf is so pretty.
    Your family is certainly talented!

  9. I've had that happen to me with a salon before and it's frustrating as heck. What gets me is if the tables were turned, and you didn't show up, they would expect the same consideration you did. A FREAKING PHONE CALL!

  10. Oh I would be livid!


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