Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Now that my Mum's party is over, I feel so much less stressed out!
I didn't realise just how stressed out I was over it, all the things that had to fall into place at the last minute, all the guests I had invited, and hoped turned up!

It's all behind me now... and I can finally relax.

Today, I'm going to drop the kids at school/kindy, then come home and do some sewing... some housework... some fluffing around the house and just take my time doing whatever I want.

There is nothing on the horizon now till our 30th Wedding Anniversary in June. 

Since Stew and I overhauled our diet last week, I've already started to feel much better!  I can't believe how quickly it's happened.  I was feeling really ill every day, and now?  Starting to feel like I've got energy again! How cool is that!

Isn't it a wonderful day already!

I'm going to enjoy it.


1.35 pm:  Nice morning.  Did some housework, then went into Cambridge and walked around the shops for an hour.  Exercise while window shopping... rather enjoyable.

Then I picked up Keera and came home for our lunch.  
I had my 'main' meal at lunchtime today.  Pork spare ribs and a lettuce salad.  Very yum.

The family will have the same tonight, but with some potatoes too.

I'm planning on doing some sewing now... while watching the rain come down.  It is fair persisting down!

I cooked too many wedges for dinner, so rather than allow Stew to help himself to them, thus blowing his diet, I just threw them in the bin!
First time for everything.  lol

Poor Stew.  While I'm already feeling much better for the change in out diet, he's not.  He's tired all the time.  Just as well we are taking a few days off next month, just the two of us.
Can't wait!


  1. Have a truly wonderful day and many many more to follow

  2. Hope you have a brilliant day x

  3. I'm glad you are starting to feel better. Don't worry too much about counting WW points while eating low carb - you will still lose weight while eating a higher fat diet if your carbohydrates are low. It's neat to just feel positive again!

  4. Glad you are feeling better! I need to do that too!

  5. good on you for making some positive lifestyle changes! xxx

  6. I am glad you are already feeling much better, what sort of things are you eating for meals?

    You worked damn hard on that party it is no wonder you were stressed, it was by the sounds of it, a roaring success :-)

    1. Just 'normal' meals, but without the carbs. And NO sugars. And of course, smaller portions. Making better choices is all it's about.

    2. Well that sounds doable :-)

  7. Oh yay back to sewing that happy place for you.... I'm a firm believer it's sugar that's the worst culprit..,

    1. Well it certainly is if you are a diabetic! And carbs convert to sugars too... so best to cut down/avoid them all.

  8. Well done mum for throwing out excess food


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