Friday, May 26, 2017


Much to my mother's disgust, she is going to be ensconced on the couch today, tucked up with a warm, snuggly electric throw.

Ron and I are going to fuss over her and make sure she does not over exert herself.

All going well after a couple of days like that she will be up to making plans for going home to Australia.

I will also be doing some sorting out in the sewing rooms... though as I've decided I do need shelves in the wardrobes, there is only so much I can get done until they are up.

Steve and Bex are coming down on Queen's Birthday weekend, as Bex's brother is getting married, so Steve can do the shelving then.

So... it's going to be a really quiet day I hope!

I gave my Mum strict instructions as she went to bed last night NOT to have any shenanigans in the morning! No repeats of Tuesday morning that's for bloody sure! I never want that to happen again.


So far so good!  Nice quiet morning.  Fed and watered both of them as often as possible!
Mum's been very good... just sitting and chatting, eating her lunch , but not the crusts!  Naughty girl.  lol

I've got their flights arranged, thanks to our son-in-law Andrew.  All going well they will be flying out on Wednesday morning.
Tuesday will be spent in Auckland visiting her sisters.

This afternoon I am going to get some more sorting done in the sewing room.. and that's about all for now.  I'm feeling rather jaded.  

I'm so relieved it's friday!  Stew can help me with entertaining these two oldies.  I'm at saturation point!  

Very quiet today ... I'm happy I've not pissed anyone off today!  lol 

Having some seriously good laughs tonight, courtesy of Steve's dick!  I'll tell you about that tomorrow!

Time to sign off for the day... I am so tired I don't think I will be up much longer. My cold is still hanging on... the sinuses are still causing horrid headaches.  EVERYONE in the house has it now, which is a bugger.


  1. Glad your Mum is on the mend but please take care of yourself as well.

  2. Good news mum is home.

  3. Haha!! Glad no one was pissed off! Hope you manged to get into the sewing room.

  4. Good to hear that your mum is home and planning her trip home

  5. 😅😂😂😂 bloody Steve hahaha

  6. Hope your mum makes a speedy recovering xxx

  7. Good to hear Mom is behaving. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. So pleased your mum is behaving will take everybody a few days to settle and recover.....


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