Thursday, May 18, 2017


I was reading a girl's blog last night, and saw a photo on it that I just had to steal!

ABOVE:  this was the sign outside a Women's rest room, in Toronto, Canada.
Can you IMAGINE someone using it here?
No, nor can I.
I can hear it now:

Sexist!  Rude!  Offensive!   Insulting! Objectifying women!  And so on.

So, while I think it's rather clever, and funny... I'm no doubt in the minority.  Political correctness is nuts in this country.  You have to watch what you say and do all the time, in case you offend someone.

It is hard I can tell you!  I have to bite my tongue so bloody often.  *sigh*

I'm going into Hamilton this morning.  I need a new strap for my Fitbit.  One half of the strap keeps falling off... so I better get a new one.  I'm hoping I can get a blue one of course, but I don't know if they supply blue ones?

Right... time to get moving.


Lucky me!  I got the last Large Fitbit strap in the shop... and they only had black.  So black it was.  AND... it was not $49.95 as advertised, I got it for $36.  SCORE!

I went out to The Base and did a couple of little jobs there, then popped into Amanda's for morning tea.  That was nice.

I got home in time to pick Keera up from Kindy. Lunchtime now... then some down time doing whatever takes me fancy.

Nothing took my fancy!  I watched some mindless TV and thought about 'stuff'.

And I kinda got really crabby!  'Stuff' went around and around in my head, and much as I didn't want to over think shit.. it happens.
But I have to learn to move on.

It's getting freakin' cold!  I've got out my electric throw!  It's like an electric blanket, but  you snuggle under it in your lounge chair.  I love it.  It has rained non stop all day... leaves are falling all over the place, it looks messy outside!  WINTER.  Kinda bliss cos I don't overheat as much, kinda shitty cos I don't like being cold either!  

Another quiet evening planned here.


  1. Someone in my family who shall remain nameless is chronically politically incorrect and struggles not yo out his foot in it.

  2. LOL.....this old(ish) woman is not offended at all. I agree that it is clever and funny.

  3. I love the sign
    . It's cute

  4. I love the sign
    . It's cute

  5. I think that the sign is rather funny too but I know a lot of people wouldnt.
    My fit bit died this week, I actually do miss it but a new one will have to wait

  6. I think the sign is very clever and cute I for one would not find it offensive. But agree Chris this country spends way to much time piddling around making sure it's correct instead of if its right and while worrying about that the big wigs are pulling the wool over or eyes and wheeling and dealing with the important stufff we have no say in until it's way to late

  7. I love the sign, I reckon it is brilliant although I am sure the perpetually offended would get upset :-)

  8. You can buy a variety of straps for your fit bit on Amazon or eBay if they ship to your country. That's where I get all mine from and they're cheap too!

  9. Shit I'm NOT PC I say it how I see it .... Fitbit strap yes mine busted too....

  10. Thanks for posting the picture I took of the bathroom door ... surprisingly it was on the door at a Chinese restaurant. I would have expected it at a pub or something.

    I thought it was funny. And I've seen worse :)


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