Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Today Mum takes the first step towards heading home to Australia.
I'm taking her and Ron up to Auckland this morning, and if her sister is up to a visit, we shall be visiting her in hospital. (her sister had a stroke the day after Mum had her heart attack)

We won't know if we can visit her until we've talked to her husband and checked if it's likely to upset her too much.
No way do we want either Mum or her sister to get upset.

Because I don't want to be worried about getting back in time to pick Keera up from Kindy, I'm taking her with us.  She will enjoy the day trip I'm sure.

Mum and Ron are booked into a motel close to the airport, so once we've done whatever we need to in Auckland, I shall drop them off and come home.

And breathe again!  *smiles*

After all the drama and upset over the past week, I'm going to get home and just CHILL OUT!
I don't have to cook dinner for at least two nights, as we have masses of left overs from the past two night's dinners.  Excellent.  I love left overs lol.

So, I better get moving, get everyone some breakfast before we pack the car and head off.


*sigh*... we are not leaving till midday now.  Mum and Ron are both feeling awful with their colds having gone onto their chests.
So... we certainly won't be visiting Mum's sister in Middlemore hospital, we will be going straight to the Motel once in Auckland.

Then they can just relax till they are picked up by the airport shuttle tomorrow morning.

Mum must feel like this has been the holiday from hell!  Though I do know she had a fantastic birthday... so that's a small consolation I suppose.

I'm now going to take Keera to Kindy for the morning.

Oh... I'm still feeling like utter shit with the cold too... but oh well, never mind.  I can look after myself ... tomorrow. *smiles*

5.55 pm:  We got away at 12.30 pm, and had a smooth, uneventful trip up to Auckland.  We had lunch at the mall, then I dropped Mum and Ron off at their motel and Keera and I headed home again.

The entire trip took 5 hours, which was great.  We missed the rush hour traffic in Auckland, and, as we skirted Hamilton, we didn't get much of their's either.

It was a HUGE relief to get Mum settled into the Motel I can tell you.  I was so concerned something would go wrong again!  They are all sorted for transport to the airport tomorrow morning, and Mum has assistance already organised at the airports, so I don't need to worry about her not managing.

I think I can relax now!  

Signing off early, as there's a few things I want to get done tonight before I can enjoy tomorrow.  IN PEACE.  lol.

P.S.  I really love this giraffe picture! 
It totally reflects how I feel.


  1. Safe trip. I know how stressful your last few weeks have been chick u deserve a rest

  2. Drive safely & take your time.

  3. If they are not feeling a lot better they may not be allowed to fly :-(.

    1. I know... but they are now out of bed and have perked up a bit. Endless cups of tea.... and now yakking their heads off!

  4. Safe travels to you all.
    Hope Mum and Ron are well enough to fly. xx

  5. O Chris, I am so very sorry about your Mom and her heart. Thank goodness you have it under control. Hope you will be taking care of yourself some!

  6. Glad it all went smoothly and they are settled in the motel. Have a good evening

  7. Glad you are home safely - now bloody well rest for a bit 😁

  8. Glad the day went well and everyone arrived and you guys got home again.... Rest Relax Recover.

  9. Good to hear all went well. Time to catch your breath and relax.

  10. Yeah! I hope she has an easy trip home.


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