Sunday, May 21, 2017


So I think I know why my eyes were so bad last night... streaming and stinging for hours.


I wore foundation on Friday night, have not worn that shit EVER... and while I did wash it off after the party, obviously some must have still been on me face.  
And OMG did it irritate my eyes!

Next time I use it I must be way, way more careful not to get any near me or in me eyes!

My eyes are still pissed off and sore, but a lot better than last night.

Today I'm making a tentative start on moving a few things around, starting with linen and wardrobe stuff.

This is my plan :

ABOVE:  at the moment I am using the bedroom right at the front of the house as my sewing room.  It's not big enough.  I can hardly swing a cat in there.

So, my plan is to put Griffin in that room, put Brylee in the 'spare' bedroom, and I take over the two bedrooms that Brylee and Griffin are in right now.

My plan is to take most of the wall down between the two rooms and have a much bigger sewing room.
But have the 'gap' in such a way that I can put some bi-folds or a concertina door there in the future if necessary.

When we have visitors, they can use the Lounge as a bedroom, as we already do when Steve and Bex come to visit.

I will just have to get the wooden screen out and use that for privacy when there's visitors in the lounge... cos it doesn't have a door.
(Steve and Bex don't care, but others might).

I will be making an area in the new 'sewing room' for Keera, until she moves on next year.
So, I won't have it quite how I want it for a while, but I will still have more room.

And Griffin will be able to set his new room up in such a way that he doesn't have to keep his blind drawn all friggin day cos his room's too bright!  He lives in a boy cave ... seriously!
The front bedroom does not get much direct sunlight, so it's perfect for him.

Right... off to make a start on stuff...


Well... after talking to Steve, we probably won't be taking the wall down between the two 'sewing' rooms.  I can just walk between the two, one will be for working in, and one will be for storing everything in.

I've made a good start...

 ABOVE:  Packing up the sewing room... I haven't even OPENED the wardrobe door yet!

 ABOVE:  All the linen in the spare bedroom wardrobe has been re-shuffled and is now in the actual linen cupboard in the hallway!  
Some of the excess has found new places to reside.
It's slowly coming together.

ABOVE :  This is the biggest hold up!  He moves at a snail's pace!  I could throttle him.

Well.... after working solidly for about 5 hours, we got all the sewing stuff into one of the bedrooms I will be using, and Griffin was ensconced in his new room.

He loves it!  I knew he would.  Mother knows best.

Brylee is brassed off that she didn't get into her new room today too.  We did manage to get all her wardrobe stuff moved over to her new room.  So, it's a start.

We have a bit more work to do before she can move across the hallway fully though.

AND we need the spare bedroom for when my Mum and Ron get back from their travels.
They will be staying here for a few days sometime this week.

Keera is happy in her new abode too, once I get the room sorted out, she will have lots more room too.

ABOVE:  For now ... she's sleeping in a bomb site!  I can't even start to sort it out until I have shelving in the wardrobes.  
I am hoping Steve can come down and do them for me next weekend.

ABOVE:  That was my lounge at midday today!  Full of Griffin's stuff.
He did a good job of getting it all in his new bedroom, he even put the bed back together on his own.
I hope he did it right, or we might hear a crash in the middle of the night!  Nah, I'm sure he's done it right.

ABOVE:  While I was busy doing the room changing, Stew was busy outside.  He had to put a running wooden board along a part of the dog fence, low down, as Coco had worked out how to wriggle under it and escape!
Then he finished off this corner of the front garden.  He got the sleepers over half price as they were split in places.  You can't even see the splits!  SCORE.

We had Amanda, Andrew and the kids out for dinner tonight.  It was lovely.  NOISY, but nice.
I made a chicken/onion/mushroom risotto.  It went down well too.
I had chicken soup.  

I took photos... OF COURSE!  But will post them tomorrow... cos there's enough on today's post!

Our visitors have left, Keera is asleep, and the big kids will be off to bed shortly too... then it will be relax and do NOTHING time.
I'm bloody exhausted.  


  1. You are so motivated Chris I wish I had a little bit of the motivation. I gt rid of a couple of China cabinet this week and the up heval that has cause is exploding my head.

  2. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Bit selfish makings rhe kids move rooms and already planning kicking poor Keera out. She needs a stable little life. I know it's your house and all but.... way to make the kids feel nnot important.

    1. I knew when I read the blog this morning that some Anonymous troll would have a go - you are so predictable!

    2. Anonymous doesn't know nothing.

    3. Anonymous6:36 PM

      Mind your own business Anon. You have no idea what goes on in other people's lives so stop being so judgmental. As I say in my home, the one I've paid for: it's my house and I'll do what I bloody well like and if ya don't like it, LEAVE.

    4. Anonymous7:05 AM

      Anon. My very words.

    5. Anonymous7:06 AM

      The first Anon.....well put.

  3. Is that Griffin? He looks older, taller, and thinner, all of a sudden.

    1. Yes that is Griffin. He's shot up in the past couple of years, he's almost as tall as Stew now... and doesn't he know it. He 'tucks' me under his arm for photos, the little shit! *smiles* He's a lovely, lovely boy.

  4. Awesome job mum with the house! Im feel so inspired! We are working on the garage in our place, its going to be awesome! Love you Mum <3 XO

  5. I can't wear foundation for the same reason. It doesn't matter how careful I am it gets in my eyes. Shane you can't knock the wall out but you'll make it wok.

  6. was thinking about your eyes and your foundation.... did it have sunscreen in it? It was probably sunscreen that bothered you so much?? x

  7. Wow Griffin is getting so much taller the changes make sense and of course only you know what works best and Anon Chris and Stew do put the kids first they are after all raising their daughters children.... And it's the best outcome for all...

  8. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Looks like you have way too much time on your hands Chris. Get yourself a job love.
    Sue Parks, Essex, UK


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