Monday, May 29, 2017


Mum and Ron want to go for a wander around the shops in Cambridge this morning.
While I'm not thrilled at the notion, I know that Mum does need to slowly get back into walking for her health, so that's what we are going to do.

She has said she will pace herself, and sit down if/when necessary, so it should be ok.

Before that, it's the normal routine, getting the kids off to school and kindy, getting some housework done and so on.

I went out in the garden the other day, it's so sad seeing how the frosts have affected some of the plants.  Some succulents had died off (bugger!) and my oregano plant is completely DEAD!

 ABOVE:  I do love how the leaves are turning though, this tree is gorgeous.

 ABOVE: I have no idea what sort of plant this is, but it's been frost burnt, yet looks like it's going to have flowers!
It will be interesting to see what eventuates with it.

 ABOVE:  In the meantime, all the plants we put in 10 months ago are growing like weeds!  I'm thrilled with how the gardens are filling out.

ABOVE:  Kelly gave these gorgeous orchids to Mum yesterday... they are so pretty.  There's some glitter on them too.

Right, that's all for now... catch ya later.


So we get down town... have a little wander around.
Then there's these two women and one man walking ahead of us...and I'm thinking... they look damn familiar. So I yell out "Oi!"... and they turn around and it's my Mum's two sisters, Eyhel and Joyce and Ethel's husband Frank.

They had come down for lunch with us, only Ron had forgotten to tell me.

So we go back home and I end up making chicken sandwiches for everyone... and copious cups of tea and coffee.

I am slowly getting more exhausted by the day. We have friends of Mum's from Rotorua coming for dinner tonight too. 

AND I'm going to weigh in at WW tonight too...I want to get back to my usual meeting. As I weighed in just on Saturday I'm not expecting a loss.

WOW!   I lost 1.5 kilos since Saturday.  No idea how that happened.  Maybe it was all the running around after people for the past few days?  No matter, I will take it!

Our dinner guests have just left, it was really good to see them and visit with them properly.  Mum and Ron enjoyed spending time with them, Judy was my Mum's housekeeper for 18 years when my parents lived in Atiamuri.  Lots of stories shared tonight.  Lovely.

Now... relax till bedtime.  Tired.  Bone tired.  
Tomorrow I take them to Auckland, then when I get home it will be time to get back to normal.


  1. Oh Chris, you are going to need a holiday after your Mum goes home. You know the saying "who takes care of the carer". Please take care of yourself..

  2. Stop running around after everyone, people who are popping in to visit and are staying for meals can 1) contribute to the meal & 2) help clean up afterwards - it is just good manner (said she who probably didn't clean up after herself or bring any food contribution last time she visited). If you keep this up you will end up sick too.

  3. Agree to the above when everyone goes take a day or 2 to de stress unwind can the 2 bigger kids go for sleepovers ? And Keera maybe to an Aunty and you and Stew have some down time before queens birthday rolls around... Oh heck that's this week well after that then lol... Even a spa day?

    1. Love this idea Sharon! Aunty and Uncle are in Hamilton and are happy to help however needed.

  4. Your doing great mum! And Im sure grandma is loving all her visits as well as her rests in between XO Don't forget to take a little time out and look after you and dad tho X Love you Mum.

  5. Sounds like your Mom is make great progress. Hope everyone feels better soon. Take care.

  6. Glad your mom is doing better!


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