Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Griffin in feeling sick with a cough and cold, so he's staying home today.
It's cross country running at his school today, so obviously he's not keen to do that while feeling sick.

Normally Keera would be at kindy till lunchtime today, but she's staying home with Griffin so I can go up to the hospital first thing this morning.

Ron spent last night with one of his daughters, who lives about an hour away from here.  Once he gets back here this morning, we will both go up to the hospital to be with Mum.

Once she is seen by the specialist, I am hoping she can come home.  But we won't know until he's been and seen her.  And goodness knows when that will happen... but most likely sometime this morning.

I'm a bit nervous about leaving Keera with Griffin, but I'm hoping it's a good 'experience' for Griffin, and he does well looking after his little sister.  All he has to do is turn the TV on, keep an eye on her,  feed her and maybe get her to bed after her lunch.  Sounds easy eh? *smiles*

Right, I better get a move on.  Only Brylee to get off to school today, so not such a rush.  


3.55 pm:  Today  has gone well.  Griffin has done an excellent job looking after Keera. So relieved.
Tomorrow Kindy have said they can have her all day, so one less worry for tomorrow.

Mum.  Is doing well.   She had a mild heart attack yesterday morning.
The cardiologist saw her this morning and has put her on a new medication to bring her heart rate down and under control.
All going well, she might be discharged from hospital tomorrow!

But as for her flying home to Australia, that is totally up in the air right now.  We will have to take advice from the doctor on when she is safe to fly.

ABOVE:  they are such a cute little couple!  12 years together, and he still fusses over her like she's precious.  ♥  So very happy they have each other.

Ron and I are taking a break at home right now, just relaxing for a little while, before heading back up to visit with her till bedtime.  Did I mention Ron isn't well either?  He's got a nasty cold, so have I and Brylee. 

Nearly half of everyone we run into has a freakin' cold!  Waikato Hospital is full to capacity... they have even cancelled all non essential surgery for the time being.  Bloody winter!

8.38 pm:  Well Ron and I spent a couple of hours with Mum this evening, she was so much brighter!  Making conversation and happier.  Such a relief.
I'm sure they will let her out tomorrow.

My cold is finally abating, my sinuses are not so sore, thank goodness. I'm totally over the constant headache and sore throat.

Time to sign off for the night... some mindless tv and nothing else to follow.


  1. I hope your Mum is feeling heaps better today. Hopefully Griffin will be fine on Keera duty and I am sure she will love the one on one time with her big brother 😀

  2. It's been in the news today that Waikato Hospital is full to overflowing! Surgery cancelled etc so I'm sure if they can let your mum out, they will. Good luck today - and I'm sure Griffin will be just fine with Keera :)

  3. Thank goodness you have updated Chris I was getting really worried, thinking the worst.
    At least you mum is in good hands and you are close by to support her and Ron.
    Wishing her all the best

  4. I tell you what, Chris...that mum has your don't mess with me look! She will be up and up them in no time!

  5. Well done Griffin. Glad to hear your mum is doing well Chris and may be home tomorrow. Remember to look after yourself as well.

  6. So glad your Mum is getting the care she needs. Hope you all start to feel better soon. Julie

  7. Anonymous5:42 PM

    So you go to the hospital and visit a ward that is full of elderly people with a cold? Not very bright are you.

    1. Dipshit. My Mum has a cold, the lady next to her has a cold, almost every other person in the hospital has a cold. Get over yourself youl know it all.

    2. It's sad when you can have a really good guess at who this idiot Anon is, hey Chris?

  8. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Sorry to hear about your Mum! Hope she is feeling better soon & hope all of you do so. Bloody colds.

    Anonymous - how do you know the ward Chris's mum is on is full of elderly people? I'm sure Chris is washing her hands & keeping her germs at bay & the nursing staff would have told her if it wasn't OK to visit. Didn't your Mum ever teach you that if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all?? Kindness doesn't cost a cent.

  9. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Sorry to hear about your mum Chris, wishing her a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself too. Glad Griffin did a good job, he's a fine boy and I'm sure he loved the responsibility.
    Anon if you could just back off and give Chris a break. Obviously you just want to stir because if you knew anything from reading Chris's blog she puts everyone ahead of herself and I'm sure the wellness of her mum and the people around her would be important to her. Just stop your crap and go and seek some sort of therapy because it is obvious from your behaviour something is not right with you. I wish you all the best and I hope you can turn your attitude around and enjoy life.

  10. Sorry about your Mum Chris, but I'm sure she will be back up on her feet in no time. I can understand how stressed out you must be. I didn't really put this out there, but last year my Mum had a heart attack, ended up having stent surgery down at Wellington hospital. Think she was home after about 10 days in hospital and back to work a couple of weeks later. Will be thinking of you xox

  11. Hope your mum makes a speedy recovery and can come home soon.

  12. Wishing your Mum a speedy recovery Chris, hope too you all get over your colds soon.

  13. Make sure you look after yourself as well, otherwise you will end up sicker. Same with Ron, he needs to look after himself too.

  14. That's great news te your mum. Well done on sister minding duties. Geese your mum has that don't mess with me look....

  15. Wishing your Mum a speedy recovery. Great to hear she was looking brighter tonight. I hope those with colds in your household are feeling better soon too x

  16. Glad she is feeling better!


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