Saturday, May 06, 2017


I was reading a blog yesterday, Sue's  actually, and was inspired to get out in my garden and take photos.

Her blog post is full of amazing photos!

Mine.. not so much.
But yesterday I tried.

 ABOVE:  We still have strawberries!

 ABOVE:  I love how my succulents are coming along... I am hoping that they have had a chance to acclimatise and therefore WON'T die in the first frost! 

 ABOVE:  I love this little corner.  That succulent was only a tiny little twig 9 months ago!

 ABOVE:  This tree is AMAZING!  I find it so structural and funky.  Who else thinks it looks like some sort of dinosaur? (head on right, tail on left)

ABOVE:  Just love my rocks.

 ABOVE:  This garden is going to be a sea of blue once that spreading plant has it's blue spikey flowers.

 ABOVE:  Another gorgeous rock.

 ABOVE:  A Tui over the fence, in my neighbour's garden.  I think she puts out sugared water for them.  I must ask her, cos I can do that too.

 ABOVE:  Get ready for more like this!

ABOVE:  This is that cool tree's foliage... such soft and curly leaves.

ABOVE:  Winter fruit coming along... ONE tangelo!  lol.... and the start of those blue spikey flowers.  

 ABOVE:  Can you spot the ants?  (left photo)

 ABOVE:  Bees!  Bees!  It was neat to catch them buzzing around.  In my neighbour's garden!  I am going to get me some of those flowers, they are so cool.

ABOVE:  I just love my rusty bits 'n' bobs.  And I made the blue pot, way back in my potting days.

And that's all I got!  My garden doesn't have that much interesting stuff in it really.  It's a bit to structured.  But, it's kinda what we like.

Today?  Dunno.  Washing, some housework... get the family to do a couple of odd jobs around here.
There is ONE job I've love done... but I know Stew won't want to do it, so I have been hesitating asking him.  Might do it today though.

Back later.


DANG!   I now have to take back every unkind word and thought I had about our Medical Clinic!  Our Doctor has been away on holiday.  She must have reviewed my test results cos I got a text from her this morning.
Seems my diabetes is kinda out of control in a big way.
She wants to see me asap.  

And THAT would explain why I've been feeling so ill every day!  Shit now I'm a bit bothered. 

I feel really bad for thinking they were a shit clinic!  My bad.

That job I wanted Stew to do?  Changed me mind.  Female prerogative.  Instead, we are going down the road to get Keera some winter sneakers. Like ... now. 


Soooo... in keeping with the 'garden' theme of today's post:

ABOVE:  Today is World Naked Gardening Day?  Stew brought that to my attention.  So, well... I decided to take a special photo for you all!

ABOVE:  I give you my naked gardener!  His 'modesty' was covered in the front I can assure you!  Taped fabric on... duct tape even!  lol

So the yard looks gorgeous again, there's something about a freshly mown lawn eh?
Stew DID put his clothes back on ... of course!  Can't have the neighbours getting an eyeful.  

The evening has been lovely and quiet... Coronation Street is on, so I'm happy.  Stew is watching rugby, so he's even happier.

Signing off for the day.  


  1. Wow! Your garden is fantastic! And you know the names of all the plants! We have the same plant as the succulent in your favorite corner. It lives all day in the hot Caribbean sun.

    I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and visiting my blog! You're #1!

  2. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Amazing photo of a tui - one of the best I have ever seen. You have captured all its beautiful colours so well. We have a pair of tuis in the garden but they never stay still long enough to get a photo this good - will perhaps try the sugared water. Audrey, Rotorua

  3. Anonymous11:21 AM

    The garden is beautiful! Love how it thrives under your green thumb. Hope you're feeling better soon! Take some time to rest ;)
    Cheers ~Nicole in CA

  4. Please at least go and read this:

    There is a way to get diabetes under control and you'll also lose weight. Up to you I suppose but personally health is too valuable to ignore something this important.

    Your garden looks amazing !!

  5. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Have you not been given instructions on the correct way to eat when you have diabetes? If you have been, why don't you follow them?

    1. Who made you my judge? What I do or don't do, it's my choice and nothing to do with you. Just as you choose to make that comment on an open blog, I also choose to reply. EVERYONE ELSE who feels the need to reply.. IT'S NOT NECESSARY.

    2. Anonymous3:21 PM

      Lynda is absolutely correct regarding diet doctor - i am also diabetic and this way of eating is live saving - why dont you give it a try?

  6. Haha you are too frighin funny I love the nakey photo! Ya noodles 😀 Your garden had heaps interesting things it's a treasure trove. Me I'm sunbathing in me 👙 Lol

  7. That's nearly naked😱

  8. Go Stew👍 Why is there not a photo of you Chris 😄 And assume Steve is not down this weekend because I am sure that is an opportunity he would not want to miss haha.

    1. Me naked? Never going to happen. Steve.. well yes, he definitely would have been there in the nud.

  9. Anonymous4:08 PM

    I keep my own blood sugar monitor gizmo at home with extra strips and lancets. It's really easy to test your own blood sugar as often as you want to, not very painful at all, and a great way to take charge. When I feel like crap at least I can test my blood sugar easily to see what's up. I bought all my stuff through Amazon.

    1. Stew has one... I use it rarely cos I really don't like to prick myself! I'm a massive sook.

  10. Way to go stew! What a good guy!

  11. Love the photos especially the last one haha, what a brave man you are!! Glad he had his private parts duck taped while using secatours!!!! Hopefully that's what they are called

  12. Oh well done Chris, just take photos of everything!! Love that Tui, and of course the naked hubby, mine would never do that!! Catch up soon now that the school holidays are done and my toes aren't as broken!!!

  13. awesome photo of the bee mm away from the flower, and hilarious photo of Stew snipping plants like he's used to getting out like that every day of the week.

  14. How brave is your hubby!!! Mine would never do that!!! I had a laugh over Naked Gardener Day. Your garden looks wonderful, is so good to see things growing and changing, love the bees photos and it took a while but I did see the ants, great close up!! Love the photos on Sues's blog.

  15. hahahahah! Good onya Stew!!

  16. Great garden pics and lmao on the naked gardening day!


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