Thursday, May 25, 2017


Today should go something like this:

Take the kids to school and Kindy, then home.

Ron will then follow me into Hamilton in their hire car, and we will return said car.

They won't be needing it anymore, as I can take them here and there after today.

All going well we will then head off to the Hospital to see Mum, and if the specialist gives her the all clear, we can take her home.

Mum is really stressing out about travelling back home to Australia.  Sydney airport stresses her out, due to it being so big, with very long walks between check in - departure lounge - terminals etc.  

Ron and I keep telling her that she can be wheeled in a freakin' wheelchair if necessary, but she's still stressing out about it.  Silly girl.

I'm hoping that once she is sprung from hospital, she comes back here and just chills out for at least a few days!  The last thing she needs is to be rushing around trying to get home too soon.

I can't tell you how worrying this has been!  One minute she was just fine, a bit tired, but 'normal', ya know?

Then having a bloody heart attack right in front of my eyes!  I'll tell you this, it WASN'T like all the adverts show you it will 'look' like.
I think one person's heart attack can be quite different from the next person's.

My Mum just went all floppy, changed colour and could hardly breathe, and said it felt like she had an elephant sitting on her chest.  Then she had a weird feeling creeping up from her chest to her chin that felt like pins and needles, and sort of numb too?

So... no sharp pains in her chest or arms like you are told to look for/expect.

It's been very educational, if nothing else.

Well... enough of that... I'm hoping today is a good day for everyone, and Mum gets to come home.


2.45 pm:  home from the hospital, just taking a break before going back to ... pick up Mum all going well.  She's not too keen on coming out, but as the Dr said, her heart is stable and there's no reason for her to stay in there.

She's just worried that it will happen again... she's a worrier.  Natural I suppose.

Ron and I are exhausted!  From doing nothing!  It's so tiring sitting in a hospital room on uncomfortable chairs, just sitting there talking.  
I'd much rather be doing something physical any day. Or sewing.  Let's not forget the sewing.  *smiles*

I've got a thumping headache so will bugger off and self medicate.

She's home... safe and sound.  Dinner is done, some birthday cake has been consumed and soon I have no doubt they (the olds) will head off to bed.  It's been a nerve wracking, tiring three days!

So glad she's home again.  Now we can start the process of getting her home to Australia safely.


  1. Ohhhh, bless you all. YES, ladies have heart attacks often quite differently from men. I'm so glad she is getting help tho.

  2. Holy crap! Poor mom! Have to catch up about her having the heart attack. Hope she is doing ok now.

  3. I know that was very scary for everyone. In the airport here they have motorized carts with a driver. They take you and members of your party right up to the gate where you then get prioritized boarding. Then at your destination another cart is waiting at the gate to take you to baggage claim and then out to transportation loading area. I am sure similar is available.

  4. Chris I have heard wonderful things at how helpful airlines are to travellers. Just need to alert them. Am sure she has no need to worry

  5. I'm glad your Mum has no fixed travel plans because she can come and relax at your place for awhile. By the way, Google "heart attack signs in women" and the symptoms are entirely different to that of men or what you would expect. Many women don't realise they are having a heart attack because of this. If you notify the airline in advance, I am sure they will have some form of transport for your mother ie, wheelchair, motorised cart etc. Maybe if you find this out for her in advance, she won't stress so much :)

    1. That's exactly right Lynda, I watched a documentary about it very recently.

  6. So glad your mom is OK!


  7. When you book your return ticket, you can request assistance (by phone, not on the web, I think). Tell them the situation and they can have a courtesy buggy transport her between gates, or have a wheelchair ready for her. She's right, Sydney is large. Between International and Domestic though there is bus services etc so she'll be fine. But mention her concerns when booking and ask for assistance. Love and hugs to mum xxx

  8. I just met a friend in Costa Rica. She has Nueropathy in her feet and walking through the airport did her feet in. An airline employee noticed this and allowed her to board early AND ordered a wheel chair upon her arrival in Costa Rica. She was so embarrassed about the wheel chair that she cried! Silly Girl. But in the end she was incredibly happy that she did it. They even wheeled her right through customs with no wait! I had to stand in the customs line for almost an hour (we were not traveling together). The quick customs thing alone made the wheelchair worth while. Also - they know where to go, and grab your luggage, and just make it all so much easier. She should absolutely request one when she goes home. I must have missed your blog for a few days, I read the entire situation in reverse order. I am glad she is doing so well!

  9. Last time I came to NZ Chris I came with an elderly friend, we were allowed on first, and they booked us a wheel chair for the other end...but as others have said ask when booking in, most airlines will do all they can to help. Having the wheelchair was a bonus, we got through everthing so quickly. My friend also has a walking stick, that helped a lot too.

  10. Anything to do with the heart is scary, I hope she comes back right soon! Love you Mum XO

  11. I am so sorry to hear about your Mum Chris, wat a stressful,time for you all. I hope she feels well again soon, and doesn't worry too much about travelling back home, a wheel chair is the best option for her, it's just the idea of it because it is new to her.

  12. Hi thinking of you all. Hope mum continues to improve. Take care of yourself x

  13. Anonymous7:34 PM


    I hope your mother will be feeling better soon. Has she had any previous heart issues ? I know what you mean about sitting at the mother was in there for two weeks before she went back to her nursing home and I sat there endlessly and I spent the past 18 months at the home many hours as they are so lonely 2 hours in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. As they get older they have so many hospital visits my brother and I spent hours there and in the emergency room....terrible the waiting...everything seems to take a long time.


  14. So pleased to read your mum is on the improve she no doubt might sleep better hospitals are noisy at night I reckon.... Take care of yourself too xx

  15. You might want to consider seeing if she can fly into Newcastle airport before changing planes. It's a small airport. Send me a message on FB if you want me to look into0 it.

  16. Sorry to hear about you Mom. Glad to hear she is on the mend. Catching up on the blog seems like the party was a wonderful success. Take care.

  17. Hope your Mother is OK, sounds like she needs to be monitored. As far as flying, my Mother In Law always requests weelchair assistance, they really take good care of her then. Plus they usually take her to the front of all the lines!

  18. glad your Mum is out of hospital! Take Care.....


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