Saturday, May 27, 2017


Last night Steve was being silly and said he was going to dip his 'dick' in Bex's cuppa tea.
She said 'Go on then'... so the idiot did!

The tea was HOT, and he got burnt!  


I now can't get visions of his dick cooling off in the kitchen sink out of my mind.  

And Bex said "Mmmmm, dick tea!"

I won't tell you what my Mum said/asked him!  It was too rude.

But 'stiff' and 'limp' were a couple of words she uttered.  

She may be 80, but she is still rather real... and funny!

Needless to say, he won't be doing that again in a hurry I'm sure. 

Today we are going to take a careful trip into Hamilton so Mum and Ron can finalise their trip back to Australia, which is booked in for next Wednesday.  Mum only has to walk a few steps into the travel agency, and the bank next door. 
Let's see how she goes.


Up first thing and off to Hamilton to weigh in at Weight Watchers.  I'd not had a chance during the week.  I expected a huge gain as I've not been eating well all week... so was happy to see only a .300 gram gain.
I know it can catch up with me during the coming week, so I shall have to be careful between now and next weigh in.

It's a dull, miserable day out there, but not too cold.  
Hoping to get Mum into Hamilton in the next couple of hours, then straight back home... unless she wants to have some lunch at the mall.  We will see...

We have been into Hamilton and sorted out the olds travel plans, then we came home as Mum was tired after just that little outing.
She's now sitting relaxing again, after a nice lunch here at home.

Soon Stew is going to pop out and get some timber, for shelving in the wardrobes in my new sewing room.


Stew has done some of my shelves! All going well he might finish the rest tomorrow.  One less job for Steve, he will be pleased.  *smiles*

We are now going to enjoy a quiet evening, Mum is resting like she has been told to.  A bit of stress this afternoon that she certainly didn't need, but I'm doing my very best to protect my MUM from stress and follow doctor's orders.  End of story.

Signing off now... time to relax and calm down .


  1. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Irene Barnes, streatham vale, London, uk

    Jacqui Cleary, no stick up my arse, Tauranga, nz

  3. Steve. rod
    Sharnee Hays, no plum in my mouth....or tea, Melbourne Australia.

  4. It is Memorial day weekend here in the U.S.,the kickoff to summer. There will be cookouts and picnics. I was happy to see Steve helping with his wienie roast.

  5. What a funny post today! You always do call Steve a "dick" om your blog. Usually, when he is clowning around for photos. He shall not live this one down any day soon. Too funny! Glad he didn't need to go to the doctor or anything! By the way.... Did you get any photos of the ordeal? haha!

    1. Good grief NO! Bex didn't take photos, and I am very thankful.

  6. Anonymous3:10 PM

    New challenge for Steve. Put some tabasco or reaper chilli sauce on it lol

    1. My husband did that once (didn't wash hands after cutting chillies), the sight of him crouched over a bowl of cold water dipping his bits in it still makes me laugh some 20 years later 😀

    2. No matter what, Steve... don't do that! Anon is egging you on to do something totally stupid.

  7. Wonder how Steve would have explained that to A+E if medical treatment was called for. I'm guess it will be uncomfortable for a few days. Bex may need to be using fabric softener in his washing for a few days too ouch

  8. Oh dear lord that's a story or visual we are never gonna forget in a hurry.... Hope things stay settled for next few days for ALL OF you.

  9. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Steve is a jerk and so immature. Even his children have more sense than to do that. Good grief Steve, you are supposed to be a role model to your kids. Grow up for once.
    Linda Allen.

  10. Crikey Linda, take a look under the sofa. I think that may be where your sense of humour has gone.
    Chris, thanks for a good laugh! I thought it was only my family who did stoopid things like this ...

  11. Oh dear! The visions I'm having of a dick in a cup of tea are hilarious. Steve seems such a loveable idiot. I can imagine my first husband doing that when he was happy and silly. Steve is awesome. Those anon posters are just big dicks!

    so glad your mum was with you when this happened. You would have been so worried.


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