Thursday, June 01, 2017


My Mum rang me the moment she got home last night... they had an excellent trip home.  No trouble, and they had assistance the whole time.  What a relief!  She didn't sound too stressed at all either.

They will both be going to the Doctor today.  Her to update the Dr on what happened over here, and to organise the next step for her.  And him because he hasn't had a cold for many, many years, and he's feeling awful!

Well, after a couple of good suggestions yesterday, I've killed two birds with one stone.

I've moved things in the Sewing Store room/Keera's room...

 ABOVE: I've moved the fabric cubbies so the sun does not shine directly on them, and put Keera's bed on the other side.

ABOVE:  Now Miss Muppet really has her own space, and she's thrilled to bits with it.  I was going to put her bedside drawers beside the bed, but she wants that area as her 'secret hiding space'... so we will go with the flow.  It's her space after all.

Maybe a soft cushion there would be nice.  Let's see what I can find.  *smiles*

Today, well I've got a SKY technician coming around 10 am to get a SKY cable into my sewing work room... and I'm also expecting my Uncle Richard from Tauranga.  He's returning some stuff we left at the hall where Mum's party was.
Not that I remember leaving anything!

After that I'm going down to Mitre 10 to suss out something for my sewing room walls.


1.20 pm:  The morning went totally to plan ... visitors arrived, had a coffee and then left,  SKY guy arrived and installed new cable into my sewing room, then I went and got a big Hessian board for the sewing room wall.

I had to crawl home with it on the car roof... as it was quite flexible and flapped around if I went over 20 kms an hour!  I will probably get another one in a week or two.

It's a stunning day today... so I've got masses of washing hanging outside.  I don't know if it will actually dry though, it's not very warm out there.   But at least it's out and not sitting in the baskets.

Rather happy tonight. We got the sewing room set up, I shall show you tomorrow.
Watching Coronation Street now... then off to bed.


  1. Great news that everyone is home safe and sound.

    Cute little bedroom for Keera.


  2. That's what I was talking about Chris - well done separating it that way!! (Hopefully stuff won't topple off or over in an earthquake... is it fairly stable? That plastic bin looks pretty heavy.) I love that she has her own little space... very cute.

    1. It is very stable, and I've already moved the plastic box and put some lightweight cardboard boxes in it's place. One thing at a time! Still moving stuff, sorting stuff... it' a process. *smiles*

    2. Haha... when do you ever stop sorting stuff! I was thinking too that you could put something pretty on the backs of those units on Keera's side - I know you'll think of something :)

  3. I can't remembet if it's called soft board or hard board, but if you put flannel fabric over it and staple it the back, you get a great design wall where smaller blocks cling to without pins. Also works well when you use cotton batting, just depends what is cheaper :)

  4. I love Keera's own special area...its so nice to make her feel so special.

  5. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Lovely space for Keera and she looks so happy and proud of her room. Maybe a bean bag in her secret hiding spot and going with Lynda's suggestion what about a felt board so she can make pictures and scenery on the back of the divider shelves.

  6. Glad mum etc arrived home safe. Love keera secret space.

  7. Keera looks well proud of her own little space. Well done

  8. Good to hear your Mum got home ok. Keera looks so happy in her new space.

  9. Too cute!! What little kid wouldn't love their own wee hiddy space 😊

  10. Keeras face says it all what about a princess mosquito mesh thingy that attaches to ceiling,. So pleased to hear your mum arrived home safely. You would make a wonderful home organiser I reckon as a business!

  11. Glad your Mum got home safely, such a relief for you.

    Keera is so cute, love the hiding place idea, I could do with one of those :-)

  12. Keera looks pleased with her new room!
    i love seeing such happy faces!

  13. Good to hear they arrived safe and sound. Keera's room looks great.

  14. Love your beautiful sewing room - totally love that big window with the natural light! That Miss Keera is just the sweetest bit and her space is adorable. I love the wall hanging. So glad your folks got home safe .


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