Thursday, January 31, 2013


The kids are finding out the hard way that playing on their skateboards can be a bit .... risky, EVEN WITH PROTECTIVE GEAR ON!
Griffin came off his a couple of days ago and got some nice scrapes which have been rather sore.... and last night his leg was starting to really bother me too...

ABOVE:  I'm keeping an eye on the redness... but as we are going to the Dr's this afternoon so Griffin can have his 11 yr old immunisations, I don't think I need to take him sooner.  Unless it gets a track heading up into his groin!  THEN I'd be moving pretty fast to the Dr's.

This morning... both dogs are off to the groomers... then after lunch I'm picking up uniform shorts for Griffin... THEN we go to the Dr.

Hopefully somewhere in between the uniform shop and the Dr in the afternoon I will be picking up the dogs.

You can expect a photo or two of them... *smiles*

Right... gotta go do something... like get back into bed and have a sleep in!


Good news, Griffin's leg is looking a bit better, there is no more spread of the inflamed area.  As we will be at the Dr's later on I can get them to look at it to make sure it's ok.

Almost time to take the dogs to the groomers... fun..  NOT.  They get all hyper the second they see their leads... thank goodness I have Brylee and Griffin to help today.

ABOVE: The dogs BEFORE their grooming...

ABOVE:  And after.  Both very tired. They BOTH pee'd on the groomer's floor!  Naughty buggers.
At least they will be a bit more comfortable with short coats.

ABOVE: Griffin getting his needle... the little shit didn't even flinch.  His leg was checked by the Doctor too... and she said I'd done everything right... she was impressed that I'd marked around the redness, but as I pointed out.. I've had a 'few' kids and kinda knew what I was doing.  lol
A FEW... yep.  We got a prescription for some anitbiotic cream just in case we needed it too.

It's an absolute scorcher of a day out there... I'm not tempted in the least to lie in the sun and get a tan anymore!  Too damn hot.

WHOOPS! I almost forgot...
End of Day:  Got quite a few things done today.  Tomorrow I will need to go through Brylee and Griffin's school uniform stuff and make sure everything fits and name them.  I also want to sort out their 'normal' clothes ... and get out of their drawers what no longer fits them and take it down to the Hospice Shop.
nite nite


  1. That's what we call "road rash" and it stingzzzzz!

  2. Anonymous8:48 AM

    OUCH!!! ♥

  3. Punjab Technical University College8:57 AM

    Please take Griffin to the doctors immediately. Looks like he may need antibiotics for that nasty rash.

  4. scrapes and grazes hurt like buggery, and then on hot nights the sheets rub on them and irritate them more, you can get a spary on protectant it is the coolest stuff spray on wet dries like a plaster barrier amazing....

  5. That looks painful. Hope Griffin is okay!

  6. Wow! It is 3.40pm and I have just realised that I hadn't checked your blog yet today! That is a shock for me! LOL
    Glad Griffin's scraps are looking better but always good to them checked out especially when you are already heading to the Drs. Hope the Dr's appointment went ok.
    Hope the dogs had fun at the groomers and it wasn't to much of a mission to get them there :)

  7. I wish my pooches had a groomer! They don't enjoy bath time at all!

  8. I have been going through Guy's clothing etc recently as he's growing like a week and it's time to think about getting his winter "wardrobe" sorted. I added a few new purchases yesterday (all at 50% off!) and it's all going to Corby in due course, so. must. keep. everything!!

  9. Owie!! Glad his leg is getting better! Dogs look so nice and white!

  10. Poor Griff. I hope he's feeling well and you-all have a good weekend. Good you don't have to trot off to Keera's bio dad's place.


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