Sunday, January 20, 2013


Right, here's some fun for today:

 ABOVE:  OK.... how about you give us a 'caption' for this photo of Dante.  He was just fed... and chillin out.  Steve likes "Oh, so you didn't know?"... what can you come up with?

ABOVE:  he was really grumpy yesterday.... his poor bottom was suffering in this heat... and he WILL poop every single nappy!  So, we are trying a few things to see what will work for him and keep him comfy.  
I'm hoping it's nice enough later on (not too hot) to 'air' his bum in the sun for a while.

I'm sitting in the lounge last night and Steve and Bex are on the couch, already planning baby #2.  Apparently it is going to be a girl.... !

They are both nuts.  I think I heard the words "marriage license' come up too.  Now that would be nice... I'd like MORE of my grandchildren to be 'legitimate' after all.  

At the moment we have 11 Grandchildren, and of them, only two were born to parents that were married to each other! 

I can dream of another wedding... can't I?  *smiles*


NOT impressed with Keera this morning.  She woke three - four times in the night... so I had hardly any sleep at all.  

I'm up now getting her breakfast, and everyone else is still sound asleep.

Looks like it might be a crappy, overcast day, so definitely not a beach day.  *sigh*  Edit:  it's raining.  Heavy mist type rain.  Yaaaaa.  Will be good for the grass if nothing else.

We are expecting a visit from friends of Bex's today, they are coming up from Hamilton, so that will be lovely for Bex.  I am sure she misses all her friends in Hamilton.

IRENA:  Ummmm... fairly personal ... I will just say she has chosen to be estranged.  And she is well as far as we know.  

Stew has just left to take Keera home.  I am so tired I am feeling really crabby!  I sure couldn't do nights with babies for long now.  Must be me age, cos I didn't find it hard at all when I was having all my babes.  

LYNDA:  I got sick of being treated like shit, so you reap what ya sow.  I wasn't feeling NICE when I put that 'word' on the blog.  Maybe I will just delete her from the list, like she has deleted us from her life???  Now there's a thought.

I am at the end of my TOLERANCE for certain situations within the family.  WE are now going to move on and thoroughly ENJOY AND LOVE being parents/grandparents to everyone who lets us!

Hee hee... some good captions coming through!  

Stew, the two kids and I went down to Mission Bay for an ice cream at Movenpik.  Usually it is so busy the queue is out the door and down the street... but today:

 ABOVE: hardly anyone there!  I have to wonder if the new Kiwiyo just down the road has taken some custom off them!  I think that is highly likely.

Next a few photos of Bex and Steve's visitors cooling off in the spa, we have turned it down to 26 degrees Celsius... lovely!

 ABOVE:  Sam... 

 ABOVE: Nicky... she really loved the cool water. She's 28 weeks along, baby due in April.  Poor thing has to carry over the entire summer.

ABOVE:  Nicky again... not sure what that face was about!  I kept kinda hoping she would fall in... it would have been... funny!  And choice blog fodder.  But, I am also happy to say she didn't!  She is no doubt happy about that too.  *smiles*

As soon as Bex comes out of her room, (she's feeding Dante) I will get a photo of her hair.

ABOVE:  Bodhi's hand is now in a splint overnight for the next 3 months to try and stretch the tendons of his bent finger.  If that is not successful he will have a little operation to fix it.  Hopefully that will not be necessary.

Did I mention the sun decided to come out with a vengence?  It's freaking hot now.  Stinking, muggy... HOT.

I got tired of waiting for Bex to come out of her room so I could take a photo of her hair .... so I fell asleep.... for hmmmm... seems about 2 hours!  I missed dinner even.  Oh well... I WAS a bit tired.  lol

ABOVE:  there ya go!  Bex and her new haircut.  Really, all we both got done was a re-colour!  But it still feels great to be pampered for a little while and have someone else do your hair eh?   *smiles*  She got a bit sunburnt today while sitting outside talking with her visitors.  I am going to try and get a little bit of a tan tomorrow cos I have not been in the sun AT ALL!

FEELING GOOD!  Going to go look at the chaos that is my garage again...

End of Day:  well I think I will leave the garage until tomorrow!  Stew has just gone to bed, poor bugger has work in the morning.
As for me, two more weeks with B & G then they go back to school.  I am ready for that to happen!
nite nite.


  1. Caption for Dante's pic....A little sister already, hmmm, do I have anything to say about that?

  2. "this mind control stuff is so simple.....if I just concentrate a bit harder I will have full domination over these big people. Bahahahah" :-)

  3. Anonymous9:12 AM

    "Oh come on Give us kiss.You know I'm Mr.Irresistable"

    Who could resist a little face like that.

    Southgirl xx

  4. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Just me and my star
    Mary H

  5. Irena Penou, Greece9:31 AM

    Chris, why is Amanda estranged? I noticed you had that written on the right hand bar. Hope all is okay.

  6. Oh, you're stll here?

  7. "What you talkin' bout Willis?"

  8. You and me both with the babies and sleepless nights!!! I don't cope at all now :)

    About the "estranged" one.. I don't know the private stuff, none of my business, but would it be more helpful to just put her name and just say "eldest daughter"? Putting estranged will only make things worse because hopefully one day it will change?? Pretty shitty though to have this happen.

  9. Anonymous12:03 PM

    "I really really Love you Mu...... O Sorry just Pooped".

    Hes a little cutie! Love the faces he pulls... is clearly his fathers son!

    Ashlee xx

  10. "Mmm, that's what I'm talking bout! Don't go too far though mum, cause your my favourite person in th world."

  11. Totally agree Chris - you can't waste any happiness on negative people, even if they are family. If something brings you down then yes, focus on the good around you. I just find it astounding that families can be the way they are.

    Recently I heard of a lovely man whose wife had died (22 years ago) and when he remarried all of his children "disowned" him!! He just died of cancer after being nursed by his wife of 20 years. So this man was meant to be "alone" for the last 20 years because it didn't suit his kids? Na, sometimes family can be just wrong.

  12. Re the quote: "Mmm .... there's the paparazzi again. Just you wait until I'm old enough to take photos .... hehehe"

    I hope you manage to catch up on some sleep today.

  13. i think the caption should be "Just Spray And Walk Away"! Dante look full to the brim haha

  14. Oi you with the camera NOT IMPRESSED!!!

    Dante is growing so fast.

    In the estranged department you call it how you see it and that's the facts IT may not make for pretty reading but it's the truth.

  15. Love the pics of Dnate..he is growing fast. We still need to see Bex's hair! And how is Bodhi? Did he have his surgery? Hope all went well.
    Sorry about your daughter..she is missing so much with the babies,her brother visiting,etc...hopefully all will work out.
    get some rest!

  16. How about 'What goes in must come out" ?

    Although he looks like he is about to spray it out of his mouth.

  17. D: Hmm...i smell milk.

  18. 'Hhmm let me just think about it ...for awhile...'

  19. Anonymous8:18 PM

    love the hair mum and bex, glad to see you both so happy.

    kelly H

  20. "Hmmm lovin da boobies..... Bring it on...."

  21. Steve, I hope you buy Bex a ring for Valentine's Day. You both make such a lovely couple and I hope your next baby is a BOY. Then two girls. That makes the room-sharing situation work out better age-wise, right? Oh yeah... :)

    Chris, great post as always! The puppies are so beautiful and have grown out so well.


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