Friday, January 11, 2013


My Mum bought Keera and Dante a 'Bumbo' seat and tray for Christmas.... and I finally got around to buying them, (on my Mum's behalf), and giving them to Lacy and Bex...

ABOVE: Keera loves hers.  They are so handy... Lacy fed Keera her dinner while she sat in her Bumbo... what a nifty wee thing.  I understand you can use them in the bath too.  Obviously, you would never leave a baby unattended in a bath while in the seat... just in case anyone thinks we would!

Today? We are thinking of taking the kids to the movies... at least at the cinema it will be cool.
While it's hot here, it's even hotter in Australia... that country is blistering under a massive heat wave... the poor buggers.

ABOVE:  The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has added dark purple and magenta to it's colour-coded weather forecasting map to represent temperatures of 51 to 54 degrees! Man that is HOT!  

I think I should stop moaning about how hot it is this summer!

Due to lack of interest, today has been cancelled... there's no movie on today that we all want to see.
Stew has to be home around 3 to pick up his car, which is at the garage getting a service.  Something wrong with the brake lining I think?

Whatever... it's another stinking hot day and I really don't feel like doing much.  Maybe later I will perk up a bit...

Well... we ended up going out, had lunch at Sylvia Park, did some retail therapy, which Stew didn't really enjoy but ... oh well... he was a good 'bag boy' if nothing else. *smiles*

I fell asleep this afternoon... so a rather uneventful afternoon!  I hope everyone else was doing something riveting?

Stew cooked dinner, some sort of raviolli and tomato based sauce, with bacon and onion.  YUM.

End of Day:  well thank god it gets cooler in the evenings!  I am so over being hot and sweaty.  My fringe keeps making my forehead all wet... 'tis ikky.
Hoping to get an early night.... feeling really tired... I'm sure it's just the constant heat that is draining one's energy... well that and the odd (read many) chocolates!  Naughty I know.
nite nite


  1. Hot Australia is all over the news.
    Have I already said I wish they made chairs like that my size?
    I like the giant dice too!

  2. Oh Keera looks so cute in her seat!
    Enjoy your day!

  3. Oh my gosh keera is growing into a little girl now what an awesome seat and luv the colour :)
    Yes i agree poor buugas in aussie must be horrific thinkin of them
    Have a good day at the movies :)

  4. Leigh9:02 AM

    When I saw the photos of Keera all I could see was her singing "I would walk 500 miles...." by the Proclaimers!

  5. Oh boy! That is so hot... I can't stand it when its about 27 degrees.. let alone DOUBLE that!! Holy Moly...

    Love those seats.. she looks very cute.

    Have a happy day!

    Kate (444)

  6. Those Bumbo seats are great. The Grandies loved sitting in theirs.
    Enjoy the movies...time out to relax, that has to be good :)
    Yep the heat in Oz has been really high and I'm not looking forward to it at all. Thank goodness for air con :)
    Enjoy your day :)

  7. Keera looks so happy and so so cute :) love that seat...

    Yep, it is slightly hot over here in Oz LOL who I kidding? it's BLOODY hot and today and tomorow it's going to be even hotter... AGAIN :(


    Anne (Sydney) not as hot as some tho

  8. awww love the pics of Keera, how cute is she in that bumbo !!

  9. Gosh Keera is so cute

  10. Anonymous11:50 AM

    my poor hubby is gonna cop it in 45 degree heat out in the middle of nowhere in central Queensland, fixing railway lines! This is the heatwave from hell! WOMBAT

  11. Those bombo seats are great what a nifty idea, yes Australia is hot hot hot!!!

  12. What an adorable little dumpling she is:) Love her hair!

  13. Keera is the cutest. I haven't seen those seats here, but then we haven't had any babies in our family in a good five years. Australia has some blistering heat... Thankful for what I think is a summertime high..can't imagine.

  14. Keera is a teeny thing! We really had to pry Woodjie out of his seat; his butt got stuck! :)


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