Friday, January 04, 2013


Our youngest grandson is growing!  It is almost 3 weeks since he was born!  Wow, those weeks have gone so fast....

 ABOVE:  Stew and Dante...

ABOVE:  me and Dante.

Today I'm going to relax and spend some time with the kids.... hopefully it's a nice day and we can get out the waterslide for them?
It's one that you lie on the ground and run and slide on... it's still in it's box!

Also today, I think the girls and I will have a go at making Cake Pops!  I have everything we need, just have not found the right time to give it a go yet... maybe today will be the day!
I am dreaming of making lots of the little cakes and seeing if I can 'construct' a larger cake with them?

Who knows... worth a try anyway.

Joyce has a nickname finally... Sookie La La!  She can't stand baby poop, baby dribbles, spiders... and no doubt a whole list of other things!
I have given Lacy, Bex and Kelly 'nicknames' too... but they are a bit harder to explain... so I won't 'go' there!  *smiles*

It's going to be a nice day, I just know it... 


It's a stunning day... perfect for getting all the washing done... and for the kids to have some fun.

So... our 'stunning' day has gone to shit.  Cold wind, showers... bla bla bla.
An inside day today... I want to go down to the mall shortly and copy my camera cards to disc... running out of room to take more photos!  DISASTROUS!

FINALLY got all the camera card data copied to discs... now I can relax and take a million more photos!
Feeling tired today, just worn out I think.
We are opting for a 'left overs, or baked beans on toast' dinner tonight!
In the past month we have only had two takeaway dinners I think... so time for a break.

Is anyone else finding it impossible to upload photos today?

Well, I got some photos to upload, but I had to add them to Picasa first... what a pain in the butt... but at least that way I could then upload them to here:

ABOVE:  While we girls were busy MAKING the cake pops, Stew snuck in and nicked some chocolate bits...

 ABOVE: Yes you shit, you better move fast!

ABOVE: Joyce and Bex making the cake pops...

ABOVE: giving them a 'taste test'.... and it's a messy job...

ABOVE:  See?  It's a learning process on how much mixture you need to put in the moulds...

 ABOVE: lots and lots of little cakes!

ABOVE:  Joyce making some icing...

ABOVE: slight 'detour'... had to check our wee man... he's such a little love.

ABOVE:  This lot have been playing on the XBox while we baked.

 ABOVE: Joyce getting creative with icing and sprinkles... see the little cake pops on their sticks?  Too cute.

ABOVE:  yeah, then they tried a tiered cake thingee. 

ABOVE:  I think they got tired of doing each little cake individually!  Here's another tiered cake thingee!
Woooo... we are playing 'Foo' (card game) tonight... Stew is going to 'babysit' Dante so Bex can play.  I love playing card games!
End of Day:  playing cards, had a couple of Bacardi & cokes... happy!
nite nite


  1. I hope today is a great day for you - I am sure it will be a bit quieter!

  2. 3 weeks already! blimmin heck that has flown by, Dante is gorgeous and Bex looks terrific I must say hope you all have a productive day and the sun is out here a little cold but at least it will be lake swimming weather later today.

  3. Great pictures of you and Stew with precious Dante.

  4. Anonymous11:15 AM

    have an awesome day

    donna @ work

  5. Happy New Year to you and your lovely family Chris! xxx

  6. OMG! Haven't read for ages and how bloody cute is he?!? I teach a Dante and he is adorable too!

  7. Oh those cake pops look scrumptious! You girls did a fab job!
    LOL @ Stew pinching some choc bits - a very brave man! :)
    Dante is as gorgeous as usual!

  8. wow now i wantone of those cake pop thingies LOL.. that made my belly growl.

  9. the cake pops look yummo well done girls :)

  10. Go Stew! The chocolate bits are the best! I've snuck a few out of our supplies lately too :)

  11. Looks like you had a lotta fun

  12. Isn't it wonderful to become exhausted with lovely things, like grandchildren and their parents rather than mundane boring jobs that exhaust you like laundry and housework. Family and friends forever

  13. Think you might deserve a drink or too ! Little Dante is just gorgeous and that lovely Bex is looking great. Havent seen Lacy for a while ? Hopefully it is cooler in NZ than Australia - it is 45 degrees today. Martine x

  14. Love the pics! What a lovely baby (and grandma!)

  15. For some reason I can't see any of the pics just a little round circle with a - in the middle of it

  16. I can't view any of the photos at all What am I missing? waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  17. I can't view any of the photos at all What am I missing? waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  18. Anonymous6:35 AM

    For some reason cannot see your photos
    Miss seeing little Keera, and all your grandchildren,

    Joan UK. Xxx

  19. I can't see any photos either :(

  20. Ummm yummy cake pops! We have a cake pop machine the kids have only used it once in a year though.


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