Sunday, January 13, 2013


The other day, before the 'FLOOD' Bex and I went shopping for the Bumbo seats for Keera and Dante. 

ABOVE:  They are really cute, and I'm sure the girls will get lots of use out of them.

ABOVE:  I bought them a new bouncinette, it was supposed to be their gift when Dante was born, but they had the little man a bit sooner than I expected.  Oh well... they have it now.

ABOVE:  funny, he doesn't seem to be that thrilled about it!

ABOVE: it plays music and you can add all sorts of things to the side pieces for baby to play with. Those side things can be moved right in front of the baby, or pushed back so you can get him in and out easily.

ABOVE:  something tells me Steve is going to enjoy it more than Dante!

ABOVE: Dante having cuddle time with his Daddy.

ABOVE: Lacy having a cuddle of our wee man yesterday...

ABOVE: The kids got very hot playing on their skateboards, so the big blowers in the garage came in handy!

ABOVE:  as you can see, Brylee got VERY HOT!

 ABOVE:  I can't say enough about how amazing 'Smartbox Storage Company' were yesterday.  They had that container here really fast and it was just what we needed.

ABOVE:  on the right, our neighbour Stu, he brought over some cold beers for the guys.  Griffin tried to snaffle one, hence the laughing!

Today?  Please don't let anything happen!  We all need a quiet day, with no stress or noise.  
Well... noise unfortunately WILL BE part of the day with all the blowers and dehumidifiers blasting away.
But... we could go out for some peace and quiet... maybe?


Well, because the constant LOUD noise from the blowers etc, we had to go out... Steve and Bex took Dante to Sylvia Park, Stew, Brylee, Griffin and I went to Albany Mall, where I found 3 more cute wee bras for Brylee.
I bought her one at Christmas time, and she's been LIVING IN IT ever since!  So, she's a very happy girl.

ABOVE:  These are the smallest bras I have ever bought I think... 8AA.  Miss Brylee NEEDED them.... and it's almost time for  our little 'Birds and the Bee's' talk too!  Wow, time sure does fly.

Walking back into our home just now was dreadful... it's like a tropical jungle heat, with NOISE.... LOTS OF NOISE.  Hopefully in another day it will all be dry???

A lot of you have mentioned us having to go out and buy heaps of stuff due to having stuff ruined in the flood.  BUT... there is only ONE casualty that we can find!!!  My blue computer desk that was downstairs is ruined... and nothing else!

No other CONTENTS that we can see that is.
There is the flooring.  And maybe some of the kitchen cabinets... not too sure about what else structurally yet.... it will all have to be looked at by the Assessor, who hopefully arrives tomorrow.

When we left this morning  I was feeling really down, but getting out and about has done heaps for my mood.  Feeling much more cheerful now.
I know there is going to be a lot of hassles in the coming few weeks with the flooring being replaced etc... but we will get through it, heaps of other people have had worse happen and they have managed, so can we.

It's not like we haven't been here, done this before!  This is the THIRD big house flood we have had.

End of Day:  what can I say about today?  It was hot.  It was noisy.  It was OK... cos I haven't even THOUGHT about pulling me hair out.
nite nite


  1. Luv the new baby seats very cool
    Hope you have a peaceful day

  2. Dante and Steve looked well chillaxed the kids hot as alright, check out those bright red cheeks on Brylee, A COLD beer just the ticket!

  3. I hope today is a much better one for you.

  4. Once again , lovely pics,.

  5. It is very stressful isn't it Chris. But relax knowing the financial side of it will be taken care of. The rest is just details. it will get rough for a while, but just go with the flow and not let it get to you and you'll be fine.

    Hugs for everyone xx

  6. Cute bubby :)) good to see you can all still have a laugh after an awful 24 hours, nice of your neighbour to come over with a cold beer. Take care and if you don't laugh you could cry, so keep your chin up. Thinking of you guys.

  7. sooooooo hot.... that should help dry things up! Hope you are out and about doing relaxing stuff with the family...

    Kate (444)

  8. It's official... You have the cutest family ever-- Seriously, everyone in your family is gorgeous.

    You will LOVE the Bumbo seats. My family get so much use out of theirs. It goes everywhere with them.

    Hope things are drying out and the day is an easy one for you all. Take care, xo jj

  9. Just think of all the insurance shopping you will be doing theres a POSITIVE!!!

  10. It looks like it's just miserable there! I hope it cools off soon.

  11. Nothing like shopping, window shopping, mall ambiance to cheer a person up that's for sure

  12. OMG! I think I was about 4 when I wore an 8AA bra! lol! How cute are they? Good luck with the birds and bees talk! I have to give it every year to 30 kids!!! It's not fun!

  13. I'm glad you like the jar idea Chris. It will be nice to have something positive to reflect back on at the end of the year.

    I hope you are hanging in there with the flood mess. I feel for you.

  14. hope all is ok with the clean up Chris....I am missing my daily dose of your updates today :)

    Please come back soon

  15. Did you get the large Bumbo seat for me that I wanted?


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