Monday, January 07, 2013


I took these photos of Keera yesterday:

ABOVE:  Oh look... it's the dog!  Gimmee gimmee...

ABOVE:  Sheese, why put me in a pot?

ABOVE:  No Coco, you can't join her.

 ABOVE:  Hey look!  I can reach that foot...

ABOVE:  just a bit further... a bit further... and I can bite it!

 ABOVE:  OOooo lookee, flowers! Ain't me toes cute!

ABOVE:  who said I didn't look like CHUCKY???


Tonight Mike and Joyce fly home to Palmerston North, we are going to miss them so much!  I keep trying to convince them to move up here, but they just won't listen.  Little buggers.
One day I will get them here.

We were expecting Russell, Tess and their kids back last night... but they have opted to stay in Whitianga at my niece's home until Tuesday ... so two more days before they come back.
 Today:  I want to go out for a little mission.... so ...

PINKY: they arrive back tuesday night, and fly out wednesday night. 

Mike, Joyce and I are heading out to the mall for a few things for dinner tonight, then we will have a nice quiet afternoon...maybe playing cards?  They have taught us a new card game and I want to get all the 'rules' fixed in me head before they leave tonight!

Well scrap that!  Stew has taken Mike and Joyce into Queen Street so Mike can get some new basketball shoes.  He tracked down the only pair of size 12's in the city!

 ABOVE:  look!  I got some gorgeous flowers delivered to me... from my MUM!  For no apparent reason either.  How lovely.

ABOVE: Darling Dante... sound asleep...

 ABOVE:  then Deb the midwife arrived and she got to change his nappy before weighing him...

 ABOVE:  he has put on over 300grms since his last weigh, and all up since his birth he has gained almost 2 pounds!  Bex is doing so well with feeding him!

ABOVE:  Mike's snazzy new basketball shoes... he's rapt with them.  He couldn't get them down in Palmerston North.

End of Day:  well Mike and Joyce have left... promising to come back more often... maybe even as soon as next month.  THAT would be so cool.
A quiet night ahead, everyone just chillin' and enjoying the evening.
nite nite


  1. Cutest little potted plant ever, but it looks like in the end she wasn't so sure about it.

  2. verra cute and the little midget has attitude doesn't she!

  3. Oh she is growing so fast and the expressions are just priceless :)

  4. Love the photos! I hope you have a good day = are Tess and Russell due back on the day they fly out?

  5. Don't blame them for staying over. The weather is gorgeous.

    Hope you get some much needed rest. Having fun with family is all very well but you must get your rest or you are no use to yourself or anyone else.

    Your granny is telling ya!


  6. That is good you are able to have some more time with the grandbabies before they leave

  7. Leigh1:33 PM

    OK now I gotta know about the card game, explain please!

  8. Cute Keera. I love card games too but don't seem to play much anymore. That will be good to see the Ozzy family for a bit before thy leave and then everything will be a bit quieter soon. You still have about 3 weeks of school hols left to enjoy I suppose before the school routine returns :)

  9. Love the flowers - you lucky girl! How nice of her.

    Sooo windy today - can't believe it! all the plums are flying off the tree so I am off to hunt them down and I think I'm going to have to stew some.. they are the yummy black ones...

    Washing is also flying off the deck - best go and save the undies from the neighbours (or save the neighbours from the undies!!)

    See ya.

    Kate (kittie444)

  10. Love the flowers from your Mum (what a lovely lady!). Love the photos of Keera and Dante too. And ... love the basketball shoes - great CANTERBURY colours!! :)

  11. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Love the flowers from your Mum.The colours are amazing.She certainly knows how to cheer Her Girl up.

    The photo's of Miss Keera in the flower pot are beautiful.Also sleeping beauty Dante.

    Southgirl x

  12. Keera is darling in that pot and Dante seriously thats dam cute too NICE shoes I must say very snazzy... Hot windy as and dry but lovely.

  13. luv the flowers awesome colours, that keera is so cute , nice shoes too. Have a nice night :)

  14. Great pictures! What a cute baby! Actually both of them are! Hope you had a great Christmas and New Years!I'm sorry for not being in touch over the past few weeks but over Christmas I got really sick. I was wondering if you could do me a favor. My wife and I are planning a trip to visit her sister in Australia before they come back to Canada. We want also visit your country as well, could you recommend any great areas that we should plan on visiting?

  15. I am glad Mile & Joyce plan to visit more. Especially with cheap flights these days.

  16. That pot makes it easy for her to eat her feet!
    Basketball shoes? Same as tennis shoes?


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