Friday, January 25, 2013


And even better, it's Auckland Anniversary Day on Monday, so it's a three day weekend.  AWESOME.

I'm not sure what is on Saturday... it is supposed to be Keera's 1 hour visit to Sylvia Park to see her Father.  But we have had conflicting information this week... so hopefully we hear what's going on today.

Today?  Well... Lacy and Keera are coming over so Lacy can do some housework for me... it's our reciprocal agreement.  I take Keera to see her Father, and sometimes act as Lacy's 'TAXI' and in return she does some housework for me. It works for me and her.

I better get my thinking cap on and have a little 'list' for her!  Cobwebs come to mind.  And windows.  Gotta love having a 'free' housekeeper.  *smiles*

Every time Steve and/or Bex says 'Come and See Dante'... I JUST KNOW they expect me to bring my camera too!
Last night, I got 'the call'.... 

ABOVE:  so... here we have wee Dante having a bath... they give him his bath in the evenings now because it's his 'up time' before having a bigger sleep during the night.  It's working too.

ABOVE:  he loves his bath, it settles him and it won't be long before he's splashing water everywhere.

ABOVE: it's gorgeous to see how he is so fixated on his milk supply... I mean Mummy!

ABOVE:  he's gorgeous, and has all of us wrapped around his little finger.  Perfectly normal eh?  *smiles*

ABOVE:  these are the fabrics we bought the other day... now all I have to do is cut to size and hem the edges.  Bassinet and cot sheets... hopefully I'll get them done today.


So..... me housekeeper is late.  Hmmmm... one is wondering if she is even coming??
If she doesn't hurry up I will have to do the vacuming myself, and that sucks.

METFORMIN:  I KEEP FORGETTING TO TAKE IT. So far this week I've remembered to take three... when I should have already taken 8.  *sigh*  I have an alarm on me phone to remind me to take the lunchtime one... but hell.  Sometimes I don't have lunch until 2pm.  And the alarm is at 1pm... so obviously I forget. 
Anyone got any ideas on how I can REMEMBER to take the bloody things?  Cos I'm hopeless.

Well... after waiting all morning I gave up on me so called 'housekeeper', I had stayed home all morning for nothing.  I went out to get some baskets for the chest freezer ...  And also got everyone sushi for lunch.
NOW I'm going to do the vacuming and the other things on the list.  

Seems my housework is bottom of Lacy's list.

Hmmm, just realised I have two perfectly healthy young people in this house, so now Brylee is doing some vacuming and Griffin is watering pots outside. 

PETA: NOT a bad idea Chick... the only problem with that is my pills would then be in reach of young children.  And as we do have young children in the house fairly often, it would not be safe.  Think of another idea *smiles* 


  1. he's beautiful Chris!! Ya Tart!! making me all clucky again! :p

  2. Dante is so beautiful!

    What is up with Keera's dad? He can't make plans a week in advance? Bah. I think he's just screwing with your minds or something.

  3. It's a holiday here Monday too.
    I did a video post, just for you.

  4. That monkey fabric is pretty groovy - i have had to wean myself off going to Spotlight - I snuck there yesterday in Rotorua!! - and I could almost open my own branch! Now to get sewing!!

    Kate (444)

  5. He is just plain adorable!!!
    Makes me want mine out NOW!!!

  6. who wouldn't be wrapped around that gorgeous wee bundle he is cute as!!! I am fundraising ALL weekend fri/sat/sun/mon just popped home to get more supplies!!!! oh yay me a long weekend and IM busy as always.... enjoy yours.

  7. Be tough with your cleaner, you have been sticking to your end, she needs to stick to hers. She needs to treat it like a proper job.

  8. OMG! Dante is just gorgeous!!!! Makes me want another one so badly (but can't see that happening unfortunately).
    Hope Lacy turned up so you didn't have to do the vacuming! :)
    Sorry no tips on remembering your medication as I suck at taking mine at times too!

  9. I was going to add just what Tracey said above..

    Kate (444)

  10. Anonymous2:28 PM


    Maybe put your pill box in front of the computer, that is what I do with anything I need to remember! I am there a lot!

    Cheers Peta

  11. It so is JS! Not from you tho:) just smile:) nothing you can do to change it.

  12. Anonymous4:47 PM

    I don't know that it would help you remember to take them but have you got one of those pill containers divided by day into morning, afternoon, night etc? It might help you keep track of the dose your up too.

    For helping to remind you to take them maybe a notification that comes up on your computer?


  13. Anonymous5:31 PM


    How about putting the empty box there and the pills locked away? I put a daily list by my computer of all the things I have to do...and don't want to do! PS. your grandchildren (and children) all look so lovely! and Sienna really does look like you.


  14. GET a sign laminated saying "Random doorknockers will be shot"!!!! lol OR dragged inside to do MEGA housework.

  15. What a gorgeous little baby! Some days I really miss those days. Have a great long weekend!

  16. Dante is a cutiepie. Happy long weekend.

  17. He is so adorable. Here we put up a sign on our front door that say "No Soliciting", means no door to door sales are allowed. Good luck with the house cleaning deal, maybe you need to go back and do another agreement and have her sign it.


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