Wednesday, January 23, 2013


TODAY... in this order...

1.  9 am, Second Building Company is sending a man around to peruse the damage so they can submit a quote to our Insurance Company.  Yaaaa.... might have some news on WHEN it is all going to get fixed in a week or so?

2.  Lacy and Keera are arriving around 10am... they are coming on the bus.  Lacy is going to do some housework for me.  AWESOME. ♪♪la ♪la ♪la ♪la♪♪, happy about that.

3.  Deb the midwife is coming for her last visit, we thought last week was her final visit, but we were wrong!  Lacy is thrilled as she can see Deb and show her how well Keera is doing.

4.  After our visitors have been and gone, we are going down to Spotlight, we didn't get there yesterday ... Dante needed to be feed and well... there are no 'Mother/Baby' rooms at Spotlight, so we went home.

While I remember:

- Brylee's curls fell out after only 1 day.

- I saw some GORGEOUS anchor earrings at Shellshock yesterday... I was soooo tempted to buy them... *sniff* ... but big expense coming up with the kids starting school again.  Griffin needs an entire new uniform as he's stepping up to the 'Intermediate' part of the school. 

 And then there is the 'Stationery' costs, and all the other 'got to pay for' shit on top of that.
We get charged for paper, photocopying, newsletters, Maths programme on the computer... which my kids don't even do... bla bla bla.  AND let's not forget the 'School Donation' of almost $400.  *snort*... it's not a bloody DONATION, you HAVE TO pay it. 

OK... I better shut up now or I will get myself crabby....

ONWARD... and nope, got no photos for today... YET...

Grrrrr.... I got up extra early this morning to make sure the house was ship shape and I had me face on before the bloke arrived at 9 am to do the assessment/quote on our flood damage. He just rang up and cancelled cos he's sick.  NOW he's coming tomorrow.  *sigh*
I got up early for nothing.  
OH well.. at least I look decent early for a change.

Right, here's another video:

Above:  this was like the 4th attempt to do one this morning!  And I still hardly ever actually looked at the webcam!  Bex was in front of my computer, so I was kinda talking to her... it was much easier to do a video with someone to 'talk to'... so... what do ya think of me video attempts?

Do I talk too fast, or too loud, or move too much??? FEEDBACK please!

Sadly, Deb arrived for the last visit... it was lovely to see her again.

 ABOVE: Dante is now 360 grams heavier than Steve was a birth.  He's doing well.

 ABOVE:  Deb holding Keera and Dante... so cute.

ABOVE:  Gorgeous photo... Lacy and Bex told her that they would 'help' deliver HER first baby... I seriously doubt Deb will even tell them if/when she has a baby... cos I'm sure the girls would try and attend the birth!  

Gotta go!... I've got scones in the oven.. I can smell them, they must be ready...

Lacy, Bex and the kids went down to the dairy to get cream for the scones.. and arrived home half an hour later with cream that was rotten... expiry  was 12th January.  DOH.  So I had to go back in the car for FRESH cream.  The woman in the dairy had a bit of an argument with me about the cream ... she reckoned it was not rotten... but I pointed out to her the date and the state of the cream.  You could clearly see it had curdled inside the bottle.
The 'freshest' cream she had was only 4 days off it's expiry date, so I got that.

The scones were lovely.

After lunch Lacy and Keera went home on the bus.  She forgot to do any housework... so will come back another day.

Then Bex, the kids and I went to Spotlight ... we got some more fabric to make bassinet and cot sheets. And some paper/pencils etc for Griffin to draw with.
Brylee has not got the 'sharing bone' in her body at all... so Griffin needed his own stuff.
It is good to see him using pencils/paper/rulers etc... which he usually avoids as he simply cannot write at all.  But, he's enjoying tracing pictures and letters.

ABOVE:  Griffin all set to enjoy some drawing.

ABOVE: I found two cute stamps too.  I am starting to miss being creative. 

End of Day:  well it's been a nice day, it always is when there is a little retail therapy thrown in.
nite nite.


  1. We have to pay an "activity fee" which covers all trips and visits etc throughout the year, plus the "Donation" and we don't get the option of buying our own stationery... it is sitting on the kids desks on the first day of term and the school sends out an invoice for it!
    I never pay the full amount of the school "Donation". That way, I will support the fundraisers through the year as well... If I pay the full "donation" then I simply wont support all the bloody fundraisers that seem to crop up every week.
    Whoever said that NZ provides free education is talking a crock of shit!
    Rant over ;)

  2. I set up AP's to pay for school fees etc, much easier than paying all at once. The college uniforms get lay byed and the place we get them is great as they are happy to swap stuff if they grow too much.

  3. I do the AP thing for the school too, my kids go to a non state funded school and our fees are around the same as yours and that includes all their stationary.
    I do the video thing regularly on youtube with the crafty stuff I buy. If you want to have a look there is a link on the header of my blog :) You get loads more comfortable after a while.

  4. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Chris you are adorable! I love being able to hear you speak as it makes your blog even more personal. Griffin did very well with the props, he reminds me so much of my son. If you could do at least one video a day that would be awesome!!

  5. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Having trouble with blogger so not sure if my earlier comment worked. As I was saying Chris you are adorable! It is lovely to hear you and I think you should do at least 1 video per day. Griffin was an excellent assistant and he reminds me so much if my son. Bloody January is so expensive with all the school stuff, I hate buying my boy shoes as his feet grow out of them within a couple months - hubby has size 17 shoes so I expect my kids will follow in his foot steps lol foot steps

  6. I love the videos, I think they are fine and natural. If they were not natural i don't think they would be interesting . I love the way you say vet! Vit..ha ha. So funny how so many countries speak English with such contrasting accents, even within the same country. Keep them coming please

  7. Love the videos! Makes me feel I now know the "real" Chris. I love hearing your accent, it sounds much better than the way we talk in the US. I think one or two videos a week will keep it fresh and you won't feel pressured to produce.

  8. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Chris the videos are natural.

  9. That picture of Dnate is so lovely like a little pudding, Deb and Dante picture is equally gorgeous, LOVED the video have you considered organic make your own pet shampoo free of nastys and chemicals?

  10. I loved the video and I am glad we got to see Griffin in action.

  11. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Can't understand a word you say !!!Lol
    Lovely pics of babes with the mid wife Deb. Must be such a rewarding job at this time of the process.
    Keera hair looks georgeous she is such a cutie pie in her pink outfit Lacy is doing a great job
    And as for the milky bar kid just precious
    Mary H
    ps if the shampoo doesn't work I will send you some of the stuff I told you about

  12. Yay I love the little videos you keep posting. Its so nice to see the lady behind the blog :). You always seem to wear such lovely earings - where do you get them from?

    Dante couldn't be anymore adorable, I can't believe how big he is. It must be so lovely to have them all with you and Stew at home, they are all so lucky to have you guys!

  13. It sucks that you got up early and got everything ready and then he called to cancel - hope it isn't too much trouble to get it ship shape for tomorrow !!!!
    Haven't watched the video as I am at work and supposed to be working !
    Have a great day !

  14. That is so funny! I love Griffin in the background and Bek's poor boobies! xoxo

  15. Just watched your two vlogs - the second one was definitely better than the first !!!! Didn't think you spoke to quickly but I am ex South African and we are used to talking quickly so maybe that is why !!!!
    Loved how you just changed from one topic to the next - Griffin did a great job with Teddy and Coco !!
    Have the best evening.

  16. Loving the video updates! So great to hear you chatting away! Hope Bex's boobies are ok now! LOL
    Love the photos with the midwife and the girls! Just totally gorgeous! And love the stamps you got too! :)

  17. I can't remember if i posted already but Dante and Deb beautiful picture, the video was funny as.....

  18. Love your video clips! Griffin looked like a great assistant there in the background. Gorgeous pics too of the midwife and the babies :)

  19. nite nite chris. I think Dante is starting to look like Bex.

  20. Great video, interesting to hear and see you all. Wow the babies are growing. Sorry about the fleas. Good luck getting ready for school, we have those fees too. Expensive time of year for sure. Enjoy the remainder of the summer vacation.

  21. Dante all stretched and sound asleep is so sweet. I'd be spending the entire day just staring at him and not getting anything done!

    Those are some pretty hefty "donations"! WOW.

    xo jj

  22. I did miss the video! Sometimes I miss a post because of the time delay there. Our tomorrow is your today But I saw it now! Your voice makes me smile, and I love your eyes!!

  23. The vidoe is so fun of course I am enchanted with your accent. I use Dawn original dish soap on my dogs because the animal rescuers do. It's very cheap and leaves their coats really nice. I put a little olive oil on my dogs food every day and it significantly helped them with itchy skin and allergies.

  24. We have a ton of school fees over here too. Ditto on the "free" education.

  25. I love the videos, and Griffen is great with the "props"! It's great to hear you laugh and see you smile. You've got more courage than me to make the videos! Nice job.


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