Saturday, January 26, 2013


I got an interesting email yesterday, it was from a lady here in New Zealand.  She had done a search (presumably through Google Images or similar) for a picture of a Snapper... she wanted one to put on her boat.  And she came across the one of me and my snapper picture.  This picture was drawn for me by a blogger friend in the States.  I was going to have it tattoo'd onto me somewhere, but then I changed my mind.
This is the email I received:

Hi there
I came across the picture your friend in America drew for you for your tattoo and I was wondering if it was ok to use that picture to go on my boat motor cover? Its just such an awesome picture! I own my own little boat, my husband dislikes fishing so often I just out on my own. Or Ill take a friend. My boat is well known as a girl’s only boat, its never had a guy in it! And I think that picture depicts me and my boat well. It would look awesome on the splashcover that stays on the boat motor all the time. Ive ordered the cover to be made but I just needed to find a picture to go on it. If its ok to use the picture, do you have it in a bigger file at all? The people making the cover need it in at least a 150kb file, or better. And I promise to send you a photo of the cover on the boat motor once its made. But totally understand if its not ok to use it, as it is yours.
PS next week I’m getting a snapper tattoo on my arm. LOVE my fishing!

This is my snapper picture:

ABOVE:  a really lovely man in the USA drew it for me... Rick Green.  I don't think he blogs anymore, sadly.  I used to love seeing his latest drawings.   And his Eggy.  He always put a little 'egg man' in his drawings... it was sometimes VERY hard to find him!  But he was there.  
He is in my snapper drawing... click on the picture and see if you can find EGGY!  
ABOVE:  Eggy.

Today:  Stew is taking Keera to Sylvia Park for her hour long visit with her father.

After that, who knows?  Might go and buy two shelving units for Griffin's room... then he can get all his crap off the floor!


WHOOPS!  I forgot to say YES, I am letting her use my snapper picture.  

Stew has gone, and I've just prepared dinner.  We are having Teriyaki Chicken... I make a marinade with Kikkoman's Teriyaki sauce/marinade, add honey, oil, wine and some herbs, then soak the chicken nibbles in it for as long as possible.
Then you just slowly cook the chicken, with the marinade, until it is a hot sticky mess!  It's delicious.

So... now I can relax for a while.  And read blogs.

Well... The access visit went well.  This is good.
Next weekend ... well that is a work in process.

Right now, Stew, the kids and I are going out for lunch.  Later on Bex will babysit B & G so Stew and I can go shelving shopping.

SHOPPING.... *drool*... it doesn't matter what it is, I just love shopping!  *smiles*

Well.. lunch was nice.  Sylvia Park as per usual. Got a few groceries, the bits n bobs I forgot the other day.
Ran out of time to go shelves shopping... drat.
Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

 ABOVE:  Bex got a lovely parcel in the post today from her step-sister.  She was thrilled to bits, Dante is going to be put to bed tonight in the little sleeping 'bag'.

Talking of Dante, here he is (ABOVE) in a little outfit STEVE wore when he as a baby.  The pants have lost their elastic, so it's not actually going to be worn for long!

While Stew was in the supermarket getting the few items on the list, Brylee and I sat on a bench seat and people watched.  It's fun.
Then this man came over and sat down beside me.  He was an Indian man, probably in his early 60's... and he started chatting to me.  His english was VERY good so clearly he had been here a long time.

I expected some pleasantries to be made, but no.  This man decided to chat me up!

Like he kept saying how beautiful I was, how he could fall in love with me... was I married?  Did I still love my husband, cos if not he would love me more... like... OMG... it was embarrassing !!!

I asked him if he was married, and he said yes, BUT he would rather be married to me!  

I told him I was going to tell on him to his wife!

Then he said he was just joking with me.  Then proceeded to tell he how much he already loved me... it went on ... and on... and then Stew turned up and I could politely leave the conversation.

Should I be flattered I got chatted up so blatently?  Probably not.  The man was clearly a nut case.  Right?


End of Day: Because Steve and Bex are away,we had watermelon for dinner!  Last year the watermelons were utterly tasteless, so I wasn't expecting nice ones again this summer.  But... the one we just had was DELICIOUS.  So sweet and juicy.  YUM YUM.

Bex and Steve have gone to Hamilton tonight, they are catching up with family and friends, and showing off their son.

I will miss them.  We shall be having the Teriyaki chicken tomorrow night now btw.

Quiet evening planned here... and an early night.
nite nite


  1. I say give it to her! Only if she sends you pics for a blog post!

  2. Well? Are you going to let her use the picture?

  3. How cool is that I do love that piccy and had forgotten about, don't have to BBQ tomorrow and Monday is my shift did Friday morning so am enjoying a relax!!! for a bit.

  4. I love your family they are so cute!!

  5. Anonymous1:25 PM

    I have been reading your blog for only a few months now and find, your daily lives enjoyable to read. Something outside of my daily life and knowing that we are all the same, but yet so differant we all have the same life struggles ups and down. Thank you for having an open diary of your life..

    Btw i have eggy lol...

  6. Oh those nibbles sound rather tasty! Though as I am about to start my program it will be a long time before I get anything like that again :( But it will be worth it in the long run I am sure!
    Have fun shelf shopping - I love shopping for furniture - even more so when I am child free! :)

  7. I see you have copyrighted your header title.... who would want to steal other peoples pics? crazy

  8. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Indian men are always like that! I got Chatted up by a man in a Bar just last week while my Partner was up ordering our drinks! He was not happy one bit haha

  9. The man chatting you up was not a nutter I am sure. Maybe just incredibly optimistic or in desperate need of residency. Either way you should be flattered!

  10. Hi Chris, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.
    Oh that snapper pic is fabulous, no wonder that lady wanted it for her boat. It's really nice that she asked your permission as lots of people wouldn't bother.
    I say be flattered about being chatted up. Even if he is a bit barmy it doesn't mean he didn't find something very fanciable about you ;-) Besides perhaps he's just VERY open about his feelings haha
    Anne x

  11. That is one of theeee cutest Fish cartoons I've ever seen - way cute. It really brought a smile to my face. So glad you shared it!

    On the wonderful compliments...I think you should consider it fun and one of those moments to fill your to speak. =)

    BTW - I LUV your "disclaimer". That also brought a smile to my face =D


  12. How funny with that guy!

  13. OH and I almost forgot! Rick was the first person to ever comment on my blog. So I followed him and that is how I found you and my other favorite blogger! I have him as a friend on Facebook. I believe one of his girls has cancer :(

  14. Hahaha, I love your posts. First tipping coke all over your son/grandson (innovative! Sure beats arguing the 'change your shirt' case for half an hour), then fending off a randy Indian. :D And all I've got going on is housework....

  15. Not sure if my comment went through or not so going again, just delete if it did!

    Rick was the first person to ever comment on my blog so I followed him and that is how I found you and my other favorite, Straight Up No Chaser (she has her pic as her header still). I'm friends with Rick on Facebook if you want to find him for anything.


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