Wednesday, January 16, 2013


ABOVE:  I wanted to get some 'nice' photos of Steve, Bex and Dante last night.  I was playing around with various settings on my camera, as I have one hell of a job getting good night shots.  And that is the 'face' he gave me!

He's a right dick.

ABOVE:  I did finally get some nice ones...

 ABOVE:  these two just dote on their baby...

 ABOVE:  and how could you not just love this wee man?  He's gorgeous... even when he throws up all down my front!  Yeah, and the little darling does that all the time.

ABOVE:  I love seeing them both so happy...

ABOVE:  But I do wonder sometimes why she hasn't throttled him yet!

ABOVE: wee Dante, all tucked up in bed.  So, so cute. 

TODAY?  Well my Toyota Highlander has been recalled again, this time it's a potential problem with the Power Window Master Switch.  Soooo.... the guys are taking it down to Takanini, where it has to stay for about an hour.  In that time they will pick up Lacy and Miss Muppet, who are coming over for lunch.  

Steve has today off as he is working consecutive Saturdays for about a month.

Our lovely Midwife Debs is coming for her last visit with Bex and Dante after lunch.  Lacy wants to see her too, and show Debs how Keera is doing.  We have a little 'Thank You' gift for her... some lovely toiletries from The Body Shop.  They do gorgeous gift baskets there.

So... a semi-busy day... but all good.  I have almost forgotten what a 'quiet' day feels like.


WOW!  50+ comments yesterday ! ! ! Thank you so much!

Tomorrow I am dedicating to getting around ALL the blogs I read, it's been WEEKS since I have been able to just sit and read what everyone has been up to.
So... tomorrow is it.

Today is a gorgeous day, no rain or wind to speak of.  Stew is about to take me car to the Dealers.  Then Lacy and Keera will be here.

I am very used to members of my family saying "Mum, get a photo of this and put it on the blog!".
Today I think I had a first, I got a text message from a friend down in Wellington:

 ABOVE:  this made me laugh out loud!  So of course... I complied.

ABOVE: Karen, you can see the size in this photo... and...

ABOVE: close up.  I used lots of different batik fabrics that I got in Morrinsville from Wright's Fabrics.  And some batik fabric that I scored on an Aussy site like our Trademe.

It is supposed to appear like a 'leadlight' window.  I love it!

Well my car has had it's check up and is all better again.  Waiting for Debs to arrive now, then Stew and I will take Lacy and Keera home and go to Warehouse Stationery to price a computer desk... as my blue computer desk down in the garage was ruined by water.

I think it's amazing that the only house 'content' damaged was one desk!  


ABOVE:  We STILL have nits.   I'm so pissed off right now I could scream.  Time to check Griffin...

ANON:  yes, Bex's mattress was wet as, but the resoration company did their magic and it would appear to be saved.  Neat eh?

We just went and priced a new computer desk, the same size and type to the one we have lost... and it's only $214.  The insurance company is going to like us!

Dante got weighed today.  He is now 10 pound 7 ounces.  ALMOST as big as his Daddy at birth.  Steve was 10 pound 12 ounces at birth.  Dante should be that by next week... when he's 5 weeks old.  I look at him and can't believe I gave birth to a baby bigger than what he is right now!

End of Day: well a 'quiet' day finally!
Thinking of going out to the movies with the kids tomorrow... got to try and get an outing or two in before Stew has to go back to work next Monday!  Bugger... we seem to have done bugger all these holidays.
nite nite.


  1. Dante looks like he is doing so well !!!!
    Love products from The Body Shop - I am sure that your mid-wife will love them too !
    Have the best day today !

  2. Wow that walll hanging is very groovy! You're a clever sausage aren't ya?

    Kate (444)

  3. Lovely photos of Bex Steve an dDante, just lovely even the goofy ones!!!! I think the insurance people were lucky to just get one desk claimed it could have been sooooooo much worse!!

  4. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Congrats on the Million!!! Just catching up now. Sorry to hear about your flood :0( raining (or flooding) on the inside is never a fun activity. Hope the insurance sorts everything promptly!

    Lovely pic's of Steve, Bex & Dante!


  5. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Wasn't there a ruined mattress in the garage?

  6. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Bugger those Nits.They seen to always go for the clean hair.Hope you get them cleared up very,very soon.

    Southgirl x

  7. Dante is gorgeous:-)

  8. We just had a scan and at 33 weeks mine is 4 pound 13...eek!!!
    And my friend just had a baby that was 12 pound 7....geepers that kid came out with his lunchbox ready to go to school!!

    Babies eh :)
    Good luck getting rid of the nits. We find using a tea tree spray daily keeps them away finally - but took awhile.

  9. Sometimes bugger all is kinda nice though :-)

  10. What a cute baby! Although I can honestly say I don't miss the days of my kids throwing up all over me! I had to laugh when I was reading this post though. We are dealing with a sewer backup in our basement and as a result the basement has to be torn up! So we are dealing with insurance and water and stuff as well!

  11. Good to hear the damage wasn't so bad. Lovely pictures of the baby and parents. Yikes about the nits, scratch scratch just thinking about it.

  12. ugh bugs are the worst! Throw the clothes in the dryer too, that helps kill them.

  13. Nits STILL??! ARGGGG. You remember Virginia, right? Her family went through this whole thing and it was sooo hard to get rid of. :(

    1. I have the perfect nit comb for you. I have a picture of it on my blog. I found the link. ;)


  14. Yeah, if you do a blog or Google search you might find my post titled How to Get Rid of Headlice Fast. You need a special comb that you can only order. Also, you just need some cheap conditioner. Wet her head completely, dowse in conditioner, and section off hair. Its so much easier that way and super cheap. I wish I could do it for you because I've help other people get rid of it fast. So sorry. :( I know how you feel.


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