Thursday, January 17, 2013


The weather forecast isn't that great for today, so going to a movie might be a darn good idea.
At least we will get out of the house for a little while... and give Bex some peace and quiet for a while too.

She ain't had much of that at all since Dante was born.

I got a few photos of Lacy and Keera yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Uncle Steve blowing on her face, she loved it... Lacy? Not so much.  *smiles*

ABOVE: Steve being an arse, holding Keera over Lacy while baby drooled!  Ikkkk....

ABOVE:  I love this photo of them.  Keera is so gorgeous, doing all you would expect from a 6 month old baby... she can roll both ways now.  And doesn't Lacy look lovely too.  She is really taking care of herself and Keera so well.  Now we just have to try and get Keera's hair to behave itself!

Right, off to see what movie we can go and see...

We ended up at Sylvia Park... Stew and the kids went to some kids movie: 'Wreck It Ralph', and at the same time, I went to 'The Life of Pi'  which I enjoyed.  It had a thin story line, but the cinematography was AMAZING!

Three quarters of the way through my movie I had to listen to some man on my left snoring his head off and to my right some Chick sobbing!  It was.... entertaining?  I don't know how anyone could go to sleep at the movies!  It wasn't that slow!  As for the Chick crying.. well I must admit  I had a couple of tears too!

On our way to Sylvia Park, we found ourselves parked behind a van... and it made us laugh!

 ABOVE:  there was one of those window thingee's that USUALLY SAY "Baby on Board", but not this van....

 ABOVE:  their one said "MY NEXT HUSBAND WILL BE NORMAL" ! !   Then we noticed writing in the dust on the back:

ABOVE:  it said: " I WISH MY WIFE WAS THIS DIRTY".... really funny.  lol

I bought a huge ham yesterday, so tonight's dinner will be ham salad with new potatoes.  YUM....

Just remembered... I knew there was a new, much bigger Hospice Shop that had opened just before Christmas, so we drove down to Takanini to see if we could find it.  And we did!
And .... ummm... I bought some stuff:

 ABOVE:  a t-shirt and cotton shirt for Brylee, a gorgeous blue plate and a cute wee bus toy...

 ABOVE:  it only cost $3!

ABOVE: I'm gunna find some batteries that fit it and see what it does?

While I was there I talked to Dawn (the new Manager there) and said I would be keen to work there this year.  So, I'm going to email the  Manager of Volunteers and get a transfer.
Hopefully I can work there instead of Manurewa.

PINKY:  it is at 198 Great South Road, Takanini.
Travelling along G.S.R. from Manurewa, it used to be a Tile Shop.  It is on the LEFT, sandwiched  between Takanini Truck Sales on it's left  and Marcel Bakery and Papakura Panel and Paint (yellow building)on it's right.  Opposite is a really big industrial building which I think is Tasman Roofing.

Sometimes I regret doing something the second I've hit 'SEND'.  I need to finally outgrow my impulsive nature, and accept stuff and move on.  Last night I sent off an email... and really regret it now.  How many times can I get kicked in the teeth before I get the message???   No more, that's for sure.

ANON:  Lacy?  NO, you can not have me purple bus. so there. nah nah na na.

End of Day: been playing around with me WebCam tonight, might have got it figured out... fun!
nite nite.


  1. She has some crazy wild hair :) Such a cutie!

  2. Great photos chris

  3. I always have to laugh when I see Keera's hair. It always reminds me of my 10-month old niece who also has a "bad" hair day every day. They are so darn cute!:)

  4. Great photos Chris

    love the bargains - where in Takanini are they?

  5. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Ow I so want that purple toy bus.......please hehe xoxoxox

  6. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Chris don't beat yourself up for being who you are, that's what makes you Chris and that's why so many people like you. You wear your heart on your sleeve, don't change!! You have done what you can do it is up to the recipient of the email now xx

  7. We love Keeras hair and Samuel is always envious of her hair I went to Life of Pi on Sunday I loved it it is freezing here I have me PJs on Winter and dressing gown and slippers!!!!!

  8. Anonymous10:46 PM

    Man Id laugh if Mrs Smelly bum was volunteering at the new shop haha WOMBAT


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