Wednesday, January 02, 2013


First up:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA, I hope where ever you are you have a lovely day.

Next:  Some rather cute photos from yesterday:

ABOVE some of our visitors find baby 'stuff' really ikky! 

ABOVE:  here we have Miss Joyce trying not to gag while Stew changed young Bodhi's shitty nappy!  She also cringed when he drooled on her!  What a PUSSY!  lol

 ABOVE:  Miss Sienna with her 'baby'... she calls all babies 'da-da'.  She LOVES babies... I've not seen such a young toddler love on babies like she does.

ABOVE:  she loves standing in front of the big fan...

ABOVE:  here she is practising being a model, with her hair flying out behind her... lol! Don't think the tongue is quite 'model' behaviour Miss Sienna.  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  she wanted to get in the baby's bouncer... so she did.  I kept expecting it to collapse under her... she's a rather 'bonny' little girl after all.  But it didn't.  Luckily.

ABOVE: then she got crabby 'cos she wanted the 'thingee' clipped on...

ABOVE: once her Mum did that... she was delighted with herself.  So. Damn. Cute.

Right... enough of our little madam... back to TODAY:

No plans.  How many days have I been saying that?
But... how can you make plans with all these crazy people in the house!  We love just going with the flow for now.
It suits us. And it suits everyone else too.

Once Dante is a wee bit older we will look at some day trips out with Brylee and Griffin.  But for now, we feel happy just being here and making sure everyone is well and happy.

Well... as happy as can be with me being a prize pratt sometimes, putting me foot in me mouth... bla bla bla.

Gotta go... needs must... wanna pee REAL BAD... lol.
YES... I know you didn't need to know that... but too bad.... you CHOOSE to read this ...


Bex and Steve are not that impressed with their wee man today.  Seems their darling wee Dante kept them awake almost all night crying!  WOW, I didn't hear a thing.  This is GOOD... *smiles*

 ABOVE: awww... how could anyone feel crabby about this wee darling?  Sleeping soundly now.  hee hee.

ABOVE:  BLOODY NERF guns!  We must have a dozen of them in this house... you never know when you could get shot!  Luckily the 'darts' are soft.

ABOVE:  a little video of the mad house this morning.


  1. Happy Birthday, Amanda! I know your mom is thinking of you today.

    Hope everyone is well and that you are enjoying your time with the littles, Chris.

  2. haha yeah NOT! have a good day today. i hope you get some quiet time with Stew and the kids before he goes back to the zoo.

  3. Sienna is too cute, Joyce well yes babies nappies can be a bit off putting at times. Will Russell be cleared to fly back to Australia? I hope your day today runs a bit smoother than other days.

  4. I hope you all have a wonderful day. Sometimes not having a plan is the best plan of all. We are doing the same here today. Taking it easy, playing some games and just relaxing. It's not often I have a day like this and I love it!

  5. sienna is a real cutie oh poor steve and bex welcome to parenthood :) love the mad house...

  6. Wasn't Dante due now? He's probably just waking up. My great nephew was like that and really found his lungs. They ended up taking to a cranial osteopath for baby massage and he settled down again. He had a long hard birth and might have put his neck out or something. If Dante keeps being unsettled I'd recommend it.

  7. Lovely photos. Glad you got a wee nap. The corned beef sounds yum. I have a leg of lamb roasting on the barbecue here - smells pretty good too!

  8. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Loved the video, such happy sounds. Mmmm corned beef yummo!
    Glad it's been a good day.


  9. Happy Birthday to amanda, those babies are just a joy ... and soooooo adorable :)
    I always giggle just a bit when the weather differences hit me... its soooo wild hot there cold here... I still have troubles imagining christmas being hot... and i am sure you have issues with cold and snowy (north of me LOL) well have a wonderful day Love n hugs!


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