Saturday, January 12, 2013


1 am...

Bex got up at 1 am to visit the bathroom, and LUCKILY for us ... she heard a strange noise coming from the kitchen/family room area.

So she walked into the room.... then turned around and woke us all up!

WE WERE FLOODED... a tap under the kitchen sink had been knocked (most likely when we put the dishwasher in?)... not 100% sure about that... but still... it was disconnected from it's pipe and the water was POURING out at a great rate of knots.

It was really weird waking up and walking into water all over the floor... I think I was a bit stunned and like... what to do?  Where to start?

ABOVE:  I did want to wash the floor later on today.... but now I don't need to...  trying to find something positive out of this...

ABOVE:  that is water coming down the inside of the wall from up in the kitchen... right down into the garage.... and yes, that is Steve and Bex's mattress... it's sopping wet.

 ABOVE:  so the garage is flooded too... and there is water under all of Steve and Bex's stuff, and under all my sewing stuff, machines etc.

 ABOVE:  and YEP, under the stairs cupboard too.

ABOVE:  don't know where to start really. The men have moved a lot of stuff to the other side of the garage... away from the water.

ABOVE:  my lounge at 1.45 am.

I rang our Insurance Company at 1.30 am to ask for help.... we are still waiting to hear back from the company contracted to come and get us dry again....

I feel sick.  This is NOT a nice start to the day... if 1 am can be called a 'start' to the day.  

In the light of day... it looks worse.  There is a man here right now .... getting ready to start the 'drying out' process.  Which means big fans and big dehumidifiers... probably for days on end.
Worse.  Our entire wood laminate flooring has to be ripped up and replaced.  

ABOVE:  I don't know if you can see it properly, but the laminate is lifting and bubbling... kitchen, family room, stairs and front door area all have to be replaced.  This is going to be a nightmare.

ABOVE:  and the drying process begins.

All I wanted these past few weeks was some QUIET.  Now we have to listen to all the blowers and dehumidifiers going night and day.  If I go mad and start ranting and raving... bear with me... it will pass. *weak smiles*

We are supposed to pick Keera up this morning so she can see her Father at Sylvia Park... I do believe I will cancel that!

DONNA: the Insurance Company kicked in quickly because I rang them at 1.30 in the morning and told them we were wading in water!

ABOVE: our neighbours came out to talk, they thought we were having a Garage Sale to begin with... but fairly quickly realised that was not the case!

AND ... Steve went to work.... and they had a flood in their basement too!!!  So Steve is cleaning up a flood and work, and we are cleaning up a flood at home.

I'm this close to crying...  ok... ya can't see 'this close' and I am not searching for a picture either.... 


WOMBAT:  AHhhh installing the dishwasher had nothing to do with the pipe that burst... it was a pipe feeding into the water filter we have on the bench.  There is a chance Stew knocked the pipe during the installation of the dishwasher, but even if that was so, we are still covered by our insurance... accidents DO HAPPEN.  Funny how it burst two days AFTER we put the new dishwasher in though.   One wonders why it didn't happen on the first night we had the new  dishwasher in?
And YES, thank god we do have insurance!


  1. Oh no, Chris! So much stuff is probably ruint! :/

  2. Anonymous2:14 AM

    Awww....I feel SICK for you!!!!!!!!!! Wow...what a mess and a heartache to have to deal with~ Just so glad it was caught at 1am. instead of 6 am or something~ All the floors might have be completely ruined. Wow...I am so sorry~~~~ ♥

  3. Anonymous2:14 AM

    Oh Chris that is awful!! Here I am ready for bed in Australia and you and the family are dealing with that. I am so sorry, everything will be ok - Bec.

  4. I am so sorry for the things that got damaged, and all the work and pain in the butt you're going through.
    Hope your new computer is ok!

  5. What a mess and what a good thing Bex got up and discovered it when she did. I hope the damage is not as bad as it seems at first.

  6. I've been through this and can feel you pain.

  7. Anonymous5:59 AM

    My gosh!! Thank goodness for Bex waking up and going to the loo. Good luck on getting your house and possessions back in order!

    Ky Girl

  8. Oh no !!! bugga what a mess damn glad your insurance company kicked in quickly

  9. Oh how dreadful Chris. I feel for you all. Good luck with the cleanup.

  10. Oh no, what a pain!!! I suggest you keep the appointment with Wade sunce being at home with the mess & noise will drive you batty.

    One positive - the insurance company will reimburse you for the increase in your power bill! Just give them last months & this months when it arrives.

  11. How terrible for you all. Thank God for Insurance. I hope so much that nothing irreplaceable has been damaged. Could your high temperatures help in the dry up?

  12. Oh - been there and done that when a water bed element burnt a hole in the base - water everywhere! Feel for you:-(

  13. Oh no!!! After all your visitors for the last 5 weeks this is the last thing you wanted/needed!!! I really do feel for you Chris - we had a flood at work this week and those fans etc are so damn noisy when going! I guess the good thing is that Bex needed to get up otherwise god only knows what the mess would be like a few hours later!

  14. Oh NO!!!! You poor things! What an awful way to wake up... thank goodness for Bex's bladder huh?

    Great that they have got onto it so quickly though - quite unheard of! So much for your relaxing rest of the holidays though - good excuse to go out for a while, to get away from the noise..

    Kate (444)

  15. Oh Chris, there are no words.. just hugs and then more hugs for you all... thinking of you .. :(


  16. OMG that is not cutey cutey actually it might dry fast in this heat? but moving furniture THAT'S not for this heat oh you poor things that sucks, a voltaren a tipple and a long hot soak after today IF bex hadn't got up then it would have been ten fold worse....

  17. Oh you poor thing!!! God, imagine if Bex hadnt woken up!

  18. Anonymous10:40 AM

    I'm praying for your coming Quiet Time and no more crisis. You have all of our sympathies I'm sure~ :|

  19. What a good thing Bex needed to go the the loo. Oh Chris, your life is never boring - you poor bugger. Sending hugs!!
    Joy x

  20. Oh crap. not nice.

    this happened to me ages ago with a washing machine that was installed in the kitchen of my rented apartment.

    really not nice

    hope things improve soon!

  21. OMG what a nightmare.I so feel for you right now. Just bloody awful. I guess on the plus side its a lovely sunny day so you can out things out to dry and air.

    Hang in there and keep strong..

  22. So sorry to hear about the flooding. You've all pulled together again and lucky for insurance. Take care, thinking of you. Cuddle Dante lots :)) and try and get a break from the house and get some fresh air.

  23. Anonymous11:33 AM

    I dont mean to make you more miserable but I hope to god you are covered by insurance. The fact that you installed it yourself and not a tradesman might not help. At least you would have someone else to blame and sue! Sorry! WOMBAT

  24. Really feel for you. Been in your position - not fun! *Big hugs*

  25. Chris - I used to work for a water company that installed under bench water filters. This type of leak is actually quite common and we used to intall special cut off valves to prevent this happening. It possibly just happened because of the change in water pressure due to the dishwasher being installed. If Stew knocked it, it would have leaked straight away, not a few days later.

    Glad the insurance company is covering it - thank goodness for insurance!!

  26. Thinking of you all, I know you wanted some quiet time ! At least Bex woke up at 1am, can you imagine if she hadnt. Shame I am in Australia, would have come over to help. Martine xxx

  27. Oh Chris that is just awful, you dont deserve this at all, no-one does. I once flooded my laundry and garage and that was a nightmare, so can imagine what you are going thru on a grand scale. I thank God everyday I had insurance, a necessary evil!, first my house in the earthquake, then I had a car accident.
    I hope you get it all sorted soon. Thinking of you x

  28. Anonymous2:33 PM

    WHew! thats a relief you are covered! WOMBAT

  29. Could you imagine this happening when Russell was by? Oh good grief, the thought just occurred to me. Sigh.

  30. What a rude awakening....hugs to you all.

  31. Shit bugger and dam not at all what you needed


  32. Terrible Chris. I have had a similar thing happen twice. Make sure you tell the assessor everything that was water damaged so you can maximize your claim. Shoes books craft things even if old. You have a legitimate claim for their replacement. Big hugs.

  33. Oh my God Chris, I feel so bad for you! I've been through this and I know its horrible! Hang in there - I know it's easier said than done. My heart goes out to you - it's major upheaval! Worse than moving! xoxoxo

  34. OMG! So lucky that Brylee went to the toilet I reckon! GOod luck with everything gorgeous girl!

  35. Nancy Medina, Nigeria3:34 AM

    Holy SHIT! What a terrible thing to go through!

  36. What a nightmare!


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