Monday, January 28, 2013


Last night I got tagged on Facebook, by a friend who wanted me to see a cute picture, this was the picture:

ABOVE:  a very cute photo... BUT... what made me laugh was just that very morning I had turned around in my bedroom and walked INTO Teddy.... cos he was on the sheepskin by my bed....  LOOK:

ABOVE:  I know he doesn't 'blend' in quite so amazingly as the other dog does ... but it's CLOSE!  Oh and NO, Teddy did not like me walking into him and he leapt up and cried!   
I felt very bad.  But seriously, I DIDN'T SEE HIM!

Steve and Bex came home with some lovely fresh garden produce ... veges from her Dad's garden:
ABOVE:  so fresh, and kinda special.  And I have never seen a cucumber THAT BIG!  It's a whopper.  

It was lovely to see wee Dante when they got home, and even more special... he fell asleep in my arms.  That is one of those 'magic moments' in a Grandma's life. 

Here is one of those OMG moments... Bex showed me a photo of her youngest brother, Matt, when he was an infant:
ABOVE:  does our little Dante look like his Uncle or what ?  Amazing.  It will be interesting to see if he continues to look like his Mum's family ... luckily all of them are good looking! 

Today... well as it's Auckland Anniversary Day, Stew and Steve have the day off.  I am sure we will go out and about SOMEWHERE... it's going to be too nice of a day not to.


It's nearly lunchtime and we have done NOTHING.  Well.. I've hung out the washing... but that is all.
It is a really lovely day, but everyone is kinda happy to just stay home it would seem.

I thought of something we could do.
Sort out all the toys stored all over the place and cut them down in number.
ABOVE:  it needed to be done... and it now is.  It only took about an hour or so.  We have two big black sacks of toys to take down to the hospice shop now.  And room in the closets!  Yaaaa.

Now I am dying to get the garage sorted out a bit so Bex and I can do some sewing... but not today I think.  

HAPPY ELF MOM:  no idea re: the floor etc.  The Insurance Company should get the two builder's quotes sometime this week, then they have to decide who gets the job.  THEN it will be up to the Building Company on when it gets done... and yes... once it starts it will be a massive disruption to our household.  Time will tell how it goes though.

End of Day:  dammit, I forgot to put me little copyright on the photos today.  Oh well.... it will become a habit soon I hope.
Freaking hot today.  Tomorrow will be more of the same.
nice.   If you are a baby who doesn't have to wear clothes eh?  Sadly, WE can't get away with that.
nite nite.


  1. Jeanie has left a new comment on your post "FUNNY COINCIDENCE":

    The pic of the dog on the rug is great, and funny caption.
    I bet you do something wonderful with those veggies.

    Sorry Jeanie, I hit 'Delete' on your comment by mistake!

  2. Ha the dogs do blend in funny, I bet got a huge fright! Lovely veges, I love tomatoe cucumber and red onion in malt vinegar soaking then as a fresh white bread sandwich with the vinegary goodies on it!!!! sprinkle a little raw sugar in the vinegar BEAUTIFUL!! have a nice day off..... everyone.

  3. Love the shelves for Griffon's room!
    I need to find something like that for my daughter's room-she is so messy and has stuff everywhere.
    The veggie looks so good too!
    enjoy your day!

  4. LOVE the dog photos:) Very cute!

  5. Anonymous11:16 AM

    I have posted that same picture on FB....loved it...and NOW I can't believe you have the exact same situation with your dog!!! LOL

    Love the fresh vegis!

  6. Teddy is so cute! What a lot of organising you've been doing! When is the floor being replaced? Big bunches of work ahead I'm thinking.

  7. If the insurance work will cause tooo much disruption and make it too hard to live there the insurance company may pay for alternative accomodation.

  8. Talk about super mum. Every time I visit your blog, I'm amazed at how you do it all! lol Thanks for the gorgeous veggie pic. I would give anything for a nice ripe tomato right now. We're in the deep freeze (last week our temp went as low as -20F)and I can't find a decent tomato to save my life. lol

  9. Hmmm funny pictures of the dogs. Hope you get the house sorted out.


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