Thursday, January 24, 2013


Someone in this house keeps popping cake pops into their mouth... hmmm... wonder who that could be?

ABOVE:  I bet all of you thought it was ME eh???   Well... it's not...our cake pop gobbler is none other that BEX.  Now I know why she wanted to make more.  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  I got some nice photos of Miss Muppet in the tin yesterday...

ABOVE:  I just wish I'd done something with her hair... it really does have a mind of it's own.

ABOVE:  Teddy lying on his back... he looks so funny when he's like that.
We love him to bits.... even with the damn cone on his head.

Today... hopefully the second builder arrives at 9 am and gets his quote in ... I want some action.  Not knowing when the repair work is to be done is a bit of a bugger.
I'm not the most patient person.  


Well the builder bloke arrived on time, did his evaluation and will submit their quote next week.  Now we just wait.  I hope it's not too long.

I decided in my infinite wisdom to do the grocery shopping... it was hard work on my own,  but do-able.  Even lugging most of it inside myself... Brylee and Griffin helped a bit too, so that was nice.

NOW I have to put it all away. 

Feeling a bit crabby now.  I should have waited for Stew to help I think.  He would have remembered a few things I forgot... like his frozen berries for a start!  

RIGHT.  I'm going to have a cat nap I think...  

I didn't end up having a nap.  And now, I'm cooking dinner.
Bex suggested Macaroni Cheese, so that's what we are having, with onion/bacon and chopped up cheese kransky's thrown in (they are a sausage with cheese in, very tasty).

ABOVE:  clearly I have not learnt how to cook smaller amounts!  Too used to feeding the masses... there is enough Mac Cheese here for everyone's dinner tonight, and everyone's lunch tomorrow too.  Yaaaa.  It's not gunna be wasted.

End of Day:  well it's been a nice day, as long as ya don't mention grocery shopping!
nite nite.


  1. Sheba has a cone now too. She's miserable.

  2. Keera really has delightful hair and I bet it is a beggar to tame!! Conehead in some parts could mean another thing but we wont go there!!

  3. Great photos of Keera. My oldest daughter had the worst hair ever when she was a baby...stood straight up all over, but it turned out to be really nice thick hair as she got older.

  4. Keera's wild hair is like a cute littel baby birdie. Birdie would be a cute nick name for her.

    I'm not so patient either about things like that.

  5. Because I'm obviously not tuned in to the finer catering eats, just what is a cake pop??? Or do I know it by something else.

  6. Oh the Keera photos are as gorgeous as always! Love the wild hair - will be a pain to tame I am sure!

    Hope you enjoyed your cat nap :)

  7. Keera is adorable! I love the bucket she is in, too! Gotta watch those cake pops...they are addicting! Thanks for sharing such great pictures!

  8. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Cake pops and macaroni cheese with sausage? So healthy!

  9. Yum.. nothing like a bit of mac cheese every now and again. We just had roast lamb at mum and dad's - back to reality for me tomorrow and cooking when I get home... been away for 10 days! Bliss!!

    Catch up maybe next week???

    Kate (444)

  10. Cake pops yummo ,love the pics of keera and teddy of course . Yummo havent had macaroni in cheese for years sounds nice with kransky's

  11. OMG! Thanks a lot Chris!!!
    All I am craving now is some serious Mac N Cheese!!!
    Unfortunately, we have a love hate relationship.... I LOVE it, it HATES me!
    Since surgery it's too gluggy and high in fat to enjoy!
    Anyone know of a low fat alternative?
    My preggy belly wants it!!!

  12. Love macaroni cheese although haven't had it in forever !
    Have the best weekend - yay for a long weekend over there too.


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