Sunday, January 06, 2013


After events yesterday... and some things going on in the background... I'm feeling down.

I think Stew is too.

We are tired.  Tired of underlying ripples and deceit within the family.
Tired of being TIRED!
Does that even make sense?

I can't think of anything nice to blabber on about right now.  I don't even want to get out of bed.
The only reason I'm up is cos I needed a piddle.

If it wasn't for Stew, Steve, Bex, Dante, Mike, Joyce, Brylee and Griffin,  I would probably just damn well stay in bed all day.

Well... in fact I could stay here.... bloody anti-depressants ain't doing it for me today.

I got up at 10am.  Still feeling 'flat'... but I'm sure the day will get better.

Russ and Tess are due back today sometime, so I better sort out something for dinner I suppose.

What else?  We are thinking of going to the Clevedon markets.... and no one wants to go... so we stay home. 

JUSTJO:  Can you see the photos on the 'DANTE' post now?  I have re-loaded them, hopfully they stay there!

 ABOVE: Lacy and Keera came over to visit.

ABOVE:  I made cheese scones with jam and cream for lunch... it's a great way to feed a mob.  lol

 ABOVE:  Lacy got to cuddle Dante... which she loved.  Then I picked up Dante and put him in the bassinet with Keera... Bex was like "ummmm not too sure about that!"  And then she saw how darn cute they looked and relaxed a bit:

 ABOVE:  adorable or what!  I love our babies so much, they can make a shitty mood turn around.

ABOVE:  ♥ precious ♥

 ABOVE:  hmmmm... you smell nice,

ABOVE:  wonder what ya taste like?

ABOVE: nah... not that good.... *smiles*


ABOVE:  Stew cooked dinner, we had roast chicken, potatoe salad, lettuce salad, eggs, tomatoes, cucumber in vinegar, baby beetroot ... OMG it was so nice.  

The left over chicken bones etc are going into a pot tomorrow to make a soup.  I've never done that before, so fingers crossed I can find a suitable recipe!  Bugger! Stew didn't listen to me and threw all the chicken bones and scraps in the bin.  At least I can now say he doesn't listen to me too... he's always moaning that I don't listen to HIM!  Right back at ya Stewy.

Our 'Aussy Family' are due back today, but I've not hear a word from them since the day they left.  Hmmmm... I just hope they've had dinner when they do finally arrive, cos we ate it all!

End of Day:  might go off to bed early tonight... rather tired and finding it hard to keep me eyes open!
nite nite

Well I just got a delayed text from Russell, they are not going to be home tonight afterall.
So we can go to bed without worrying about them turning up late.


  1. Anonymous6:49 AM


    John 15:12-15
    My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. 13 Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. 14 You are my friends if you do what I command.

  2. I'm sorry that things are shit at the moment, Chris. Just try to keep your chin up and do the big countdown in your head until the extras are gone and you can get back to a peaceful (somewhat normal) life :)
    You know what I mean ;) hehe...
    You are strong enough to ride this wave xo

  3. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Hey Chris, why don't you take the day off just for yourself today.So you can recharge those batteries.

    Take special care of yourself.Remember there is only ONE of you.

    Southgirl x

  4. Thats a bummer Chris hope your day gets better

  5. Might be time for a group family conference, let them all know how you are feeling and how it affects you and your quality of life.

    You can't go on like this, seems to me you've reached your tolerance level once too many times.

    While you have great support from some of your kids, use this to give you strenght and deal with the others.

    Bless you Chris you're a trooper, but you need to look after yourself!

    Cheers xx

  6. Hang in there. Big hugs being sent from the U.S.

  7. *hugs* and being on anti-depressants myself I can relate to how you are feeling! And yes I too sometimes get tired of being tired all the time and that feeling can really get you down! My suggestion would be for you to get some time for just you and Stew.... you have plenty of babysitters around at the moment - use them and just disappear for a couple of hours or even longer!
    Take care and I hope today is a better one for you *hugs*

  8. Big hugs. Hopefully things will settle down soon.

  9. Big hugs my friend xxx

  10. I can totally understand that and considering the run up to XMAs you have had Getting Lacy moved moved in BABY arrives, custody issues court cases, family issues shopping visitors A new arrival guests food bills RAIN!!! it all compunds and can leave one draines a book a sunny spot to get VIT D rays ad a snooze all in that order could be the answer!

  11. Anonymous11:01 AM

    I agree with Margaret,a family group conference sounds like a very good idea.Hope your day gets better Chris.

  12. Hope your day gets better.

    Why don't you and Stew take off to the markets alone...have some time out together and recharge.


  13. Time for a Pepsi update...I'm worried about you

  14. Big hugs Chris. I have those days, having one today in fact when it all just seems too much- worrying about everyone else and feeling you never get anything back. Just one problem after another. You poor thing! Take a "me" day! Just be lazy and indulge ypourself and dont feel guilty about it.

  15. Tough days Chris, it will get better.

  16. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Nothing like having a dozen blog-friends to prescribe you with a fix-it so here is my 2 cents worth: Some quiet "Chris & Stew" time and forget everyone else. Walk along a beach with an ice-cream in hand with no kids or extras.

  17. OMG! Those photos of Keera and Dante are gorgeous!!! They make my heart melt!!! XXX

  18. luv the pics of keers and dante so sweet :)
    Scones look yummo enjoy !!!

  19. I finally got to see the missing photos those cake pops look divine, BUt the photo of Dante all snuggled up asleep just melts ya insides, then I check back and photos of Keera and Dante so blardy cute!!

  20. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Who couldn't have their spirits lifted when you see those two beautiful little bundles of joy sharing the bassinette.Really does make your heart melt.

    Southgirl x

  21. Keera looks so big next to Dante! Such sweet pictures!

  22. YAY - I can see all photos now - THANKS!!!

  23. Your grandbabies are so adorable!

  24. I was worried when I read your blog this morning. Hopefully the day gets better, glad to see Lacy and Keera pop over. Keera is growing so much, she is just gorgeous. Sending positive thoughts. Martine x

  25. A bug fat cuddle for you chicken xoxo

  26. I am due in about 8 weeks with a little boy - seeing little Dante is just torture!! i want March to arrive and my little snuggly bunny to arrive!
    You deal with alot, but I guess that comes with a large family. Still not fair all the time! That is me reading between the lines tho.

  27. love the baby love pics. soup is easy there is no recipe. Just boil everything all day and then strain the broth. You make soup then using the broth. i always saute my onion,celery and whatever first add the broth and any meat I saved and then add away whatever you want noodles, rice or more veggies. It's awesome. The way you cook I'm surprised. Ever made soup from beef bones or ox tails?

  28. Chris, Just wanted to say I loved the pics of Keera in the pot, so sweet!! When I am down, my best cure is to go fondle some fabric :)
    Making something, even a small thing, always seems to lift my spirits. Hang in there!! debbie


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