Sunday, January 27, 2013


Yesterday while we were getting ready to go out for lunch, we were all milling around the kitchen bench getting ready to go.
I was filling my bottle with fresh Diet Coke to take out with me... and I glanced at Griffin.

As per usual, his t-shirt was a mess and we always end up telling him to go and get changed, and often he argues that it's not that dirty.  

Well ... I don't quite know why... but I up and tipped Diet Coke all down his front,  then told him he needed to change his dirty shirt!

Bex laughed her head off, and Griffin?  Well he stood there with a shocked look on his face... actually so did Stew and Brylee!

I'm like ... WHAT?  At least he HAS to change it now eh?

 ABOVE:  I wasted a bit of Diet Coke ....

ABOVE:  don't be fooled by that sad face, he thought it was HYSTERICAL !  And Bex.  She couldn't BELIEVE I had done that!  I don't know why, she has lived with me long enough to know I'm unpredictable!   (and yes, I'm playing around with copyright thingee's for me photos)

She laughed at me once in my car over something she really shouldn't have... so I shook up me coke and sprayed her with it!  That's 'normal' right? . . . right?

ABOVE:  for once I didn't have to worry about wetting the flooring... it's ruined already!  la la lah lah!

So...Griffin got changed into a clean blue t-shirt and off we went to Sylvia Park for lunch.

He chose Tikka Misala with rice... a medium hot chicken dish.
ABOVE: and within TWO BLOODY MINUTES he had dropped food down his front!  I don't know why I bothered making him change his shirt... *sigh* (... and sheesh he needs a haircut!)

We then shopped around for new school shoes for him... he's now in an adult size 10 shoe.  I'm a 9, so he's got bigger feet than me now.  I dread to think what size his feet end up being.  

So, today we are going out to find shelving units  for Griffin's room, as we didn't have time yesterday.

I will try to behave... one really shouldn't waste Diet Coke.

BUGGER DAMN AND BLAST.  I put Frontline on the dogs on Wednesday because they were scratching a bit.  I THOUGHT they had fleas, but I have not seen a single flea or flea 'dirt' on them at all.


It looks like TEDDY is highly allergic to Frontline!  He has been going BERSERK with scratching, he has been drawing blood with his back legs scratching his sides... remember he's in a cone so can't gnaw himself (thank god).

And he can't sit still.. he keeps jumping up... scurrying around the floor, settling down again for a few moments, then jumping up and running around in circles, crying... then scratching again.  He isn't like that all day ... but still, it's upsetting.  

Dammit.  If he doesn't settle down soon I will  take him back to the vet for some anti histamine medication.  

Poor Teddy.  I used Advantage last time I thought they might have fleas, and he did not have a reaction.  Lesson learnt.  Frontline might be a better product, but it ain't better for Teddy.

I was a good girl yesterday and spent every spare minute reading and catching up on blogs. I hope I got to yours!  After spending hours doing that... I hit 'Mark all as read' on Google Reader, and boom!  About 600 blog posts that I DIDN'T get around to reading disappeared!  HUGE load off my mind I can tell you!

There's only so many hours in a day... and so much to do!

Sadly, it's not sewing much.  I have my machine, but no fabrics.  They are in a really big suitcase, inside a HUGE storage box,  somewhere in a storage facility in Manurewa!

I hope I'm not tempted to go and buy more fabric!   That would make me a very, very naughty girl... lol.


It's really great how Mitre 10, Bunnings and Warehouse Stationery as side by side down at Manukau Supa Centre... we could go from one to the other, and compare sizes, prices etc ... and at the end of the day we got two shelving units from Warehouse Stationery.

ABOVE: Stew and Griffin bringing in the boxes.

ABOVE: about a 1/4 of the stuff on Griffin's floor and shoved under his bed.  I can't wait to see it all tidy....

ABOVE:  How good does that look!   No more mess... and Griffin loves it.  And YES, he's in yet another blue t-shirt!  

Looking forward to Steve, Bex and Dante coming home soon... 

I just spent an hour and a half dicking around making a new 'Header' for me blog.  It's a photo I've used before... but I still love it.

Update on Teddy:  he seems to be much better today... not manic like he has been.  Maybe he's over whatever was bugging him.  Both dogs are off to the groomer on Thursday, I will be taking the 'special' shampoo for them to use.  NO more nasty reactions to their shampoo.

Steve and Bex are caught in a traffic jam.  At Mercer.  Due to the drag strip traffic heading home.  Wonder how long it will take for them to clear that?  At lease Dante has food 'on tap' ... *smiles*  The 'Big Kids' arrived home safely, just in time for dinner.
DINNER:  a flop!  Too rich.  I'm not sure why, I followed the recipe... which I've used a gazillion times.  OH *sigh*... hopefully next time it isn't so 'flavoursome'.

End of Day:  I've just bathed both dogs, they were a bit smelly.. which is unusual for their breed.  But I put it down to the excess heat we are all enduring.   They hate their bath, yet when they get out they go NUTS and seem to be so happy!  Running helter skelter all around the house, so funny.
Stew is outside supervising Brylee and Griffin on their skateboards.
nite nite


  1. I really did LOL when I read what you did to Griffin! Wonder if I may try that with Rachel one day as she often argues with me when I ask her to change before going out!
    Oh no, poor Teddy! Hope he is ok and settles down quickly and that you don't need to take him to the vet!
    And be strong, no more fabric!!! *smiles* But then again, IF you do see some on SALE and you just know you need it and will use it... perhaps then you can get it *wink*

  2. Trevor is the same way with his shirts lol

  3. I too laughed out aloud at the T shirt diet coke thing!! norty you!!! Let me guess you are copyrighting pictures so others can't repost GOOD thinking!

  4. Bet Griffin changes his shirt next time - that was hilarious.

  5. I forgot to say I am hearing and reading more about ARTIFICIAL sweeteners in drinks, they mask your hunger/insulin/feeling full levels and consequently you eat more becaus eof it OR STORE the food you eat because I only heard part of a news snipit on it the other night and didn;t get the full story might be worth looking into? I know you don't like water, Samuel has just started drinking soda water and a twist of lemon and is hooked on it!!! strange child!

  6. Love Griffin's new shelves! We need some both for Rachel's room and my craft stuff! So Warehouse Stationery did the best deal then? May have to check them out at some stage :)
    Hope Steve, Bex and Dante are home by now....

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  8. Shelving looks good, my 18 yr old has cube style shelving as well but alas she still tends to have stuff on the floor also.

  9. I laughed so hard !!! You and my MR would get on so so well he is like that. Ohh I love the units. Noting them in my things to buy list ! Hope the "kids" get back soon, I hate the traffic here it drives me crazy!

  10. Anonymous6:18 AM

    I actually liked the coke down the shirt, perhaps next time he will think twice before he argues. Your floor looks like it has dampness under it - usually when there is, the ends tend to curl upwards.. Love the colour! As for the fleas, I was told by my breeder to use Advantix 11. It is made esp. for small dogs. Chevy never has problems with his. Really like the new shelving in Griffen's room - they look really nice!...debbie

  11. Its so hard for boys to stay clean. Poor pups, hope the scratching stops.

  12. Well, to me, the top shirt looks all clean, except for the Coke.
    I can't even make it out of the driveway without spilling coffee or something down the front of my shirt.
    I suggest you suggest he grow a full beard, that will keep his shirts cleaner.
    Remember: Paybacks are a mofo!


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