Saturday, January 05, 2013



ABOVE: We  have 19 freakin Nerf 'guns' in the house!  You can't even walk down the hallway without having to dodge 'bullets'!
And GUESS who owns the most?????
I will tell ya later... after you guess... *smiles*
Now we will move on to something else...

ABOVE:  Dante 'enjoying' his bath last night! More often than not he actually loves it and goes to sleep in it.  Not last night though.
ABOVE: cuddles with his Mummy, getting over the trauma.... *smiles*

ABOVE:  I think he's a really cute baby boy... one thing is for sure, he can't be mistaken for a girl!

So... today.
I'm picking Miss Muppet up and taking her to spend 4.5 hours with her father.  It's starting to be a real annoyance, when what we all wanted to do today was go to the beach.
I'm hoping Stew and the others do go without me ... no point them staying home just because I have to be elsewhere.

Can you see the pictures now?
I'm sorry if you can't, I will have to work on the problem when I get home this afternoon ...

PHOTOS:  The only way I can put photos on my blog right now (and I have no idea WHY) is to transfer them to Picasa, then upload them from there to my blog.  The problem I had today was the 'albums' on Picasa were marked 'Private'... so I had to go and remark them 'Public on the Web'.
SO, has anyone else had to do the Picasa thing to get photos on your blog?

The access visit with Keera went very well.  She was a perfect angel... and Mike, Joyce and I played cards until the end of the visit, then dropped Keera off at Lacy's and came home.

NOW we are going to the beach for a swim and fish 'n' chips for dinner... on the beach.  Cool!

To 'whoever' this may apply to:  Never Bite The Hand That Feeds You... or drives fair across the city and has to sit for HOURS in a stranger's house, when it's the LAST thing I want to be doing on a gorgeous summer's day.

 ABOVE: I took this photo when there was a cloud passing over, believe me it was HOT on the beach!  Masses of people either end of the beach, but not too many where we were.

ABOVE:  these two were starving by the time we got to the beach, so they got some hot chips.  I had a few too... it was a very late 'brunch' for me.
Whoops.  Probably should not do that too often, I'd taken my Metformin on an empty stomach a few hours earlier.  Naughty.

 ABOVE: Mike had not been to a beach in a couple of years!  He had a quick swim, but found it a bit cold... what a silly la la!
I got in!  In all me clothes!  I didn't want to expose the bod on a public beach!

ABOVE:  darling wee baby girl, only just walking ... left to toddle in the water while her mother and friends hung around by their car, which was a good distance away.  If baby had fallen face first into the water the parent would not have gotten to her before she had taken in a lot of water!  We were not impressed.  One member of the public pulled her out of the water and was looking around for her parent.... and the mother just yelled "she's alright"!  Some people don't deserve to have babies.

The nerf guns:
Bex = 2
Brylee = 1
Griffin = 6
Steve = 10 !

Me and Stew = NONE.   ha ha ha!  As if I'd play with a toy gun!  I've got SLUG PISTOLS!  ha ha ha.

As we didn't have 'dinner' down by the sea, Stew's gone to get Chinese instead.  Yum Yum.

End of .... a bloody shitty day, with only a small amount of enjoyment thrown in at the end... being utterly truthful!
Over shit.
nite nite


  1. I still can't see any of the pictures apart from the first two yesterday. Not sure why. Maybe your settings on picassa, or maybe just blogger being silly

  2. Anonymous8:13 AM

    I can't see your pictures, either.

  3. I guessing YOU are the one with the superior Nerf Gun armament.

  4. I reckon Steve is the Nerf gun king.

    Hope the visit goes well.

  5. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Nope still cannot see any photos .

    Joan UK. Xx

  6. My guess is Steve re the Nerf guns :)

    And no, I can't see the photos either so will check back later.

    Hope the visit with Keera's day goes ok and yes I can see how it would become a pain in the butt taking that time off you being a family esp in the summer.

  7. Yay! Can see photos now! Dante is as gorgeous as ever!
    And I love the gun collection too!

  8. I am going to take a punt that maybe Bex ownes all those guns!
    Steve a close second!
    Photos look great - I hope you have a great day.

  9. Definitely Steve

  10. I can see all your beautiful pictures

  11. Hi Chris

    Can see the pics perfectly fine here - maybe it is a browser problem? (I'm using Chrome).

    Have a good day :)

  12. Anonymous11:38 AM

    I can see the pictures now!

  13. Photos ok, couldnt see them on my iPad, but can on my pc.

    Gorgeous wee lad that Danta is for sure.

    Cheers x

  14. I haven't had any problems seeing any photos...they all appear.I hope Keera's visit with her father goes well for you and I am guessing that the most nerf guns belong to Steve. Have a great day!

  15. Yep nods Steve, Dante is utterly gorgeous BUT what a dilemma in the bath ohhh just makes you want to snap him up and cuddle him LUCKY mummy!!! Hope everyone has a nice day Keera and you Stew and the kids too.

  16. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Love the innocent look on Dante's face in the last photo."Who me.I didn't make that noise"

    Blowing raspberries at Grandma.

    Southgirl x

  17. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Little Dante is such a handsome little guy. Is Keera's mom not aloud to take her to see dad? I've never seen so many little guns in my life!! lol you got some busy fellows in that house!!...debbie

  18. I can see today's ones now, but not yesterdays ones at all. Weird.

  19. My wildcard pick is Stew for the guns ;o)

  20. I recon most of those Nerf guns are

  21. Glad the visit went well. Since ypu are stuck doing it I reckon you should treat it as "me" time. Take a book to read, do your nails:-)

    Glad you got to the beach

  22. i could not load any pictures at all i did not even have the picassa option... poor baby girl... hits too close to home... sigh... gotta love those babies of yours they are all adorable... and I was bettin that steve had the most nerf guns... so what did I win :) love ya.

  23. Oh God - Dante is just gorgeous!!!

  24. P.S. I can see the pics today, but still can't see yesterdays ones? Just thought it was worth a mention :)

  25. Wow that's horrible with the little girl!! So lucky other people were watching out for her.

  26. ((biiiig hugs))

    I can't believe some people, Chris. :/


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